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Best Dishwasher Consumer Reports

Are you looking for a convenient way to clean all your messy dinner plates? Does cleaning after house party feel like too much manual labor? Then we have just the right product for you. Hold on to your horses as we bring you the best dishwasher available on the modern market.

Whether you have a small or big family, you need a dishwasher in your kitchen these days. With this product at your disposal, you’ll get rid of one of your daily chores. The models we reviewed today have various remarkable features. So, stay tuned, and browse through our guide until you find the dishwasher of your dreams!

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Top 10 Best Dishwasher Consumer Reports

With all the different options on the market, it can often be pretty daunting to make the right choice. Hence, we bring you the top contenders to make your job a little bit easier.

1. NOVETE Compact Dishwashers Review

We start this list of reviews with one of the best-rated dishwashers available on the market. This exclusive model comes with a vast space for storing and cleaning all types of dishes in your kitchen. If your family consists of 3 to 4 people, this is the most suitable dishwasher.

It can easily clean 4 cups, dinner plates, serving bowls, and small plates simultaneously. There is a separate rack for cleaning kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, and knives set. Its diminutive dimensions allow you to install it in small spaces in your house or RV. The dishwasher doesn’t need any assembly either.

Furthermore, the model can run on two different modes – water tank and faucet mode. The faucet mode requires you to connect it to a water inlet, and you’re good to go! If you choose to go with the water tank mode, the built-in water tank is enough to sustain it. It comes with five different washing cycles.

This high-rated dishwasher works as a dishwasher, dryer, and cabinet as well. If you’re ever in a hurry, you can always rely on its speed mode feature.


  • Compact size
  • Wide cleaning space
  • Five different washing cycles
  • No assembly required
  • Allows you clean dishes quicker


  • Not for large households

2. BLACK+DECKER Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

The second model on this list is a dishwasher that comes with a six-place setting capacity. It can clean different types of plates and dishes measuring up to 10 inches. This will allow you to clean multiple dishes within a short time. Before anything else, this compact dishwasher prioritizes thorough cleaning.

It can remove all the oil, grease, and grime off the dishes within a short time. The dishwasher also comes with an LED control panel that helps you see in low-light conditions. Electronic touch panels also make it easier to alter the settings. Moreover, it has a very high-efficiency rating.

This is arguably the best budget dishwasher on the market. It has a child lock feature that protects your kids from harming themselves. Apart from that, the dishwasher has seven different wash modes as Rapid and Soak, intensive, glass, Eco, 90 minutes, and routine.

You can also program this device to start up automatically for up to 24 hours. Due to its metal construction, it can endure heavy-duty usage for several years to come.


  • Six place setting capacity
  • LED control panel
  • Electronic touch panel
  • Child lock and high-efficiency rating
  • Seven different wash modes


  • You might face an internal leak error

3. Frigidaire 18 in. ADA Compact Front Control Dishwasher Review

Next up on this list of reviews is the most reliable dishwasher that’s entirely made of stainless steel. As you might already know, stainless steel is resistant to rusting and corrosion. Therefore, this model can easily last many years without any trouble. It’s also the best model for removing bacteria off your plates.

It’s certified by the National Sanitization Foundation and can get rid of 99% of household germs. This dishwasher is equipped with a dual spray arm system for efficient cleaning. Strong sprays of water from the top and bottom help get rid of the messiest dishes in your kitchen.

This highly durable dishwasher also offers an eight place setting capacity. Now you can clean more dishes than you could at a time. It’s impossible not to mention this model when speaking of quiet dishwashers. This also has three different cleaning modes, which also include an energy saver mode.

With this dishwasher model at your disposal, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. It is Energy Star certified.


  • Certified by National Sanitization Foundation
  • Removes 99% of bacteria
  • Dual spray arm
  • Eight place settings
  • Three different cleaning modes


  • Customer service is unsatisfactory

4. EdgeStar Energy Star Rated Built-In Dishwasher Review

Coming at number 4 is this 18-inch robust dishwasher with a sleek design and several remarkable features. This product also comes with eight place settings, which give you ample cleaning space for your dishes. On top of that, there are separate racks for cleaning actual silverware and cups.

Its stainless steel construction makes it the longest-lasting dishwasher by far. This model doesn’t just rinse dishes but also dries them automatically. You can now wash dishes and reuse them within a matter of minutes. On the other hand, it also offers you six different washing cycles to cater to your needs.

The washing cycles include Normal, Glass, ECO, Rapid, Heavy, and Rinse. This intelligent dishwasher also comes with a feature that prevents your kitchen from flooding. It has a built-in sensor that stops the water flow when a leakage is detected.

Moreover, the device also ensures quiet operation and keeps the noise as low as 52 dB. The Sanitize, Hi-temp, and Heated Dry modes are also some key features to look forward to.


  • It comes with eight place settings
  • Six different washing cycles
  • Prevents leakage
  • Minimizes noise
  • Sanitize, Hi-temp, and Heated Dry mode


  • The instruction manual is not detailed

5. GE 24 Inch Stainless Steel Full Console Dishwasher Review

The next addition to today’s list is the most powerful dishwasher at an affordable rate. If your current dishwasher can’t eliminate the stubborn and dry stains off your dinner plates, this is the perfect substitute for that. This model is equipped with a feature called The Piranha hard food disposer.

This not only cleans the tough stains but also pulverizes the food particles to make your dishes look squeaky clean! The food disposer produces 3600 rotations per minute, and the built-in driers get rid of the moisture. What sets this model apart is its incredible 16 place setting capacity.

Due to the vast interior space, you can now clean all your household dishes at once. They have also assembled the sliver racks with tip tines to keep them steady. This makes the dishwasher durable enough to last a long time. As if that wasn’t enough, this device comes with four wash cycles and three wash levels.

With this level of versatility, no cleaning task will ever deter you. There are no tough stains that the Steam wash can’t get rid of.


  • Piranha hand food disposer
  • Dries the dishes simultaneously
  • 16 place settings
  • Silver racks with tip tines
  • Four wash cycles and three wash levels


  • Controls aren’t well built

6. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

At number 6, we have added this fantastic dishwasher that’s suitable for both office and home kitchens. This is possibly the most compact dishwasher you will ever come across. As a result, it can be easily placed on a countertop and still barely takes up any space. Talk about high portability!

Despite its small size, it has separate racks for dishes and cutleries. This allows you to clean your kitchen utensils with care. The manufacturers have equipped it with a convenient control panel that makes the device easier to use. You can choose any of the six washing cycles for a thorough cleaning.

Assembling this dishwasher is also an absolute breeze. The product includes accessories such as a drain hose, faucet adapter, and water inlet. All you need to do is connect to a water supply. It’s that easy! Moreover, they are compatible with round-shaped faucet outlets.

The stainless steel dishwasher is also equipped with a rinse aid dispenser that ensures thorough cleaning. It can also help you dry off the dishes swiftly. Indicator light indicates when the rinse dispenser needs a refill.


  • Compact design
  • Drain hose and faucet adapter
  • Easy to use controls
  • Six washing cycles
  • Easy installation


  • Can’t remove larger food particles

7. Farberware Professional Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher Review

If you are looking for the best dishwasher under 1000 that’s loaded with incredible features; then your wait is over. This widely recommended dishwasher offers you six place settings along with rack shelves that you can fold down. It’s this clever use of space that makes this dishwasher so efficient.

Assembling this dishwasher is as easy as pie. They have included all the accessories necessary for installing this device. Simply use the adapters to connect it to your faucet, and it will be up and running. Don’t be deceived by its compact size, as it can overshadow its several features.

It has seven different washing functions that make your chores easier. Some of these functions will help you clean baby care products, wash glasses and cups, and dry them with ease. It also includes an extra drying feature that provides added heat to the final rinse to hasten the process.

This model is equipped with a heavy-duty interior tub that enables it to endure regular usage. You can even use pods, liquids, and powder detergents without facing any drastic repercussions.


  • Seven different washing functions
  • Extra drying feature
  • Heavy-duty interior tub
  • Compatible with liquid detergents
  • Fold-down rack shelves


  • Comparatively pricey

8. EdgeStar Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher Review

EdgeStar DWP62WH 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher - White

The next product on this list is an energy-star-rated dishwasher that offers unmatched durability and reliability. This exclusive model comes with a six-place setting capacity that gives you enough room to clean all your dirty plates. Not only that, but you will also have separate racks for your cups and a basket for the cutlery set.

These features ensure all your household silverware is rinsed thoroughly until all the mess is taken care of. It also comes with an attractive digital display that helps you monitor the cleaning cycles. Speaking of which, you will be allowed to choose between 7 different cleaning functions for different types of dishes.

This top-notch dishwasher is compatible with standard-sized faucets in every house. Connecting the dishwasher to your water inlet is also reasonably straightforward.

Moreover, it’s small enough to fit in regular cabinets without a hassle. It barely consumes 2.85 gallons of water for a regular wash. So, it’s easy on your wallet in the long run.

The stainless steel interior makes it more durable than any other model, and it keeps the white noise below 53 dB.


  • Six place setting capacity
  • Separate racks for different utensils
  • Seven cleaning functions
  • Low noise
  • Saves energy


  • Not compatible with detergents

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9. Frigidaire 24 Inch Built-in Full Console Dishwasher Review

Another worthy addition to this list is a 24 inch fully automatic dishwasher in two standard colors – black and white. It boasts a minimalistic design that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to use. Installing this device feels like a breeze due to the instructive user manual.

Furthermore, this dishwasher model creates very little noise when it cleans your dirty dishes. This feature allows you to take care of the other chores in peace and with total concentration. The device in question is also one of the most durable ones on the market today. Unlike most dishwashers, this model contains a polymer tub.

This makes it sturdy and stable enough to endure heavy-duty cleaning regularly. Besides all that, this dishwasher includes 14 place settings for the different types of cups, pots, and pan in your kitchen. It can eliminate every piece of food clinging onto your plates due to the three spray arms in its interior.

If that doesn’t impress you, then the five different wash cycles will certainly win you over!


  • Three spray arms
  • 14 place settings
  • Five wash cycles
  • Polymer tub on the inside
  • Racks are made of nylon


  • Weighs 60 pounds

10. Portable Countertop Dishwasher Review

The final entry on today’s list of reviews is often considered one of the best dishwashers on the market. It has a long list of features that can make your cleaning chores seem effortless and easy. This model will let you deep clean the dirtiest dishes within a few moments.

This particular dishwasher model can fit perfectly in an RV or a small cabinet in your kitchen. It’s most suitable for a household with a small family. Nevertheless, it comes with six different wash programs that offer streak-free cleaning. It is equipped with two spray arms that rinse the dishes from both sides.

On top of that, it weighs only 26.4 lbs. They have also introduced a new control panel that’s fully digital. It allows you to see the wash controls in action and change them at will. You will also notice a water level indicator that gives an idea of when the correct water level is reached.

This exceptional dishwasher model allows you to choose between a built-in water tank and a water hose to connect to the faucet.


  • Portable design
  • Six different wash programs
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Two spray arms
  • Fully digital control panel


  • Not for large families

Best Dishwasher Consumer Reports – Buying Guide

Before you delve you buying any one of the dishwashers we listed above, we would like you to go through a few of its significant features. Please pay close attention to each of them as they can determine which of the dishwashers we reviewed are most suitable for you.

  • Type of Dishwasher

The first thing you must consider when buying a dishwasher is what type suits your kitchen the best. There are two main types of dishwashers available on the market – built-in and portable dishwashers.

best dishwasher

A built-in dishwasher needs to be installed in a completely new kitchen (usually during construction). However, you can also choose to install it while you’re renovating your kitchen. These types of dishwashers need a direct connection to the plumbing lines in the wall.

You might also have to remove a few cabinets to make space for installing the dishwasher. On the other hand, a portable dishwasher offers more freedom of movement. They are usually equipped with wheels and can be placed on a countertop. You only need to connect it to a nearby faucet.

  • Size of Dishwasher

Its place settings denote a dishwasher’s size. The number of place settings will determine how many plates and cups your dishwasher can clean simultaneously. There are some compact dishwashers with 6 or 8 place settings, which is ideal if you have a small family consisting of 4 people.

best dishwasher

If you have more than four members in your family, you should consider buying a standard dishwasher with at least 12 place settings.

  • Wash Cycles

Modern dishwashers come with multiple functions that make them more efficient at cleaning dishes. The best dishwashers usually include at least 6 to 8 wash cycles.

best dishwasher

Some models have a function called a delayed wash, which lets you set a 24-hour timer, during which the dishwasher does its job gradually. If you want a quick clean-up, then you must get a model with a short wash cycle. Alternatively, an only rinse cycle will help you get rid of the food particles clinging to the plates.

Final Words

By now, you probably have acquired all the necessary information needed to purchase the best dishwasher money can buy. Before you do so, make sure you keep the critical factors in mind. This will make sure you don’t end up putting your money down the drain and regret your choice.

Don’t just be impressed by the outlook. Think before you invest; think of the number of dishes you need to clean daily. Also, each of the models mentioned above has different functions. Only choose the ones that can help you the most to determine which model is the best dishwasher for you.

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