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Outdoor decks are one of the most important structures for the backyard. It is a place where people love to relax for a bit, enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. However, with time, it tends to collect layers of dust. Without keeping it clean, it would become old and weathered quite quickly.

And when it comes to cleaning them, the regular solutions that you are going to find on the shelves are not going to enough. You would require the best deck cleaner. With one of those, you are going to get superior cleaning results and will be able to make the deck look pretty and brand new.

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Top 10 Best Deck Cleaner Reviews

Not all of the cleaners you will find on the shelves will offer you a hassle-free cleaning experience. To ensure that the choosing process goes smoothly for you, we have compiled a list of the ones that we believe are worth checking out. Take a look at the list that we have gathered for you:

1. Simple Green Oxy Deck Cleaner Review

Tough grimes are something that not all of the products are capable of cleaning. However, that is not the case with this environmentally safe deck cleaner.

The formula that it utilizes is completely free of toxins. That is what makes it achieve an environment friendly label. Instead of the chemicals, it relies on peroxide to achieve a superior cleaning strength.

And it comes in a 1-gallon container. That amount is more than enough to pressure clean up to 6400 square feet of surface. It is also capable of lifting grimes, grease, and other stubborn oil. The capability of lifting dirt, engraved clay, and algae is quite praiseworthy as well.

2. MOLD ARMOR E-Z Washer Review

Recommendation worthy eco friendly composite deck cleaner is something that is hard to come by. However, we have managed to find one for you, which is this one.

To start with, it has a high capability of lifting exterior mildew and molds. It would be able to lift all of them away within seconds. It features a hose-end adapter, which will enable you to easily attach it with your garden hose. The adapter makes it easy to use as well.

Also, it is also capable of restoring the looks of old wood. It can make your old deck look new within minutes. You can even restore the vibrancy of the exterior paint using this.

3. Spray & Forget SFDCH Deck Cleaner Review

While searching for the best wood deck cleaner, one might stumble upon plenty of units. But not all of them are going to be non toxic deck cleaner, which this one from Spray & Forget is.

To begin with, it comes in a 64 oz bottle, which is capable of making up to 5 gallons of solution. You would be able to clean up to 1000 square feet of surface using the whole bottle. The powders utilize powerful components to clean mildew, mold, algae, stains, and other engraved dirt and debris pretty quickly.

Alongside that, the formula is completely environmentally friendly. It does not have any toxic chemicals, nor does it have any bleach or heavy metals.

4. Home Armor Deck Cleaner Review

The best deck cleaner for pressure washer would be the ones that have a hose system on the container. And this one from Home Armor is one of them.

First of all, it utilizes a powerful blend of components that are ideal for all wood materials. It also has the capability to make old wooden furniture look brand new again. The formula can even restore the vibrancy of old exterior paints.

And for the hose adapter that it comes with, you would not have to go through any hassles at all in using this. The adapter is also compatible with most of the garden hoses. It also has a high capability of killing germs, molds, and mildew.

5. DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner Review

There are plenty of bleach washers out there claiming to be the best deck cleaner before staining. But not all of them are safe deck cleaner. However, the case is a little different for this one.

Unlike some of the other washers, this one utilizes safe oxygenated bleach that is not only non toxic but also boasts a high cleaning capability. It has the ability to clean pores, which means it has a high amount of stain absorptions strength.

Aside from that, it is also capable of cleaning the mill scale marks from the new wooden furniture. And the container that it comes with has enough quantity to wash 1000 square feet of surface.

6. Scotts ZeroScrub Deck Cleaner Review

best deck cleaner

Scrubbing stains can be a tedious task. Well, you would not have to do that if you get this power washer deck cleaner that Scotts is offering.

First of all, Scotts utilized high-quality formula, making it capable of eliminating stains, mildew, and algae in seconds. It is probably the best deck cleaner for algae that you can buy right now.

Apart from that, it includes an instruction guide that is quite easy to follow. And after appropriately using it, you would start seeing results in just 24 hours. Your old wooden furniture will look brand new again. It also works on composite wood, vinyl, and other deck materials.

7. TimberTech Composite Washer Review

On the lookout for something versatile? Well, you can stop your search here because TimberTech has got the thing that you were looking for.

To start with, it works as a spot treatment. It is capable of cleaning the stubborn stains that your floors might have. Also, it is highly effective in clearing out mildew and molds. Also, the one-gallon bottle that it comes with can make 4 gallons of solution.

As it utilizes a full biodegradable formula, you would not have to worry about harming the environment. This special formula is safe, bleach-free, and non toxic. It would not even cause any irritation to your skin either.

8. Spray & Forget Mold Remover Review

best deck cleaner

Worried about the mold that has been growing on the deck? Get this washer that Spray & Forget is offering.

To begin with, it implements a special formula that can inhibit the growth of molds and mildew. Also, it works exceptionally well in removing any of the molds that might have accumulated on the wooden surfaces. And the container can make 5 gallons of solution.

Alongside that, the formulation is capable of removing algae, lichen, and moss from the surfaces. And you would not have to scrub, nor will you have to rinse the formula off because of the non toxic components that it utilizes. Also, it can remove stains from the surfaces reasonably well.

9. Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner Review

Looking for something that is capable of lifting heavy dirt and debris without having to do heavy scrubbing? Star Brite has got your back in that regard.

First of all, the formula that it utilizes is exceptionally versatile. It does not work only on regular woods but also on vinyl, composite, and painted surfaces. The formulation is highly efficient regarding polishing as well. It will restore the sheen that your deck once had when it was brand new.

Other than that, it creates a protective barrier that will prevent stains and other spots from building up in the future. And the chelating agents that it packs will make cleaning an easy task for you.

10. Rust-Oleum Pouch Wolman Wood Cleaner Review

We are going to wrap up our review section with this best composite deck cleaner, which is from Rust-Oleum. If you were on the lookout for a natural deck cleaner, you should keep this one on your consideration list.

To start with, it implements an ultra oxidizer that is entirely free of toxins. The oxygen-activated powder that the formulation has makes it exceptionally versatile. It is ideal for both the natural woods and woods.

And the formula is highly efficient in restoring the sheen of the weathered woods as well. You would also be able to prepare the new wood furniture for coating with this as well. It works on cedar and redwood materials too.

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We are fully aware of how hard it is to come by the best deck cleaner in this oversaturated market. But we do like to ensure you that no matter which one you pick from our recommendation list, you would have a hassle-free cleaning experience. Also, all of them are capable of offering you superior cleaning results as well.

However, if you would ask us to choose one, we would go with the Simple Green Oxy Washer. It is not only environmentally friendly but also is highly capable of removing stains, moss, clay, and mud. Also, it does a decent job regarding removing algae and molds too.


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