best cordless vacuum consumer reports

Best Cordless Vacuum Consumer Reports

Dragging around the cord on a vacuum cleaner, trying to keep from tripping over it, and having to find outlets in the house to plug it back in as you vacuum different areas can make a corded vacuum cleaner almost more trouble to use than its worth.

These problems may have you looking at purchasing a cordless vacuum. Fortunately for people who live in a home with hard floors, there are cordless vacuum cleaners especially designed for you. Some of these vacuums come with special features and attachments.

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Top 10 Cordless Hardwood Floor Vacuum Reviews

1) Prolux Ion Cordless Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vac

Ion Battery Powered Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum

For 24 minutes per charge, the Prolux Ion Cordless Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vac/Vacuum/Electric Broom will give you the powerful suction you need to get the dirt and debris off the floor. It can handle carpet too, so if you have rugs you want to clean, this vacuum can handle it.

A light weight at six pounds, this unit is easy to move around and its swiveling floor nozzle rotates 180 degrees. This is a feature not found in other vacuums in its class.

The Prolux comes with a dusting brush/upholstery tool, floor head, LED lights, and a crevice tool. It has a detachable part that becomes a hand held unit for small area cleaning. This is a bag-less vacuum cleaner. It does have a filter to eliminate the worry of dust. The warrantee covers two years for the motor and one year for the rest of the vacuum.

Customers found this unit easy to assemble. They like the versatility of this cordless vacuum and its ability to clean in many different areas. One person mentioned the LED lights located on the front of the unit that helps them see in darker areas of their home.

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2) Hoover (BH50120) Air Cordless WindTunnel-3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover BH50120 Air Cordless WindTunnel-3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover (BH50120) Air Cordless WindTunnel-3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a full size vacuum that has many appealing features. A 50 minute clean time average use is what you will get from the two lithium batteries that come with this unit. They estimate that you could clean a home with 2500 square feet without recharging or losing suction.

This vacuum weighs less than ten pounds, and touts its design for maneuverability. There is a five year limited warrantee that comes with this Hoover cordless vacuum. Included with this unit is a washable easy rinse filter, a LithiumLife charger (with two lithium batteries,) two specialty tools and a hard brush roller.

Customers love the cordless design and find the suction to be adequate with this unit. One user who must be in a wheelchair says the vacuum is lightweight and easy to use. They are happy with the design and charge of the batteries and find that this Hoover works well on hard floors, especially when it is needed to clean up pet hair.

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3) Dyson (V6) Absolute Cordless Vacuum

V6 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Specialized design and Dyson go hand in hand. This vacuum – Dyson (V6) Absolute Cordless Vacuum has a special soft roller cleaning head for use with hard floors. Its digital motor V6 claims to have powerful suction. You get about 20 minutes of use on a charge with the Dyson Absolute Cordless Vacuum.

It has HEPA filtration to keep about 99.97 percent of particles out of the air. Part of the special design of this unit is the balance, so that you can lift it to clean high, and low places. It comes with a mini tool that is motorized for cleaning ground in dirt and pet hair. Dusting can be done with the gentle mini soft dusting brush.

This vacuum does convert for hand held cleaning tasks. Part of its design includes a push button system for emptying the dust chamber. Users will find the docking station that comes with this Dyson cordless to be convenient to storing the vacuum when not in use.

Customers love the docking station and find that the unit works well during the 20 minute charge. Hard floor cleaning is celebrated with this vacuum as one user sang its praises for picking up everything from dust to crumbs to pet hair. Another person commented about the wonderful customer service provided by Dyson when they encountered a small problem with their vacuum.

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4) VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 600W Corded Upright Vac with Lightweight Design, HEPA Filtration, Extendable Handle, Crevice Tool and Brush Accessories - Ideal for Hardwood Floors

This vacuum cleaner gives users a 15 minute window to clean on one charge of its battery. The hand held unit – VonHaus 2-1 Vacuum Cleaner is detachable so that customers can spot clean or use it on upholstery, in the car, or hard to reach areas.

It has a powerful brush and cyclonic vacuum for excellent suction. Its head swivels 180 degrees, has a dust tank for easy emptying and comes with a small brush head and crevice nozzle.

You can leave the charging station free standing or mount it to the wall for easy storage. The VonHaus has a rubber handle which makes it more comfortable to use.

Customers like the charging station and find the dust cup to be a great size for storing the debris that the vacuum picks up. It is easy to assemble and when other customers tested its ability to clean really dirty areas and carpet mats, they were pleasantly surprised at the suction and good performance of this vacuum.

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5) BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 81L2A

You can purchase the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T individually or in a pack of 2, depending on how much of your home you need to clean and what specific tasks you plan on performing. Thanks to the special V-shape design of this vacuum’s head, cleanup will be several times easier than it would be on a standard vacuum. This is because large debris goes down the center of the suction path, while smaller debris is filtered down the sides of the V.

Swivel steering on this vacuum ensures that you can maneuver into all those tight places of your home without running into anything. It also has a 20-foot power cord so that you won’t feel restricted as you try to clean a given area of your home. Finally, the dirt cup is very easy to empty, so you shouldn’t have to worry about making a mess all over the place when you are removing the dirt from the unit.

Customer like the fact that this vacuum can pick up cat litter, pet hair, and other stubborn debris off your hardwood floors with ease. They also like the lightweight functionality associated with this vacuum, because it is very easy to maneuver all around your home without getting too tired from excessive use.

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6) Dyson DC40 Multi-Floor Vacuum

Dyson DC40 Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner

Thanks to the Dyson cyclone technology inside the Dyson DC40 Multi-Floor Vacuum, you can pick up more dirt and debris from your hardwood floors than you would normally be able to with a standard vacuum. In fact, the radial root cyclone technology maximizes the overall power of the vacuum so that it doesn’t lose any of its suction while you are operating it.

One of the best features associated with this vacuum is its self-adjusting cleaner head, because this saves you from having to manually adjust controls and settings when you alternate between carpets and hard floors. Finally, the ball on this vacuum increases the unit’s maneuverability so that it can turn sharp corners with ease.

Consumers like the fact that you can alternate between many different types of floors while using this vacuum without experiencing any sort of a problem and without causing damage to that floor type. Users also like the overall levels of suction offered by the vacuum, as it is able to handle picking up large amounts of debris with ease.

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7) Dirt Devil Dash UD70250B Vacuum

Dirt Devil Dash Dual Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum with Bonus Vac+Dust Floor Tool, UD70250B - Corded,Red

Anyone looking for the best cordless upright vacuum for hardwood floors may want to consider the Dirt Devil Dash UD70250B. This device provides a direct suction path from every edge of your floors so that you can clean even the tightest of corners that tend to be missed by standard vacuum cleaners. The washable microfiber pad helps lift up nay dust that gets left behind by your other devices. After each use, you can throw the pad in the washing machine to clean it if you desire.

Thanks to the Dual cyclonic filtration and the Dirt Lock technology on this vacuum, any embedded dirt and debris in your carpets will instantly be lifted to the surface, picked up, and removed. There is an on-demand cleaning wand on this device that helps you switch to cleaning above-ground surfaces in seconds so that you can clean your entire house with ease.

Users like the overall levels of power associated with this vacuum, as well as its relatively small size. They also like the fact that there are numerous attachments that come with this vacuum, so you can choose the one that will help you clean any part of your home at any given time.

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8) Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H

Eureka Quick-Up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum 96H

If you want the perfect vacuum cleaner that has 2-in-1 functionality, then the Eureka Quick-Up 96H may be the perfect choice for you. This device lets you clean multiple types of floors with ease, and it can convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum for above-ground cleaning purposes if need be.

You can turn on the vacuum’s brushroll function when on carpets to get deep down into the carpet fibers and pick up any dirt or debris that you may be dealing with. The brushroll can then be turned off when you transition from your carpets to hard floors so that the floors don’t get scratched in any way.

There is a 10-inch cleaning path on this vacuum, so you can pick up quite a bit of debris with ease. You can even remove the handle on the vacuum for easier storage if you need to, so you don’t have to worry about this vacuum taking up too much space.

Many people like the sheer amount of pet hair that this vacuum is able to pick up in a short span of time. They also like the lightweight functionality the vacuum offers, as this makes it very easy to maneuver all around the house without causing you to get fatigued in any way.

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9) Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force Lightweight Cordless Bagless Cyclonic Energy Star Rated Stick Vacuum

Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force Lightweight Cordless Bagless Cyclonic Energy Star Rated Stick Vacuum Cleaner Floor and Carpet Functions, 18-Volt, Bronze

Perhaps one of the best cordless stick vacuums for hardwood floors is the Rowenta RH8559. This device is available in a wide array of colors, so you can choose the one that you like the best or that you think will fit in with the rest of your décor. There are three different filtration systems that are used on this vacuum, which means that the filter will stay cleaner, and more dirt and debris will be picked up with this vacuum than would be with a standard vacuum.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle on this vacuum, you can hold onto it and push it all around your house for a very long time without getting too tired from using it. The unit is also bagless, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement bags every so often. Finally, you can use this vacuum on almost all floor types without experiencing any sort of a problem—so it should keep on running efficiently for quite a while.

People like the high levels of power that this vacuum offers, because it can pick up more dirt and debris than a standard upright vacuum can, and it can do so in a shorter span of time. Users also like the fact that this vacuum is relatively quiet, so it shouldn’t disturb most people in your home—no matter what time of day or night you choose to use it.

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10) Electrolux Ergorapido Brushroll Clean 2-in-1 Stick/Handheld Vacuum

Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion 2-in-1 Stick/Handheld Vacuum 18 Volt Cordless, EL 1030A

You can purchase the Electrolux Ergorapido EL1061A individually or in a set of 2, depending on what you plan on doing with the vacuum and how large your home is. This device is great at removing hair that has gotten tangled up in your carpets, and it also has an on/off brushroll function that you can use as you alternate between your hardwood floors and carpets.

This particular vacuum cleaner has a 2-in-1 functionality: you can use it as a stick vacuum if you so choose, or you can disconnect the center part and use it as a handheld vacuum for cleaning your above-ground surfaces. The LED headlight on the front of the vacuum helps you see where you are going in dark areas, and it also illuminates the debris that you need to pick up so that you will have more accuracy when using this device. You also get several onboard tools with this unit, so you can get an even more complete clean in your home than you would otherwise be able to.

People like the detachable handheld vacuum cleaner, because you can easily remove it and clean areas above the floor, then reconnect it when you are finished. They also like the overall battery life that it offers, because it should help you clean most parts of your home without a problem.

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If you are going to select a cordless vacuum, it is a good idea to keep in mind the features you would like for it to have. Lightweight cordless vacuums help you maneuver around the areas you want cleaned. Make sure you understand how the charging station works and decide if you would like it to be free standing or wall mounted for convenience.

Cordless stick vacuum are truly great investments—particularly if you need them to perform spot cleaning tasks on your hardwood floors. Any one of three models mentioned above would be perfect for you if you want to keep your floors looking nice and scratch-free, but you also want to get rid of the pet hair and other debris that may be building up on it. In fact, these vacuums are built to last for quite a long time, so you should get several years’ worth of use out of them without encountering any sort of a problem.

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