The Best Collapsible Garden Carts of 2022

Here is a list of the 10 best collapsible garden cart models. Your list begins with the least expensive choice, progressing to more elaborate alternatives. With each entry, you’ll discover the representative features of the product together with its positive and negative points.

Foldable or collapsible garden cart designs can be instrumental for your work. They provide a handy way to haul things around, and then they quickly fold up for convenient storage. When you’re searching for the best collapsible garden cart, there are some features that are appealing. Let’s begin our reviews!

10. YSC Wagon Garden Utility Cart

Best Collapsible Garden Carts YSC Wagon Garden Utility Cart

The first choice in your list of the collapsible garden cart choices is the least expensive. It is a smaller design, great for average loads and convenient storage.

  • The YSC Wagon Garden Utility Cart is super lightweight, weighing only 10 pounds empty.
  • There is nothing to assemble, so you can just unpack it, and you’re ready to haul.
  • This collapsible garden cart is made of durable, high-strength 600D polyester.
  • The size is useful for smaller jobs, but this model is not made for large projects.
  • There is some question of the durability of the corner seams.

9. Seina Collapsible Utility Wagon & Garden Cart

Best Collapsible Garden Carts Seina Collapsible Utility Wagon & Garden Cart

When you’re searching for the best collapsible garden cart, the look of the cart may be important. This is a handy little utility cart, which has two water bottle holders. Therefore, it can double as a wagon to haul children as well. In addition, it comes in a beautiful red color.

  • The Seina Collapsible Utility Wagon and Garden Cart has a sturdy, black powder-coated steel frame.
  • It is equipped with 7-inch all-terrain rubber wheels for excellent traction.
  • The weight capacity is 150 pounds. This way, you can haul a lot of stuff in this collapsible garden cart.
  • The wheel construction is basic, so some users indicate there is a slight wobble when the cart is fully loaded.
  • The brackets don’t seem to be well reinforced. Just like the wheels, heavy loads might compromise the joints.

8. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon & Garden Cart

Best Collapsible Garden Carts Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon & Garden Cart

The next option is also easy to assemble. All you have to do is push the bottom. Next thing you know, this cart opens up, ready to go. On the other hand, it’s a little larger than the previous models, a full three feet in length.

  • There is an extra, portable carry bag included with the cart. This accessory comes with a full 1-year manufactures warranty.
  • The Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon & Garden Cart has a telescoping handle that locks in place.
  • This model has a large, 4.5 cubic feet of space to carry a lot of stuff, which makes it great for camping.
  • This collapsible garden cart only comes in the standard blue color.
  • The wheels are thin, so it has some difficulty rolling on rough surfaces.

7. REDCAMP Collapsible All Terrain Utility Wagon

Best Collapsible Garden Carts REDCAMP Collapsible All Terrain Utility Wagon

It frequently helps to have a lightweight cart that you can push like a wheelbarrow. Redcamp proposes a practical design with a single handlebar which attaches to both sides of the cart. It pushes very easily, even when loaded.

  • The RedCamp Company offers a 365-day limited manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction, or you get a refund.
  • This is a patented folding design, which does not require you to remove any pieces before folding up your cart.
  • The RedCamp Collapsible All Terrain Utility Wagon is great for garden work, as well as camping, sports, or at the beach.
  • The double bar handle design is a little harder to use as a pull cart, and it only rates as a 100-pound hauling capacity.
  • There are some problems with the collapsible folding hinges becoming stiff.

6. Dihou Mac Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best Collapsible Garden CartsYSC Wagon Garden Utility Cart Dihou Mac Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

One thing that you may find important in your search for the perfect collapsible garden cart is how much space it takes up folded up. This cart collapses to seven inches thick, so it lays flat in the most minimal space.

  • The Dihou Mac Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon is made using heavy-duty, PVC coated steel.
  • There is an adjustable handle, plus a pair of mesh cup holders.
  • This is a very maneuverable cart as all four wheels will swivel 360 degrees.
  • The solid rubber wheels are narrow. Therefore, the cart can be slightly harder to handle on bumpy terrain.
  • While the 360-degree swivel wheels are useful, sometimes they can shift in opposite directions.

5. Sekey Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels

Best Collapsible Garden Carts Sekey Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels

As we move down your list of the best collapsible garden cart models, the most evident feature is an increase in sturdiness. This is a solid collapsible cart, which will haul a whopping 265 pounds.

  • The Sekey Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon has large, 4-inch wide all-terrain wheels. This cart is designed to go anywhere.
  • All four wheels will swivel 360 degrees. Since the front wheels are closer together, you won’t have to worry about jackknifing the wagon in tight spaces.
  • Sekey backs up their rugged collapsible garden cart with an impressive 2-year warranty.
  • This is a heavier cart than the previous models. Some users feel it is a struggle to lift for storage.
  • The all-terrain wheels provide excellent traction, but they are also prone to picking up dirt.

4. Patio Watcher Heavy-Duty Collapsible Garden Cart & Utility Wagon

Best Collapsible Garden Carts Patio Watcher Heavy-Duty Collapsible Garden Cart & Utility Wagon

If you use your collapsible garden cart for a lot of outdoor activities, it’s useful when the fabric basket removes easily. This cart is made of a durable polyester fabric that you can remove with ease to hand wash or rinse off with a hose.

  • The Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Garden Cart & Utility Wagon comes in three colors, dark gray, blue, and red.
  • It is simple to open. Just press one button, and it unfolds in a snap, ready to use.
  • There is a two-wheel brake system to keep the cart in place on uneven surfaces.
  • For a larger, more expensive collapsible garden cart, this model only rates for 150 pounds hauling capacity.
  • The wheels are fixed in a wide position, which can make the cart a little difficult to maneuver around tight corners.

3. PORTAL Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best Collapsible Garden Carts PORTAL Folding Outdoor Wagon

The playful colors of this selection add cheerfulness to your garden chores. User reviews keep praising the smart design that allows for a quick folding. The result is a compact body that fits corners well. This roomy cart pleased numerous owners thanks to a high capacity of 225 pounds.

  • Not only the cart itself but also the handle is foldable. As a result, users need less space to store this asset.
  • Manufacturer upgraded this wagon with a heavy duty fabric. At the end of the day, you get a colorful and helpful cart that can hold the biggest of loads.
  • Even in its tinniest mode, this choice still offers users a hand thanks to a storage bag.
  • When maneuvering heavy loads, users might need to reinforce the wagon with a sturdier surface at the bottom.
  • Handles require improvements with mobility.

2. Mac Sports DD-100 Collapsible Double-Decker Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best Collapsible Garden Carts Mac Sports DD-100 Collapsible Double-Decker Outdoor Utility Wagon

The next selection in your options for collapsible garden carts adds even more hauling space. This is a double-decker design that still collapses for convenient storage. It is great for hauling longer items, such as beach umbrellas or canopies.

  • The Mac Sports DD-100 Collapsible Double-Decker Utility Wagon has a hard lower shelf that still folds up with the rest of the cart. There is nothing to disassemble.
  • Even with the extra hauling space, the whole cart is only 8 inches thick when folded up.
  • The wheels are tall, with extra sturdy brackets. This cart is easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • The total weight of the cart is almost 30 pounds. Therefore, some users may find it slightly heavier than other models.
  • With very few disadvantages to list, the multiple levels do present more parts to keep clean.

1. EasyGo Collapsible Utility Cart & Wagon with Canopy

Best Collapsible Garden Carts EasyGo Collapsible Utility Cart & Wagon with Canopy

A durable cover adds to the versatility of this EasyGo utility cart. All the carts in this list are fairly simple to fold up for storage. By contrast, the EasyGo carts use a patented design, which is rated even easier than other models.

  • The EasyGo Wagon Collapsible Utility Cart is the only one in this list that also has a canopy. This is a nice addition for outdoor activities where you might get caught in the rain.
  • EasyGo has patented their folding design, and it is rated as one of the easiest collapsible garden carts to fold up.
  • This cart comes in three colors, plus has a convenient carry-all basket, which attaches to the back, adding more hauling space.
  • The front wheel brackets are thinner than some models, so you should never overload this cart.
  • With the canopy in place, there are multiple steps in collapsing the cart for storage.


These are just 10 of the best collapsible garden cart models. If you try one of these suggestions out, let us know how you liked your cart. Also, if you encountered any problems or have some recommendations we might have missed, let the readers know about those as well.

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