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Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Reports

When you feel awkward about your snoring habit or have trouble sleeping, an adjustable bed can be the best solution. Not only that but also, an adjustable bed can be a therapy center for back-pain, leg-pain, shoulder pain, and even when you are injured. Besides all of these, a peaceful night with comfortable sleep is assured by the best adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds can keep your body in such an inclination that will support you to feel all clean of junks in your head. So, check the adjustable beds from onwards top brands that we listed here. Find the correct one for you, and enjoy your night with complete relief from stress and tiredness.

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Check Features Before Buying Best Adjustable Beds

Before purchasing your adjustable bed, you should know what features must be needed to keep in your mind. A proper plan will benefit you the most.

  • Make a Budget Plan

You must be going to buy an adjustable bed keeping the health issues in your mind. So, make your budget based on that and keep this matter in front. While looking for your bed, compare price structure with other features. Online stores make this easy to have a fair comparison related to the price structure.

  • Confirm You Get the Mattress with Frame

Though most brands sell the set of a bed with the adjustable mattress, some brands may sell them separately or the only frame. Be sure about it because the mattress must be adjusted appropriately with the frame in every position.

best adjustable beds

  • Quality of the Material

Quality and durability are significant factors while buying an adjustable bed. For a mattress, the memory foam works well comparatively. The frame with steel or metal with premium quality is the best for more prolonged use. Look for the color quality too. Many beds stay the same as the new. Go for those beds.

  • Modern design

The best use of your hard-earned money will go with the modern design and trendy structure. If your bed has a hospital bed design, it will destroy your room look and mood. Most of the latest brands make beds with modern design, trendy headboards, footboards, etc. Look for such styles.

best adjustable beds

  • Other Features

Health issues or comfort-related features are most important. Be aware of those features and check if that be found in your bed. Confirm that your mattress has the multi-positioning system, motorized massaging option, remote, back-lit, under-bed light, USB ports, etc.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Beds Reviews

Before purchasing an adjustable bed, have ideas about them. Because there are many such beds in the market with plenty of attractive features, you must be sure that your bed has all the features you need. Check this list of 10 best adjustable beds reviews and choose one.

1. LUCID L300 Upholstered Adjustable Bed Review

LUCID L300 Ergonomic Upholstered 5 Minute Assembly Dual USB Charging Stations Head and Foot Incline with Wireless Remote Control Adjustable Bed Base, Split King

After waking up in the morning, you may feel pain in your body. It sometimes depends on the sleeping position. LUCID built one of the best adjustable beds for back pain, and this is L300.

The independent adjusting possibility automatically keeps you away from back pain or shoulder pain. You can change the head incline from 0 to 60 degrees and the foot incline from 0 to 45 degrees.

The super adjustability provides excellent comfort for a pregnant woman too. Besides, for older people who have bone pain, these beds are a friendly help. Laying in the bed, keeping it 10 to 30 degrees up and your spine at an incline will support the airflow, minimizes the back pain, relaxes your body, accelerate fast digestion, and thus offer you a peaceful sleep.

Purchase L300 and set it in your room within a couple of minutes with the easy assemble. High-quality material and fittings ensure every joint to be stable and keeping strong for longer. Have the best relaxation place for years. This offers ten years of US warranty.


  • Faster assemble and no need for expert support
  • Latex foam for comfortable setting and well-support to adjust with bed frame
  • Split king size is available for large space need
  • Remote control to frequent changing the position
  • 2 USB port on two side


  • Price is high compared with other

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2. Classic Brands Adjustable Split King Bed Review

Classic Brands Ajustable Comfort Bed Base, Split King + Classic Brands 10-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The classic brand comes with the best split king adjustable bed for ultimate comfort. It encompasses the latest gel mattress technology to confirm the best control on adjusting the bed position but at a very low expense.

The gel memory foam mattress assures the ventilation and air passing freely for the best smooth and soft feel. Temperature regulation with the gel feature comes to collaborate with the best consumer choice. The mattress is of high-density foam that minimizes the pressure for each position.

You can change the appearance of your bedroom and get classy trends and attractive posture. If you have back pain or leg sprain, the legs up position will relieve you. It also perfects to minimize shoulder pain when setting the head-up place up to 6 inches.

The superior quality made frame and structure are free of any allergens, bacteria, or dust. The durability and more robust frame will support you for some years with no worry. Have fun with zero gravity position while sleep tight.



  • Parts of beds may come in the separate time that can disturb your setting

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3. iDealBed 4i Massaging Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Nightlight, Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, USB, Memory Pre Sets, Split King

You have health issues or a sleeping problem, iDealBed 4i is the ultimate solution. Make a zero gravity and sleep in the best comfort. The iDealBed 4i offers full body massage by the wave massaging setting. There are four modes of massaging that give you therapy for spine pain, leg pain, or back pain. You can set the timer from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and have the pain relief feel instant.

Besides that, you can set the sleeping position to accelerate digestion and boycott the snoring habit. The head can be tilted up to 70 degrees, and the leg can be adjusted to 48 degrees. All 3 positioning can be pre-set with the timer setting in your remote control.

The remote control has a LED light for night vision. The whole set can uphold up to 850 pounds as it possesses the Leggett and plat powered motors. Legs are easily adjustable in different heights, from 7 inches to 15 inches. The frame is perfectly compatible with any mattress.

With medical value, unique sleeping positions reach this furniture to the best adjustable beds. The zero-clearance design will fit with the modern room setup.


  • Lots of customization possibility
  • Easy assemble
  • Full body massage option in 3 intensity level
  • Non-skid material made
  • 2 USB hubs on both sides
  • Night light for protection under bed


  • A quite expensive

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4. LUCID L600 Split King Adjustable Bed Review

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Split King

LUCID comes with the best dual adjustable bed, L600. If you find it difficult to read your books before sleeping, L600 provides the best positioning. Have some pages of your favorite book, and right after that, rest at ease.

You also will have fun while lying in your adjustable bed and watch TV at your best convenience. The customizing work is done by one touch with the wireless remote control and the Bluetooth-compatible base. The remote control is easy to use and has a flashlight behind to use at night.

The base is ultra-functional to offers the customization of voice control, head and foot inclination, memory positions, LED light under-bed, anti-snoring options, and 2 massaging protocol. It is one of the best adjustable beds frame in steel and polyester made structure and sturdy finish in terms of quality. It can uphold up to 750 pounds.

The foam is grazed with bamboo charcoal and encased with aloe vera. This combination vanished the odor production and grizzled the locked moisture. Premium quality steel coils and spring support the cradling you and provide you feel like soft and polite perplex. The balance of frame and foam and plenty of customizing options keep your body in induced freedom and maximum consolation.


  • Multi-functional base and application
  • Dual massaging support
  • Bluetooth connection module
  • Partner control application
  • IOS software available
  • Perfect for a couple


  • So many features take time to understand
  • Frequent partner control setting need time

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5. Sven & Son Platinum Hybrid Gel Adjustable Bed Review

Sven & Son Platinum Series Adjustable Bed Base + 14' Premium Memory Foam Mattress, Platform Frame Compatible, Lumbar Support, USB Ports, Zero Gravity, Dual Massage, Wireless Remote - Split King

The platinum bed is the best adjustable bed frame for heavy person built by Sven & Son. This can hold 1800 pounds up. This bed offers lumbar support, which means the best support for your spine. Too soft and too stiff a mattress can cause unbalanced spine alignment. But the lumber support of this bed provides solace and protects your spine from any harm.

The head-up to 75 degrees and leg positioning up to 45 degrees reaches forward with the addition of pillow tilt. You get the support to tailor your inclination in all three positionings. You will have fun with the pillow tilt while get to reach your necessary distance easily. Find the best translation of adjusting your bed in lenience. The heavy-duty four motors work independently to make subtle and quick fittings while changing every position.

Explore a better night’s sleep and even some orthopedic pain relief with this electric adjustable bed. The mobility is so smooth and easy for the one-click-on button instantly. Enjoy gravity-less floating peace while sleeping on zero gravity mode. About base, there are no shortcomings. LED light, strong frame, four massaging platforms, including full-body wave massage, dual charging stations, etc., all are included in this premium quality bed.


  • Storage function bed
  • Best support for should, spine, and hips pain
  • Luxury collection with premium cooling gel mattress
  • Lumber fitting is individually set
  • Adjustable legs from 3 inches to 9 inches


  • Not reasonable enough

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6. Blissful nights e3 Certi-Pur-US Certified Adjustable Bed Review

Blissful Nights e3 Split King Adjustable Bed Frames and 12 Inch Copper Gel Infused Cool Memory Foam Mattress Medium Firm Feel CertiPUR-US Certified (Split King)

On Certi-Pur-certification, blissful nights have made the edge wedge supportive bed with adjustable head. The modern technology, edge wedge support is a bloom to take the sleeping comfort to new heights. More sleeping surface under this support turn this bed the best adjustable beds for seniors. 4 layers of the mattress allows the best air circulation and rapid heat dissipation. It confirms the better consolation and peace.

Mattress foam construction keeps the temperature cool at such a level that gives the best night peace experience. The cool copper gel is infused into the mattress, and it makes the medium-firm inside to keep your spine and bone alignment perfect. The CertiPUR-certification ensures the premium quality of both the mattress and frame. 2 inclination is encoded to change the position so that you can feel extra comfort whether you are reading a book, watching TV, or lying to rest.

The bed is allowed to be fitted to 3 different heights. It balances the decoration and other furniture setting to match your room. Frame and mattress both also remain well-balanced in every position. Manufacturers provide you ten years of warranty for repair. It can lift a high weight to 1500 pounds, so many of you can sit and rest for a while.


  • 4 patented leg adjustment
  • Quiet and calm motor run
  • Mattress bending is easy and smooth while adjusting with frame
  • Washable mattress cover
  • Easy assemble with no-tool system


  • Bed frames are heavy to lift, and assistance is needed for this

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7. iDealBed 3i Customizable, Programmable Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Zero Gravity, One Touch Comfort Positions, Programmable Memory, Advanced Smooth Silent Operation (Split King)

iDealBed offers the 3i as the best adjustable bed for the money. This reasonable bed set provides ten years of manufacturing warranty and an emergency back-up for the batter power cut. If you keep your bedroom in luxury, this bed is all set. The performance is comparatively higher than the expense. The dark grey color with micro-suede fabric enhances the beauty with pride.

This set is the perfect solution within budget, whether in back pain or bone pain or snoring or digestion. The balancing and head-foot articulation offer the best positioning with a one-touch button. At night, you can change if you feel to do it. The back-lit and the visibility function of buttons will support you at best. No-sound motors make a noise-free night performance.

The mattress is designed by the micro-bead grip fabric that fits well in a frame in every position. 2 height adjustment legs with zero clearance structure open the way to place your bed in all formats. You may keep your bed at high or directly on the floor, how you like to rest. No assembly installation takes no time to maintain the bed in your room.


  • Affordable with an attractive design and plenty of functions
  • The full replacement warranty for 5 years
  • Aerodynamic steel frame for lighter weight and highly durable
  • Miro-bead retention option
  • The double USB port on both sides


  • Pillow tilting and lumber function is absent

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8. Blissful Nights E4 UL Tested Adjustable Bed Review

Blissful Nights e4 Split Top Flex Top King Adjustable Bed Base Frame, Massage, Anti-Snore, USB, Nightlight, Wireless Remote Head & Foot Incline, and 10-Year Warranty

Be in your health issues or only for better comfort, have fun with different leg positioning with retainer bar and head-feet movement. Whether you lift the head or leg side or move downward, the retainer bar holds the mattress to the bed frame stuck adequately. The adjustable legs have four parts with a plug-in adapter, and you can adjust your bed at an enjoyable height.

Blissful nights ensure safety while changing your bed’s position, and so, it is UL tested. Keep at the best position and sleep worry-free. Dual USB hub in both sides offers four charging stations at a time. 2 remote control comes with the split -king bed set. Remote controls are back-lit attached and have one-touch buttons for changing three positions, massaging motors, and night light.

The anti-snoring position gets both of you and your partner the weal peace. Set the zero-gravity position and have fun and pain relief overnight. Slit king has 4 motors to massage from both sides and get relief from all-day tension and body tiredness. It can upholster up to 1500 pounds.


  • Two back-lit remotes with king and queen bed
  • Under-bed light for night view
  • Ten years of manufacturer warranty
  • No tools easy assembly possible


  • Shipping is performed in separate heavy boxes, and it takes hassle to transfer them

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9. Sven & Son Interactive Massaging Split King Adjustable Bed Review

Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame + 14” Luxury Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Head Up Foot Up, USB Ports, Zero Gravity, Interactive Dual Massage, Wireless, Classic (Split King)

For senior citizens or a rheumatism patient, the Sven & Son gift an ultimate solution with all modern technology and full of positioning options. The bed is a headboard wall hugger supporting your body’s upper part and relaxing you to reach your necessities. Lumbar support is individual for the dual bed, too, and it keeps your backbones safe and relieves the back pain virtually. Pillow tilt keeps your head at the right alignment to give you the correct settings that reduce shoulder pain.

After a long day’s work, you will love the bed as your heaven. It has the wave massaging function to relax your body and free from all tiredness within 10 to 30 minutes. The pulsing massage will relieve all tension and keep you worry-free. You will have soothing consolation. When you like to have a full body massage, the vibration from top to toe works the best. Enjoy excellent treatment and therapy with the bed and mattress set.

This is one of the best adjustable beds with massage and heat. Yes, the cool gel-infused foam whisks away the excess heat and gives you a cloud-like solace. The mattress material is designed into aerodynamically infusion. The air circulation ensures the elimination of your boy pressure points. The flex support layer of the mattress foam keeps the foam attached to foam accurately in every position. So, enjoy your night’s peace with the Sven &Son bed.


  • Compatibility with IOS and android
  • Slip resistance in the bottom and high-density foam
  • Premium poly cover with double knit zip
  • Adjustable remote with a flashlight
  • The retention bar in the bottom


  • Quite expensive

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10. Blissful Nights E3 Contemporary Split King Adjustable Bed Review

Blissful Nights e3 Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Wireless Remote, Head and Foot Incline with Both Left and Right Sides, Easy Assembly, and 10 Year Warranty

Blissful nights come with the most affordable adjustable beds, and even at a low price, all the premium functions are available to reach the best alleviation. If you want to get relief from day-long tiredness, pain, and stress, set zero gravity position. It accelerates blood circulation, targets every pressure point, and relaxes your body and brain.

The feet up position alleviates leg pain and reaches the relaxation to the whole body. This position will minimize the snoring problem if you have. For a pregnant woman, the best relaxing and health-supporting position can be adopted. The head and feet inclination support the airflow around your body and provide you a heat resistance feel.

The reliability and the convenience reach at best. Legs are adjustable to change the height that changes the look of your room. The grey linen-like fabric of the mattress pours a classy and trendy perplexity in your room. It has been known from the adjustable beds reviews that consumers love the design and structure that will support the room’s elegance.


  • Motors perform by the advanced German technology
  • Wireless remote to up and down the head and leg and flat position in one touch
  • The dual bed can be synced to make one large bed
  • Independent head and feet inclination and no tilting needed


  • Heavy boxes need assistance to transfer

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Why stay with the pain while there is such an excellent solution? Working all day long make our life congested. Adjustable beds come with the hope that all your pain from stress, depression to injurious pain will be gone. If you can find a part of your room with decorative taste and all these supportive features, life would get salvation.

We have researched well and find the best adjustable beds and provide all the features finely. Check every detail and have one for you. Get sound sleep every night. Feel the amazement of life.



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