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Best Above Ground Pools Consumer Reports

I wonder if any people would not love to spend a relaxed day near a swimming pool. Now think about how cool it will be to have one of yours right outside the house? There is one catch with that, though, which is the expense of building a swimming pool. But is it that hard to get an affordable alternative to owning something like that? Let us ease your mind and discuss the best above-ground pools that you can afford for your home. In this way, you can enjoy owning a swimming pool and not break your bank.

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Top 10 Best Above Ground Pools

When it comes to picking out an above-the-ground pool to buy, we have made a list of the best products available in the market.

1. Intex 15ft x 48 in Metal Frame Pools Set Review

The first product that we are going to talk about is by the manufacturer Intex.  It comes at a 15 by 4 feet dimension. You will get many alternatives available when it comes to size.

It is a very sturdy build with super-strong laminated sidewalls. These comprise fully reinforced with all-around bands, keeping the frame’s legs attached to the ground. The package also includes a removable ladder with slip-resistant steps and a polished corrosion-free steel frame.

Once installed, this pool will fill up with water within 45 minutes, after which you can have an enjoyable time with the family. A helpful instructional DVD is included within the package for setting things up, which also talks about maintenance.

The water filter pump contains a Krystal exact cartridge, which fills at a speed of 1000 gallons per hour. It also comes with a ground cloth to put underneath, a debris cover, and a three-ply material for protection.

Aside from all these, you also get dual suction outlet fittings, which will improve the water circulation, which will provide better water hygiene and clarity. If this does not make it one of the best quality above-ground pools, what will?


  • Lightweight design at 145 pounds
  • Robust build quality
  • High-speed pump with filter
  • Includes setup and maintenance guide
  • Convenient drain plugs to empty the pool


  • Not for sand or soft soils
  • May leak from the undersides

2. Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Above Ground Pools Set Review

Here we have another 15 by 4 feet pool set by Bestway L&G. At only 90.7 pounds; this one is very lightweight in design. With a relatively affordable price point, this item provides a great deal of durability compared to many other options you may find.

The frames included with this one comes with a special coating that prevents all sorts of rusts from forming. It also prevents corrosions from forming as well as damages from UV rays and abrasions.

This one comes with a 3 ply PVC support band, which provides additional stability. All these will not fade away under the immense exposure to the sun during the summertime with its tear-resistant material.

You do not need any additional tools to set it up. Everything necessary for installation already comes included within the package. Its flow-controlled drain valve will help when the time comes to drain out the water after its usage.

The ChemConnect chemical dispenser that comes with it will replace any other floating chemical cleaner. This factor will provide you more space within the pool to enjoy. The device is straightforward for you to attach to a valve on your new pool wall.


  • Easy setup process
  • Strong coated steel frame for rigidity
  • Fittings designed for perfect lockup with each other
  • PVC flaps prevent connectors and clips from injuries
  • Extremely stable during usage


  • Inlet and outlet openings are not well built
  • It does not come with a pump

3. Intex 26373EH Ultra XTR Set Above Ground Pools Review

Here we have another quality product from Intex. This one is a large pool with a dimension of 32 feet by 16 feet and 52 inches. Its frame consists of galvanized steel, engineered with precision locking for an overall sturdy build design.

The frames and bars accompanying this item comprise powder coating inside and out, preventing rusts from forming. These frames have an easy lock mechanism, which you can set together with a push-button connection.

This material uses a durable liner, which has a construction of a 3-ply puncture-resistant material. It comes with a debris cover with a rope tie system, which prevents the surface from blowing up with water pressure.

A durable ground cloth protects the pool from the base. This cloth has a rectangular design and extends to 34.5 feet. You get a Krystal Clear sand filter pump with a water flow rate of 2800 gallons per hour. Also, you can set it up with a timer from anywhere between a 1 to 12-hour cycle.

The hydro aeration technology and dual suction outlet fittings will give you an excellent water circulation and Water filtration system, improving the water filtration and clarity. All these make this unit one of the best above-ground swimming pools.


  • Hassle-free setup process
  • It comes with a removable ladder
  • Fast water pump with a timer system
  • Precision engineered lock system
  • Galvanized steel provides a firm grip


  • The sand filter pump is relatively underpowered
  • May cause leaks through the seams

4. Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Pools Review

Let us talk about another swimming pool above ground by the manufacturer Bestway. Its oval-shaped pool is perfect for the family. The compact design of this recreational item requires significantly less area for setting up.

You need a minimal amount of tools for installation purposes, which comes included within the box. Its steel frame construction provides worry-free support for long-lasting usage.

The seal & lock system will help you keep away all sorts of rust and corrosion for a secure piping connection. A heavy-duty three-ply wall band will provide you with fortified wall support for both the liner and the frame.

Its dispenser from ChemConnect will provide you with clean and clear water while maintaining proper hygiene. This machine also helps you to keep an appropriate ratio of chlorine within the water.

The filter pump has a flow rate of 1500 gallons per hour, which means that your pool will get ready in no time.

This product comes with a built-in flow control drain valve that will easily attach with a garden hole while draining the water when needed. You also get a pool cover to keep it protected when you are not using it.


  • Anti-microbial filter cartridge provides longevity
  • Comes included a pool ladder
  • Easy to carry to places
  • It comes with a pump included
  • Perfect for a small family


  • Minor leakage in pumps
  • It takes a long time to fill


5. Intex 14 feet x 42 inch Prizm Above Ground Pool Review

Here we have another one of the best-rated above-ground pool products by Intex Recreation Corp. Unlike the other ones, this pool comes with a prism frame feature. With its elegant design, this one comes with a 3-ply liner, which provides an absolute premium feel at a very affordable price point.

The product comes included with a 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a superior flow rate of 1000 gallons per hour. It will help you get your pool ready for you and your family in well under an hour.

This elegant pool has a total water capacity of over 3000 gallons, which is more than sufficient. It is effortless to build and maintain. The design is perfect to fit on any flat surface right within your backyard.

This item also comes with a ground cloth to prevent any damage at the bottom for further protection. The debris cover is of a superior quality material that provides extreme durability.

With this product, you get a fully powder-coated metal frame along with it. You will have no reason to get worked up about any rusts from forming and damage the product. This coating will maintain the water’s clarity for a prolonged period with a superior circulation and filtration system.


  • It comes with a premium build ladder included
  • Trouble-free assembly system
  • No folds or tears with pressure
  • It can be installed on most ground surfaces
  • T-joints have a perfect fit


  • Water pump comes with is severely underpowered
  • May cause minor tears at the bottom

6. Intex 15ft x 4ft Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

best above ground pools

Let us provide you with yet another above-ground pools reviews by the manufacturer Intex. Its firm stability to withstand on top of any ground level, thanks to its steel-built framework. This one comes with laminated sidewalls that are well reinforced, giving it excellent resilience.

The instructional DVD will help you to set things up at ease. Even the setup is an easy and fun process that will only require 2 to 3 adults. Make sure you set it up on top of a stable and leveled ground. The only time-consuming part is the leveling of the earth, as the setup process is straightforward.

You can fill this one up with the Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump you will get within the packaging. It will retain the water at its finest quality for you and your loved ones to enjoy throughout the summer.

This pool also comes equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter. The benefit that you get with this is that it will automatically shut off the pump if any accidental electrical malfunctions—one of the best safety features that you will surely need.


  • Supports all types of aftermarket pump systems
  • Perfect size for a small family
  • Metal linings provide superior protection
  • Safety feature to prevent short circuit
  • Anti-tear materials provide worry-free usage


  • Needs additional purchase of chemical or saltwater system
  • Filters need frequent changing

7. Intex 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set Review

INTEX 26329EH 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump

This pool set is one of the best deep above-ground pools that you can find in the market. It comes with an ultra XTR frame for the pool, which will provide you with a high-level toughness.

You get a dimension of 18 feet wide with a depth of 52 inches, making it a pretty sizable pool for the household. The frame design and the t-joint connectors consist of a muscular build that provides proper safety for accidental bruises.

This pool comes with an easy lock design so that you can snap all the parts up and open them when needed with push-button connectors. At most, you will need an hour to set the whole thing up without the need for any additional toolsets.

If you were worrying about its resistance to rough impacts, let us assure you that the durable liner with it consists of puncture-resistant capability. You also get two separate suction ports for maintaining a certain level of purity of the water inside the pool.

Although this product can withstand most strong surfaces, they provide you with leg end caps for a solid grip so that the pool does not lose stability. So get prepared to enjoy the heat of the summer in this lovely and cozy pool whenever you please.


  • It comes with a sand filter pump
  • Pool cover included for protection after usage
  • Corrosion and anti-slip ladder included
  • High-speed water flow rate
  • No separate tools needed


  • The liner may rip if not fit properly
  • Requires a lot of people to set up

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8. Bestway 56477E Power Steel Pool Review

This product by Bestway is one of the larger and deep above-ground pools that you will find in the market. It comes at a dimension of 24 feet by 12 feet, which shows that this is a pretty sizable one with a rectangular shape. The depth is also more than decent at 52 inches.

It has a tube frame built entirely of durable and coated steel to prevent rust from forming and damaging UV rays. You will need a very minimal set of tools for its assembly.

The design comprises a patented seal & lock system that will prevent it from bending or leaking from any body parts. You also get a pin clip system to ensure that the joints do not get loose even at a high-pressure level.

With its unique chemical dispenser, you will not require any of those traditional chemical floaters. This facility will get more room for swimming and having fun. A flow control drain valve helps you maintain the right water level and drain the extras.

When you purchase this, you also get a top-notch sand filter pump with a decent flow speed. You will also get a slip-resistant ladder, ground cloth, and filter cartridge included within the package.


  • Steel frame construction for safety
  • Tritech material is ultra-resilient against a heavyweight.
  • Haulable with small trucks or SUVs
  • Lightweight enough for two people to lift
  • Special filter cartridge extends the lifespan of filtering


  • The filter is not as efficient as advertised
  • It takes a long time to fil up

9. Intex 26741EH Premium Prism Steel Pool Review

This unit is one of the best permanent above-ground pools that you can get to have enjoyable moments with your family. You get a very sophisticated exterior design with this unit. With a capacity of 4400 gallons, we doubt that you will need a bigger capacity for your family.

With a pretty decent power capacity, the pump will fill up your pool at a speed of 1000 gallons per hour. The hydro aeration technology pump helps you with excellent circulation while maintaining a top-notch water clarity level.

You will also have a unique filtration system and an increased negative ion at the water’s surface level. This factor is extremely beneficial for the wellbeing of your health.

The materials consist of a super durable puncture-resistant 3-ply sheet.  So you can enjoy yourself to the full extent without having to worry about anything at all. Once you entirely set it up, you can have it filled up within an hour.

After you purchase this one, you will not have to make any separate purchase as everything is included. You will also get additional ladders, ground cloth, debris cover, and a full instructional video manual for its setup and maintenance.


  • Attractive prism frame design
  • Very eye catchy exterior
  • Strong materials to withhold extreme pressure
  • Noise-free pump while at use
  • Retains crystal clear water


  • The longevity of the pump is unsatisfactory
  • Instructions are a bit unclear

10. Cornelius Aquarian Phoenix Series Pool Review

This final product that we have here is one of the most demanded best small above-ground pools by the manufacturer Aquarian. Prepare yourself to have some outdoor fun during the summertime with your pals in this phoenix series pool.

It is a circular shape pool that is pretty sizable at 15 feet. The depth at 4.3 feet is pretty decent as well. Its overall steel construction will provide you with worry-free durability for years to come. The sharp-looking marble design offers a certain appeal to this unit.

This whole unit comprises a galvanized wall that will prevent rust or corrosion from forming on the body. When assembling this one, you will require a simple screwdriver, and you are all set.

All that you need to do is set it up. Then you do not have to worry about removing it or replacing it. Once it is all set for use, you can fill it up with 3600 gallons of water.

You need to make some separate purchases like water pumps and filters above the ground swimming pool. But once you set things up, all you require is to spend quality time with your loved ones.


  • Galvanized walls prevent rusting
  • The beige exterior provides a classy outlook
  • No need to drain down the water after usage
  • Inclusive of tools needed to put the frame
  • It supports almost all types of pump


  • Liner and skimmers are a separate purchase
  • The drainage system can be a hassle

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Above Ground Pools

There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing an above-ground pool. Let us discuss some of those.

  • Area

Over-the-ground pools can take up a lot of space in your backyard. So before you decide to go out and purchase the first one you fall in love with after seeing, make sure that you have sufficient housing to set it up.

area of above ground pools

If you want a small-sized pool, you can also choose to put it at the front of your house. For a larger-sized one, you can set it up in the backyard of your home if you have a sizable one that is.

  • Capacity

The size of the pool also states the capacity of people which it can hold. So you must choose one which will support your whole family all together. If you also happen to have pool parties often during the weekend, that will mean more people are joining the bathtub.

capacity of above ground pools

It is vital to keep this into consideration before you go on spending a considerable sum. You would not want your pool to be too small to fit in now, would you?

  • Materials

Different over-the-ground pools have different constructions. Some of them have a more solid build. In comparison, others have a softer component. However, there are levels of build quality that you need to keep in check.

Materials of above ground pools

Some of them are more tear-resistant than others. Few can withhold a lot of pressure, while others may cause leaks or break off easily.

  • Safety

Most of these pools have pipings and connectors surrounding them to withhold the structure. It can be relatively easy to get bruises or accidental cuts if they do not have a quality finish. Some of them come with safety clips that will protect you and your family from these unfortunate incidents.

Final Words

As you can see, you will find many options when you want the best above-ground pools for your home. Many people who plan to purchase an over-the-ground swimming pool have to face many dilemmas when choosing the right products to buy.

We conducted some research and gathered some knowledge to help out, which we have shared with you to make the whole purchasing experience more manageable.

Therefore, we hope that the list of products mentioned above helps you out in your choosing process. So with your new pool almost ready for purchase, may you have a fantastic summer ahead.

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