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Best 36 Inch Gas Range Consumer Reports

There are countless reasons why many people still rely on gas ranges over other options. Whatever your reason is, are you unsure about how to obtain one?

The thing is, it is no light appliance that a person can buy and replace effortlessly. One has to consider many variable angles to own the best 36 inch gas range.

Whatever you choose, you have to make sure it provides service for over a decade. Yes, that is how long a quality gas range will operate. However, where should you begin?

Now, that is the tough question one has to answer above all else. Fear not, for we have come up with an exclusively brief and detailed list to help you on the way.

All you have to do is read on and find out more!

Editor’s Top Pick’s : 5 Best 36 Inch Gas Range

Top 10 Best 36 Inch Gas Range Reviews

The biggest advantage of owning a gas range is they are pretty straightforward to control. There are plenty of other positive points regarding this appliance. Let us see what each product has to say.

1. Cosmo COS Gas Range Review

We have found mixed statements concerning this unit in the market. We will get to that but first, let us tell you what the COS-965AGFC has in store.

It has five sealed burners of various BTU power. This allows you to cook in a different heat, from high to low. This is a 36 inch gas range with a convection oven that provides even heat, baking food through and through.

Moreover, it is the stylish design with heavy-duty stainless steel structures that have grabbed our attention. Plus, the simple-yet-elegant knobs with a red indicator on each are quite a catch too.

But how do you distinguish the oven knobs from the burner ones? Well, you will notice two additional dials with the black indicator at the far end. Thanks to this feature, the user can easily make use of both without any confusion.

The overall unit is resistant to corrosion, fingerprint, and smudge. It is a well-built gas range alongside the cast-iron grates for heat retention.

Nevertheless, the reason this model has lost so many fans is due to the oven. It tends to give out or stop working altogether after a few months. The user manual is kind of difficult to understand as well.

Besides, it offers lower cubic feet, which is only 3.8. Thus, it might not be a suitable gas range for a big family, in our opinion.


  • Seamless design to blend with the kitchen
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Excellent burners for versatile cooking
  • Distributes even heat in the oven
  • Reasonably priced


  • Non-durable convection oven

2. Thor Kitchen Gas Range Review

Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36 in. Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with 5.2 Cu. Ft. Oven, 6 Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, & Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, In Stainless Steel

The Thor Kitchen HRG3618U is a solid piece of an appliance that is surprisingly easy to clean up. Many users have come to like the burner layout with the cast iron grate. Even the metallic, convenient knobs were a super hit, thanks to the simple maneuvering.

However, it is another gas model that we have found eventually losing its touch with consumer fandom. What could be the reason behind this?

Well, it is, once again, the oven in question. It still lacks in quality and durability even though it has 5.2-Cu. Ft. capacity. We did like the large oven window that lets you observe the progress, though.

The burners, on the other hand, will not play with your patience as the oven might. There are six excellent burners on the cooktop. One will deliver high BTU power for searing, while the other two are best for cooking in high flame.

Next, the rest have low power for allowing you to prepare foods in medium heat. This freestanding unit is almost professional-like if it had not been for the unfortunate oven feature.

So, we think it is a tad steep in price for people who are more focused on stovetops. Even the overall stainless steel engineering was sort of a letdown, in our view.

It is a decent product, all in all. If you can tame that oven heat and make it work, all the better!


  • Excellent burner design
  • Large oven window for better visibility
  • Stylish and effective igniters
  • Durable for cooking
  • Freestanding design requires no cabinet support


  • The oven tends to overheat and burn dishes

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3. Cosmo COS Gas Range Review

COSMO COS-F965NF 36 in. Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Electric Convection Oven with 3.8 cu. ft. Capacity, 8 Functions, Black Porcelain Interior in Stainless Steel

Here is one more top rated 36 inch gas range by Cosmo that actually has fewer issues than the first one. We could not help but include it in our list, for it is pretty sturdy.

Moreover, the overall quality is topnotch due to 430 stainless steel. This also makes the entire exterior design appeal more to the consumers. It has a convection oven of 3.8-Cu. Ft.

Do not worry about the lower capacity, for the oven this time will provide a superior outcome. You can use it for traditional baking to broiling, defrosting, etc. Even the gas cooktop offers supreme operation.

You will notice there are five burners, providing a variety of cooking needs as precisely as possible. The burner at the center is the only one that has the highest rate of BTU.

This burner comes with the wok ring feature in order to cook the mouthwatering Asian stir fry items. If you have a weak spot in your heart for such dishes, well, this one will let you prepare them right at home.

Of course, you can separate it from the cast iron grate whenever it is not in use. We have to admit that we were not expecting much from this unit. Surprisingly, it was good to see Cosmo prove us wrong.


  • Powerful sealed burners
  • Heavy-duty cooktop grate with a wok ring
  • Impressive oven features with plenty of space
  • Stunning design for a modern kitchen
  • Easy-to-control igniters and the timer knob


  • Instructions are difficult to understand for some users

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4. NXR 36 Inch Gas Range Review

For those who like a particular theme-based appliance purchase, this 36 inch gas range black for a dark tone will definitely be a favorite. That is not the only reason we have added it to our list, though.

Whether you are a baking enthusiast or a cook who loves trying out different cuisine, this thing will not let you down. So, it is kind of an achievement to obtain it at such an affordable cost.

What you will notice first in this 36 inch gas range stainless steel model is the premium magnificence. The heavy-duty construction of the material brings out the best in both the oven and cooktop.

It has a convection oven system that bakes food evenly via thorough heat distribution. Besides, it is 5.5-Cu. Ft. in capacity, meaning you can make as many food items as you desire during holiday seasons.

The stovetop features six single stacked burners with high to low BTU power functions. We loved how sleek and elegant the porcelain drip pan is. It is also the reason the user will not have to waste time on maintaining it.

This is a gas range a house must have that has to deal with daily cooking and baking in large batches.


  • Highly robust construction
  • Easy to control and maintain
  • Large capacity oven is efficient
  • High-grade burners with variable BTUs
  • Includes a broiler burner


  • The oven temperature might vary at times

5. Cosmo 36 Inch Gas Range Review

COSMO F965 36 in. 220/240V Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Electric Convection Oven with 3.8 cu. ft. Capacity, 8 Functions, Black Porcelain Interior in Stainless Steel

We are back with a different Cosmo gas range model that is almost similar to the previous one. However, we would not have brought it up if it were not worth your money and effort.

So, what is the issue with this one? Well, we are back with their convection oven, once again! It is a hefty unit, and that much is evident.

Nevertheless, it does not matter whether the exterior has sturdy construction when one of the features fail to reach its potential.

There is not a single complaint regarding the cooktop, which is a relief. In fact, everything in this unit seems pretty reliable. From the five sealed burners to the 3.8-Cu. Ft. oven capacity, everyone has loved it all.

Even the knobs are very well responsive, though it would have been wiser to include a lock system. We are saying it because they tend to turn and fire up the igniters when cleaning.

Now, the electric oven is all good and useful, but it might decline to function after a year or two. Complications like slow heating, overheating, or maintenance issues might arise.

Still, the whole appliance has a heavy-duty stainless steel build. The gas cooktop has the signature wok ring that you can remove when not using. Each burner compliments beautifully with the cast iron grate.

In short, it is not a bad investment if you are okay with repairs every couple of years or more. This is to keep the oven up and running. And it will also let you utilize the unit for a long time.


  • Sturdy build and design
  • Effective burners with various BTU power
  • Spacious oven with a large window
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for any kitchen with an electric outlet


  • Might face problems regarding the oven

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6. Colorful Series 36″ Freestanding Gas Range Review

best 36 inch gas range

Who would not love to acquire the best rated 36 inch gas range at an affordable cost? The Colorful Series will give you that opportunity without compromising the worth.

This is a freestanding unit that you can set up in your kitchen without any fuss. What we loved the most about the device is the overall engineering. We have to admit it has an impressive stainless steel structure that resists dents.

Plus, the premium alloy and the porcelain top ensure superior durability and ease of maintenance. It has six burners for unlimited cooking varieties, from high to low heat.

These burners have a cooktop surface with a deep recessed grated design. Therefore, if you are looking for a 36 inch gas range with griddle, this is as close as it gets.

Thanks to the flat structure, you can put on an additional griddle pan on the top and grill your favorite meal anytime. Another reason why this product has caught our attention is the convection oven and the broiler accessibility.

The 4.8-Cu. Ft. oven is more than enough to prepare loads of foods for the family or guests. And the heat spreads evenly to make sure of precise baking/broiling at all times.

Frankly speaking, it is a convenient model for any kitchen. Whether it is the cooktop features or the oven, the user can rest assured and cook to the heart’s content!


  • Powerful performance in cooking/baking/broiling
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean cooktop and oven interior
  • Budget-friendly


  • Needs separate purchase of a griddle

7. Empava EMPV 36 Inch Gas Range Review

Empava 36' Slide-In Single Oven Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burner Cooktop in Stainless Steel EMPV-36GR01

The Empava is an American range 36 inch gas range appliance. It comes with five versatile operating burners. But it is the stovetop grates that have grabbed the attention of many users.

Of course, our primary concern is the quality, which you will not have to worry about at all. It can be an ideal choice for the families who love to cook different dishes from various countries.

Furthermore, the knobs work incredibly in controlling the flame. The oven offers various options for baking despite the small capacity of 3.9-Cu. Ft. There is even a timer, which delivers accuracy no matter what duration you select.

A lot of the consumers have loved the product only because it can accommodate large-sized food items. It is powerful and reliable. The thing will fit in with any kitchen theme.

Although the product does not have self-cleaning instrument , the efficient maintenance is almost close to a 36 inch self cleaning gas range. And he/she will not even have to waste too long, either.

However, even a powerful gas range like this one has its disadvantage. The slide-in unit has many great features, but the whole function tends to fail after a few months.

Some have even complained of auto shutoff during the baking cycle. Now that could ruin a whole batch of muffins or a huge roast, right? This is why it still lacks significantly despite the modern outlook.


  • Flexibility in varieties of cooking styles
  • Includes storage drawer
  • High-grade burner
  • Spacious oven capacity
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • Non-durable oven-quality

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8. Cosmo COS 36 Inch Gas Range Review

COSMO COS-965AGC 36 in. Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop, 3.8 cu. ft. Capacity Rapid Convection Oven with 5 Functions, Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates in Stainless Steel, 36 inches

We promise you this is our final Cosmo review, but we just could not help but include it on the list! If you are looking for something moderate within budget, then here is one best 36 inch gas range for the money.

Naturally, you will notice the signature wok ring at the center of the cooktop, a favorite to many Asian food lovers. A total of five burners provide different BTU power. Hence, you can choose to cook your dish at high, mid, and low heat.

This time, however, the rapid convection oven is not going to let you down. Yes, the heat distribution is perfectly even and thorough. Yet, it is the kind of stove that is more suitable for people who do not rely on daily baking.

We still think the device is not as highly durable as other competitors on the list. On the other hand, the top burners by Cosmo are quite famous among the users. They are pretty stable and solid.

You can accomplish many baked and broiled goods using this product. However, we suggest putting the dishes/foods in medium to small batches. This will help the heat to spread out equally all over.

The overall construction is, as usual, fantastic. From the robust stainless steel body to the solid cast-iron grates, everything has a premium finish. Thus, it gives off the professional 36 inch gas range vibe in general.

Remember that the knobs will only work if you push, turn, and hold them. This is to ensure safety in a house with children.


  • High performing gas burners
  • Rapid convection oven for even heat spreading
  • Premium grade construction
  • Includes a detachable wok ring
  • Modern design easily blends in the kitchen


  • Emits hot air from the front and rear oven vent

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9. Verona VEFSEE 36 Inch Gas Range Review

Verona VEFSEE365SS 36' Electric Range with 4 cu. ft. European Convection Oven Black Ceramic Glass Cooktop 5 Burners Dual Center Element Chrome Knobs and Handle: Stainless Steel

This unit is actually an electric range for a change. For people who wish to replace their gas cooktop with an electric one, this can be very helpful.

It can also be a stylish addition to your newly modeled kitchen! The overall design is very attractive. However, one has to remember that electric stoves will require specific pots and pans.

So, do not forget to extend your shopping list if you decide to have this cookware. Other than that, this model is pretty much perfection to detail.

We all know how difficult it is to find a 36 inches gas range, let alone an electric one. So, you can now acquire one without spending a fortune.

The stovetop is practically the easiest thing to clean – hardly takes any effort, honestly. Additionally, the burners heat up super-fast! There are five of these with different sizes and BTU power.

We remind you once again you must use the appropriate cookware for this unit, or else the burner will keep turning on and off. The convection oven is pretty convenient, as well.

It has 4-Cu. Ft. capacity, which is more than sufficient for a large family or group of people. Also, it comes with a clear porcelain oven surface for you to see the meals baking inside.

All in all, we believe it will satisfy your cooking needs to the max. Plus, the tough stainless steel design will add an elegant touch to your kitchen.


  • Multifunctional convection oven
  • Equal heat distribution in oven and burners
  • Easy to clean cooktop
  • Quick controlling igniters
  • Includes a storage drawer


  • Requires cookware that is suitable for this model

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10. Kitchenaid KCGC 36 Inch Gas Range Review

best 36 inch gas range

Here is a 36 inch gas range Kitchenaid unit that we believe will change the course of your cooking style. This is why we have saved the best one for the last.

Its unique yet simple functionalities allow prompt operations within seconds. Keep in mind that it is only the cooktop. So, people who are not interested in the oven or already own one can benefit incredibly from this model.

The product packs in robustness from the beginning to the end. Thus, it is one of the popular and in-demand units in the market nowadays. It incorporates six splendid burners that can match with a remodeled kitchen.

Having this many burners will surely simplify your cooking procedure. The knobs are superb at hand, meaning there is no time wasting in igniting the stovetop.

Such immediate responsiveness and rotation deliver stable temperature control. Plus, this unit is pretty efficient in saving gas. However, we do advise to keep the children at bay. The knobs are pretty quick and easy to start accidentally.

Let us discuss the burner grate now, which is one perfect design we have seen so far. It is a firm and sturdy cast-iron constructed structure. This is why we consider this unit the best 36 inch professional gas range without the oven feature.

Moreover, cleaning up once you have finished cooking is a piece of cake for this product!


  • Effective burners that save energy
  • Swift and easy igniters
  • Premium-grade construction
  • Simple maintenance
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive

Buying Guide For Best 36 Inch Gas Range

It is almost impossible to figure out the best value 36 inch gas range by merely looking at one. So, here is a small guide to get you started with the features and specifications.

  • Capacity

In each 36 inch gas range review above, all the products have variable capacity. The best way to measure it is in cubic feet.

best 36 inch gas range

So, the more cubic feet you get, the greater the capacity of the oven. In short, you should look for about 5.4-Cu. Ft. if the house members rely a lot on baking and big meals.

Others can opt for 4.8 to 5.0-Cu Ft. when considering fewer meal preparations.

  • BTUs

Higher BTU power can shorten the cooking time. However, it is up to your style to decide if the gas range you buy should have high or low BTU.

Therefore, this option does not always have to be high for gaining a perfect outcome.

  • Cooktop

Some units have four burners, while a professional range often accommodates the fifth one. It is typically oval or comes with a griddle pan.

This way, the user can put on versatile pots and pans when needed. Besides, the continuous grates on any gas range cooktops are an outstanding advantage. You can move around the cookware without spilling anything.

  • Oven

It is more fitting to go for a convection oven. These types of ovens result in even heat distribution and a reduction in cooking time.

The user can also save energy and time with a 36 inch gas range double oven, especially if it is a busy family.

  • Additional Feature

best gas range

Owning a self-cleaning gas range can be a plus point for the consumer. However, none of the products we have reviewed has this option. You might find it in more costly ones.

  • Budget

The more you spend, the higher end units you can expect. So, you will have to choose wisely if it’s the affordability you wish to achieve. Remember that a single appliance will have to go on for years without a hitch.

Of course, budgeted ones will have only limited controls and features. The mid-ranged ones, on the contrary, will have opportune features to ensure ease of use.

However, the premium/pro-grade products will surpass all the rest and offer superior style and controls. They are also the most expensive ones of all.

Final Words

Shopping for the best 36 inch gas range is not an easy task. There are so many factors to look out for before you select one.

This particular product is going to be in your kitchen for years, so you must choose the right one. As you can see, some of these appliances have additional features like smart-tech or self-cleaning system.

We suggest trying out such units with a modern process of conveniences. Whether you love cooking or not, owning an efficient gas range can change your lifestyle indubitably.

We merely hope that our article was helpful in your search. If we could clear the clouded judgment off your mind, then it was worth all our research.

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