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Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Consumer Reports

Driveways are the first thing anybody will notice when they go to your home. Starting from corrosion, cracked area, and stained pathway, it all creates an unpleasant view. First impressions matter the most, after all. Moreover, if your driveway is not protected correctly, you might face accidents. And that’s the last thing you want. Therefore, you need the best asphalt driveway sealer.

To make your house look modern and not dated, you need Something to protect your driveway. Asphalt sealers are perfect for protecting your driveway because they can get damaged by environmental factors like snow, UV, or chemicals.

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Top 10 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Reviews

Managing your driveway can feel challenging at times, which is why you need the perfect asphalt sealer to make your life easier. We have found some of the best ones in the market for you.

1. EcoClean Solutions ASPHALT PATCH Filler Review

ASPHALT PATCH & POTHOLE FILLER 56 lb Pail | Pothole Repair Kit | Driveway Patch | Paving Patch - 5 Gallon Pail

An asphalt sealer with pothole filler features available can take off your workload. Therefore, you need an all-in-one top-rated asphalt driveway sealer that will lessen the pain of patching asphalt. For this reason, Asphalt patch and pothole filler is the perfect option.

It can hold up years of vehicle movement. Aside from this long-lasting feature, you can set this product up rapidly as it does not require extra preparation. As a result, even if you do not have much experience, you can still prepare it efficiently.


  • You can fill concrete cracks with this product.
  • Works at a temperature above 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It does not require any battery
  • The set-up method is easy
  • Ready to use after one hour


  • You may need additional tools to apply it
  • It does not give a smooth finish

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2. E-Z Stir Asphalt Filler Review

E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Filler/Sealer (4.75 gal - 2 Pack)

One of the main issues you might find while preparing the asphalt is the moving process. It can feel challenging to continue stirring the mixture and create a proper consistency between all the materials. E-Z stir product is the best sealer for an asphalt driveway.

As the mixture becomes smooth with the convenient stirring feature, you can fill up the cracks appropriately. You can even create layers of the coating without any hassle because this liquid asphalt driveway sealer is perfect for that.


  • Effortless to stir
  • You can create a thick coating
  • Offers an uncomplicated application
  • The product does not require prior heating
  • 20×20 feet area gets easily covered by it


  • May need multiple applications
  • It will not fill up large cracks

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3.  FDC Chem Driveway Sealer Review


Not all asphalt products provide high performance. However, this driveway sealer is superior to the other ones. It is a professional-grade sealer for an asphalt driveway. It also contains patented additives that make the product long-lasting.

This asphalt driveway crack sealer can repair the small and shallow driveway cracks. You have to mix this product during dry weather to increase its effectiveness.


  • Professional-grade material
  • Effectiveness is long-lasting
  • You will get a smooth finishing
  • It can be reapplied by anyone easily
  • The application process is easy


  • You can only apply this during dry weather
  • It takes 24 hours to cure

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4. Henry Asphalt Filler & Sealer Review

If you are searching for a material that will restore your driveway’s appearance, then this asphalt filler and sealer is the perfect one for you. It is an excellent product as it has waterproof properties. Therefore, this asphalt driveway sealer on concrete will give a modern look.

Autoreactive chemicals or de-icing salts will not be able to damage your property anymore. With each purchase, you will get 4.75gal of the best-rated asphalt driveway sealer.


  • Dries too quickly
  • You can apply this with an asphalt broom
  • Easy to apply and stir
  • Small or medium cracks fill up correctly
  • The product is durable


  • This contains a carcinogenic chemical
  • It would help if you had multiple coats

5. Latex Ite Ultra Shield Driveway Sealer Review

Latex Ite Ultra Shield

If you want a relatively inexpensive product that will give you top-notch results, then we got you covered. Ultra Shield sealer has an exceptional EZ gel formula that uses a rubberized method to enhance its performance. It is the perfect asphalt emulsion driveway sealer.

An additional ThermaSeal technology speeds up its curing process alongside cooling the application faster. You can efficiently protect your property because this product is the best crack sealer for asphalt driveways.


  • A ThermaSeal technology cures it quickly
  • Exhibits color retention properties
  • This emulsion is easy to apply
  • You can use it during cold temperatures
  • A rubberized system provides flexibility


  • May need several applications
  • The mixing process is tedious

6. Jetcoat Premium Asphalt Filler Review

The main intention of getting asphalt fillers is to achieve a durable and long-lasting result. Nobody wants to reapply products frequently. That will not only damage your bank account but also waste your time. Therefore, we have found the best crack filler for asphalt driveways.

Jetcoat contains emulsion based and polymer modified feature that ultimately seals your driveway. The ready-to-fill and seal surface allows you to use this without the trouble of mixing chemicals separately. It is the perfect colored driveway sealer for asphalt.


  • You can use it on backdrop surfaces
  • Anyone can apply it on damp pavement
  • The moving process is not tedious
  • A rubber brush will spread the material smoothly
  • Requires an effortless application system


7. E-Z Driveway Asphalt Filler Review

People prefer multipurpose products over one single product because it helps them save both money and time. Why choose two or three products when one gets the job done correctly? You can use E-Z asphalt for both filling and coating purposes.

This asphalt-based driveway sealer has durability because of a 4x rubberized feature. Moreover, it is easily controllable. Because of this spray asphalt driveway sealer, you will be able to cover a large area.


  • Can cover 250-500 sq. ft per gallon
  • This provides excellent traction
  • Fills up 1/8 inch surface cracks
  • Chemicals contain the right adherence property
  • You can fill the cracks with one coat


  • It takes a while for the product to dry
  • This gives a matte finish

8. Latex Ite Airport Grade Asphalt Filler Review

Latex Ite Airport Grade Asphalt Filler

Most asphalt fillers do not arrive with a sufficient amount of chemicals. As a result, you need to repurchase often if your driveway is too large. Airport Grade Filler can seal up to 400 sq. ft per pail. Therefore, you will not have to purchase it often.

This airport-grade asphalt sealer has polymer fortified strength. Additionally, it contains a low-VOC formula that produces a beautiful surface. Therefore, you will get a better texture.


  • It contains a non-skid EZ stir feature
  • Can get the job done by using a single coat
  • Even hairline cracks will fill up
  • The unused amount is savable


  • You cannot use this during the wet season
  • It requires breaks between applications

9. Gardner-Gibson Driveway Filler Review

Gardner-Gibson 7545-GA Drive 5 Blacktop Driveway Filler/Sealer, 5 Gallon

A streetway sealant can entirely cover up and seal the asphalt filler. Hence, it extends the lifespan of the driveway immensely. Gardner-Gibson’s product comes with large-sized gravel that you can use to determine the texture of the filling.

Moreover, you can apply this without any hassle. This asphalt millings driveway sealer is perfect for beginners—no more worrying about needing professional help when you can do it yourself.


  • You can seal the driveway with this
  • It gives a proper finishing
  • It does not require additional mixing
  • No need to apply heat
  • An easy application saves time


  • You cannot use this during low temperatures
  • Requires a long time to dry up

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10. Latex Ite Sandmix Driveway Sealer Review

Latex Ite Sandmix

If you are looking for a product with superior traction quality features, Sandmix is the right one. Aside from filling up even the hairline fractures, it can also seal your driveway.

Compared to an oil-based asphalt driveway sealer, this emulsion product creates a smooth finish. It provides more extended coverage. Hence, no more ragged driveways.


  • Contains tar free coal
  • PAH compliant product
  • It only needs a 2-hour drying time
  • You get 400-500 sq. ft. coverage
  • The mixture gives a smooth result


  • You cannot seal if it is cold outside
  • Color variations can occur

What To Look Before Buying On Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer

There are several primary features that you might have to check before getting the asphalt filler. You would not want to get materials that will not last long. Here are some of the critical characteristics you should look out for.

1. Asphalt-Based Sealer

The main component of such materials is the appropriate asphalt cement. Especially, their ability to emit less amount of toxic substances immediately shows a plus point. Single applications can give long-term results. For this reason, it is quite popular among people.

2. Surface Effects

This feature is the most important one among the others. By using any quality sealer from our list, you will ultimately get your desired driveway. You can get a matte, glossy, smooth, or rugged finishing. Each type has its unique look to it.

Surface Effects of sealer

Additionally, if your driveway contains overdyed concrete, then you can get gloss sealers. This type of product will enhance your pavement color, making it look more standard and modern.

3. Methods Of Application

You can use regular garden tools to stir and mix the materials. The application process may seem tedious, but you can adequately understand it if you go through our asphalt driveway sealer review.

Some products do not require much mixing. You can use those without professional help. Remember that depending on your mixture, your driveway will either get a smooth or a rough finishing.

If you are covering a small crack, then you can use garden-type sprayers. However, if you want to fill up a large area, it will be more appropriate for you to get paint-rollers.

4. Curing And Sealing

This feature is essential because depending on how well you cure and seal the product, you will get durability. For long-time usage, we always advise you to check the directions of the manufacturer.

Make sure to maintain the time properly and let your product dry with the set conditions. If it is better not to use the product during cold temperatures, it is better to wait for a sunny day.


Asphalt sealers are life saviors for anybody who is a homeowner. You get to do the job yourself and save your time and energy. Our best asphalt driveway sealer review will guide you through buying the proper one.

Sometimes people buy asphalt sealer products without checking the features properly. Even if you mistakenly purchase one without prior knowledge, you can still check out the manual to better understand how it works.

Some products do contain chemicals that can be somewhat toxic and harmful to your health. Therefore, try to read the labels to ensure that those components are not present in your product.

Finally, create your dream driveway with sealers that will awe people when they visit your home.

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