angled vs straight spotting scope comparison

Angled vs Straight Spotting Scope

When it comes to hunting, you would require a specific type of specialized gears. The same thing goes for birdwatching too. Among all of the specialized equipment, the spotting scope is the most important.

No matter which application you intend to use the scope for, a high-quality unit is a must. Without getting one of the quality ones, it would be quite difficult for you to identify and spot distant targets.

And when people consider buying one of these, they tend to put angled vs straight spotting scope against each other.
And we are here to make things easier for you so that you do not end up scratching your head when it comes to choosing one of them.

Angled vs Straight Spotting Scope Comparison in 2021

Angled Spotting Scope Reviews

First, let us talk about the angled spotting scopes. Just like the name suggests, these are angled. And the curvature takes into full-effect in the eyepiece area. Now, you might ask, why would a scope be curved in that region only? Well, that curvature has some advantages to offer.

First of all, it will enable you to change your viewing angle, which can come in handy in the case of spotting targets that are farther away from you. It can also make it comfortable for you to view your targets that are in hilly or mountain areas.

Secondly, it will do the same thing when it comes to looking directly downhill. You will be able to position the scope to the angle that you prefer and have a comfortable overall viewing experience.

Besides just coming in handy in mountainous areas, these offer a redefined viewing experience in straight regions. No matter if your target is on the ground or in the sky, you will be able to track it efficiently with this.

Recommended BMX Angled Spotting Scope to Buy

Now that you have a general idea about angled scopes, you would want to know which ones are worth the money, right? Well, according to us, these are the ones that we think are worth every penny:

Celestron – Ultima 100 Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron – Ultima 100 Angled Spotting Scope – 22-66x Zoom Eyepiece – Multi-coated Optics for Bird Watching, Wildlife, Scenery and Hunting – Waterproof & Fogproof– Includes Soft Carrying Case

The multi-coating on the lens is a must when it comes to spotting scopes. And Celestron knew that well when they were manufacturing this scope to offer to the crowd.

First of all, you are going to get the full freedom of choosing between three different variants. It comes in 100-45, 65-45, and lastly, 80-45 variant. The first number stands for the objective lens size, and the second number is for the viewing angle.

Apart from that, it integrates all the essentials that are required for a redefined viewing experience. The zoom eyepiece comes integrated with a T-adapter to digiscope.

You will also find a carrying case, a port cover for the eyepiece, a lens cap, eyepiece pouch, cloth for cleaning the lens, and finally, a carrying case in the package.
Aside from including all the essentials, the unit has a sharpening feature. The eyepiece has a razor-sharp focusing dial that will enable you to bring the target into focus quickly.

Lastly, the optics have multiple layers of coating on them. Those coatings will make sure you do not lose your target for reflections. It will also ensure that the color and contrast is adequate.


  • Sports multiple coatings on both the lens
  • Includes a large number of accessories
  • The eyepiece has a sharp zooming dial
  • Available in three different variants
  • Offers a sharp image with balanced contrast and color


  • The 100-45 has a relatively narrow field of view when zoomed
  • Images tend to lose clarity when zoomed higher than 22x

SVBONY SV46 Spotting Scope

SVBONY SV46 Spotting Scope with Tripod HD Dual Focus Spotter Scope IPX7 Waterproof Sporting Scope 20-60x80 Long Range Angled Telescope for Bird Watching Hunting Shooting Archery with Case

In the case of hunting and spotting birds, you would have to traverse challenging environments. And in that case, a unit with IP certification would be the best pick. A perfect example of a scope such as that would be this one that is being offered by SVBONY.

As we mentioned, the unit has IP certification. It is IPX7, which means it is highly resistant to water. You would not have to worry about it getting damaged in tough weather conditions. It can resist dust and debris relatively well too.

Aside from that, the lens that it features has a special type of coating that allows it to reduce sun glares and reflections. Because of that coating, focusing on your target will be a piece of cake.

Apart from that, the eyecups have a relieved eye area that will enhance the overall comfort. It also has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to use. Observing birds and tracking wild targets will become an easy task because of the design that it features.

Other than that, there is a heavily engineered focusing dial. It will ensure that you can quickly and accurately change the zoom. You can select a zoom from 20x to 60x.


  • Sports an IPX7 rating
  • Features an overall ergonomic design
  • The eyecups have an eye relief area
  • Boasts a highly intuitive zooming dial
  • Lens has an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating


  • Not capable of providing a clear image above 25x zoom
  • The color and contrast is not that balanced

Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece

VANGUARD Endeavor HD 65A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope, 15-45 x 65, ED Glass, Waterproof/Fogproof, Black and Gray, 65mm

Not everyone requires the same size of the lens. Well, Vanguard understood that, and that is why they are offering an option in the case of size with this unit.
To begin with, it is available in two different variants.

You can choose anyone from 15-45×65 millimeters and 20-60×82 millimeters. The objective lens size is 65 millimeters for the first one and 82 millimeters for the second one.

The overall construction of the unit is of magnesium. It features a rubber armor coating on the exterior to enhance the overall durability. Also, there is a sun shield built right onto the body. That will reduce glaring and reflection problems that might occur while being under direct sunlight.

Other than that, there is a dual focus wheel on the body. It is clicky enough to enable you to make a fine adjustment to the focus. Because of how coarse the adjustment wheel is, it will be totally hassle-free for you to track moving targets.

The unit is fogproof and waterproof as well. Also, the eyepiece is detachable. It has a soft rubber tip, which allows you to rest your eye comfortably on top of it. The eye relief is relatively long too.


  • Two different versions available
  • Made of magnesium
  • Equipped with rubber armor on the body
  • Features a built-in sun shield
  • The focus wheel is easy to adjust


  • Included case can not properly fit the unit
  • Sharpness of the image is not that praiseworthy

Straight Spotting Scope Reviews

Straight Spotting Scope

As you can guess, these scopes are straight. These do not have any curvature on the body, nor will they have any angled design. They are most likely to have a one-piece construction, which would be made from a single tube. Many people even refer to them as telescopes because of the straight design that they feature.

And just like telescopes, you would require a tripod to make them sit at an appropriate height. Without tripods, getting an adequate viewing height for these would be pretty tricky.

Nevertheless, these are most comfortable when you are in a prone position. You would not have to raise your head that much while staying at prone with these.

However, they do provide the capability of quickly acquiring your target. Many of them also have different adjustability options to make it easier for you to switch between near sight and far sight tracking.

Recommended Straight Spotting Scope Reviews

Not all of the straight spotting scopes you will stumble upon will offer you a redefined target tracking experience. For your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of the ones that will offer you that experience. They are as follows:

Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotting Scope

Athlon Optics Talos 20-60x80 Spotter Scope , Black

The manufacturer Athlon has been one of the leading brands when it comes to spotting scopes. They offer highly reliable and high performing units. And this one that we are going to take a look at is no exception in those regards.

To start with, it features K9 prisms. The glasses are coated with a silver coating. That coating makes sure that enough amount of light is passed through the lens, resulting in a brighter image. So, you would have no trouble at all in the case of tracking targets in fairly dark environments.

Aside from the silver coating, it has another set of coatings on the lenses. Those eliminate the chances of you losing track of the target because of reflections. They also further enhances the clarity of the image.

The body has nitrogen purging, which makes it highly resistant to moisture. As a result, internal fogging would not be a problem for you. It also enhances the thermal stability of the unit.

Apart from that, it is reasonably waterproof, allowing it to comply with harsh environments. Also, it has a rotating ring that will enable you to adjust the angle quickly.


  • Boasts K9 prism glasses
  • Lens has multiple layers of coating on them
  • Nitrogen purged to ensure a high level of fog-proofing
  • The body is waterproof
  • Features an easily adjustable rotating ring


  • The eye relief is shorter in comparison
  • Does not have that many magnification settings

Celestron 52333 TrailSeeker 80

Celestron 52333 TrailSeeker 80 - Straight Spotting Scope (Black)

Having options in the case of the size of the objective lens is always a plus point. And that is what Celestron is offering with this unit.
As we said, the unit is available in a few different variants. You will find it in three different versions. The size of the objective lens is different for each of them. There are 100 millimeters, 80 millimeters, 65 millimeters options available.

The lenses that Celestron utilized for this unit are proprietary. They are XLT lenses with full multi-layer coating. That coating makes sure that reflection and glares do not become a problem in the case of tracking targets.

Apart from that, the coatings also ensure that the contrast and the color of the image are well balanced. Also, those will make sure that enough light passes through. You are sure to get a bright and clear picture because of that balancing of contrast and color.

The focus knob that it features offers quick and easy adjustability. It has a dual focus mechanism that has a set of fine and coarse adjustment options. Also, you can zoom up to 60x with the magnification knob. The field of view is quite wide at the 20x zoom.


  • Sports proprietary XL lenses with high light transmission capability
  • The lenses have numerous layer of coating
  • Features a focus knob that has coarse and fine adjustment options
  • Can be zoomed up to 60x
  • Boasts a relatively wide field of view in 20x zoom


  • Threadings on the body loosen over time
  • Brightness drops significantly after 20x zoom

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope 20-60x80 Straight

Featuring a comfortable eyecup is a crucial factor for spotting scopes. Without that, you can not really expect to have a redefined spotting experience. An excellent example of units that come boasting that type of eyecup would be this one that Vortex Optics is offering.

As we mentioned above, the eyecup that it features has an adjustable twisting knob. You can twist it up and down and set it to different glassing positions. Because of that, you can virtually set it up to the position that you prefer, which adds up to the comfort factor.

Apart from that, the overall footprint of the unit is reasonably compact and lightweight. As a result, you will have no problems at all in the case of carrying it in your regular backpack.

Also, the lenses that it features are fully coated with numerous layers of coating. Those coating will ensure that an adequate amount of light passes through the tube.

The zoom eyepiece that it boasts is pretty powerful. It also has nitrogen purged into the body. That is combined with strong O-rings, which seals the entire body to offer you a fogproof and waterproof performance.


  • Eyecups are twistable, which increases the overall comfort
  • Features a powerful zoom eyepiece
  • Lenses have multiple coatings on the surface
  • Compact and reasonably lightweight
  • Sealed with strong O-rings and nitrogen purged


  • Focusing knob is a bit finicky
  • The high power setting drops the overall brightness substantially

Angled Spotting scope or Straight Spotting Scope?

Even though both of the spotting scopes are used for the same purpose, there are some differences between them. The major differences are:


It goes without saying that the design of both the scopes is different. While one of them has a curved design, the other one has a straight design. Even though the design difference might not seem that drastic, but that is what differentiates both of them in the first place.


In comparison, the angled scopes are more stable than the straight ones. Even though you would have to use a tripod for both of these, the angled one can sometimes be used without a tripod. Yes, it is that stable! And after putting a tripod under it, it will be more stable even if there is a strong wind.

Target Acquisition

If both of these are put against each other in the case of target acquisition, the straight one would have the edge over the angled ones. They are easy to use, and adjustments can be made almost instantaneously. So, you will be able to acquire the targets quickly and easily.

Sun Shading

The straight ones have better sun shading in comparison. As there are no angles, your eye would rest with the eyecup directly. Because of that, the lens would be more protected from sunlight. Thus, there would not be that much glaring and reflection issues with these.

Hopefully, we were able to provide you everything you were expecting to get in an angled vs straight spotting scope article. To conclude, we would want to wish you good luck and hope that you can quickly acquire your target and easily track it with the scope that you get.

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