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Blankets are a piece of fabric that often tends to go unseen and unsung. They are colloquially known for the warmth and comfort they provide in times of cold weather.

When shopping for the winter season, one of the most bought commodities is blankets. So why not choose the best kind of blanket technology can offer?

Now, electric blankets are the best at keeping you warm for longer. It is a fabric technology where wires in the blanket can heat the blanket, causing non-stop snugness and comfort.

For your convenience, we reviewed some of the best electric blankets you can buy right now. Hopefully, this list can help you buy a heated blanket that will keep you warm for a long time.

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Top 10 Best Electric Blanket Reviews

Out of all the electric blankets, these are the best ones you can get anywhere. Pick any one of them, and we guarantee non-stop warmth and comfort without any worries.

1. Softheat by Perfect Fit Electric Blanket Review

Blanket manufacturers usually make electric blankets with micro-fleece in their fabric. This design choice is to avoid being bulky and restrict heat distribution. Nobody wants a heated blanket that feels suffocating.

This aspect is why the Softheat blanket by Perfect Fit is a “perfect fit” for your electric blanket needs. They’re lightweight and ensure all-around heat distribution for maximum comfort.

It features patented non-hazardous low voltage technology, which makes it a pretty safe and warm electric blanket in the presence of moisture. Pets can use this blanket without any worries of emitting EMFs.

The control knob has a big backlit display with an auto-dimming feature, so you can have the blanket warm-up without pressing a button. It also has night time adjustments that come in pretty handy when you want to sleep. 


  • Lightweight
  • Maximal heat distribution
  • Low voltage technology
  • Does not emit EMFs
  • Auto-dimming feature


  • Blanket itself is not warm

2. Beautyrest Microlight to Berber Electric Blanket Review

One of the things people value most in a blanket is the size. Ostensibly, you need a bigger sized blanket for more people, but some people want a full-size blanket all to themselves for maximum comfort.

Thankfully, Beautyrest’s Microlight electric blanket is there to cover that aspect neatly. It is a king-size electric blanket that can cover most beds very easily.

While it boasts a preheating feature, it also has a 3 feet controller cord, so you don’t even need to get up to change the temperature. It’s that simple.

The blanket itself is machine washable, meaning you don’t need to worry about the electronics getting damaged from the water. Having a neat little LED heat indicator, you can always check the temperature even in the dark.


  • Can be preheated
  • Large Size
  • Machine Washable
  • 3 feet controller cord
  • LED heat indicator


  • Gives off slight EMFs


3. MaxKare Electric Blanket Review

Flannels are a soft woven fabric consisting of varying fineness. People originally used it for warm clothing, but now they’ve made their way into the blanket industry. So it makes sense that people would make electric blankets with flannel.

One of the best rated electric blankets that MaxKare makes is the electric Flannel blanket. They make it with super soft flannel that ensures maximum comfortableness and utmost safety.

Boasting four heating levels, you can essentially have it at any temperature setting you most desire. You can set it either at high, medium, low or warm, whichever fits your preference the most.

If you want to sleep cozily without worrying about overheating yourself, you don’t have to worry at all. The blanket has an auto-off feature that shuts itself down after 10 hours.


  • Soft flannel fabric
  • Four heating levels
  • Can shut itself off
  • Overheating Protection
  • Suited for tumble dry


  • Does not perform at low voltage


4. Degrees of Comfort Microplush Electric Blanket Review

When buying an electric blanket, you must make sure it does not radiate any EMFs or electromagnetic forces. The blanket should emit absolutely zero EMF waves.

Luckily, the blanket by Degrees of Comfort is safe in that zone. It does not emit any harmful electromagnetic force waves that can cause serious damage.

With this safe electric blanket, you can lower your electricity bill as it can run on very low voltage — ideal for when the electricity in your house goes out in the time of load-shedding.

Easily washable in the machine, you need not worry about any electronics getting tampered with at all. Just disconnect the power cord, toss it in the wash and tumble dry on low heat later.


  • Runs on low voltage
  • Zero EMF radiation
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • 20 different heat settings
  • Shuts itself off at 1-hour intervals


  • Small in size

5. Homech Electric Heated Blanket Review

Normal blankets are typical bedsheet sized, so you have to use them as an extra layer of fabric. Meanwhile, throw blankets are smaller in size and much rather suited to the couch or mattress.

Homech makes an electric throw blanket, which is full of convenient features. First off, the blanket manufacturers make their electric blankets double-layered Flannels. Meaning, the comfort factor is upped by double the amount.

It also has very fast heating capabilities to turn it on, and it will heat in 2-3 seconds. The auto-off feature ensures that it doesn’t overheat while you are still asleep.

The blankets are easily maintainable as you can wash them in the machine for years to come. Detach the controller before putting it in the washing machine and washing it with cleaning agents.


  • 10 heat settings
  • Shuts itself off after set intervals
  • Can be cleaned in the machine
  • Corded controller
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not suitable for large beds

6. Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket Review

best electric blanket

Fleece is another type of human-made fabric, made from plastic rather than a fleece coat, as the name might suggest. It is 100% synthetic and fuzzier than a sheep’s wool.

With Sunbeam’s blanket, you can give the warmth and comfort you and your family deserves. Made from extra-soft fleece, it features virtually undetectable Thermofine wiring that delivers consistent heat during winter nights.

It has five heating settings that you can customize to any temperature you want. Interestingly, it has two control boxes to have two kinds of comfort on each side.

Sunbeam has an intriguing take, which can save a lot of your heating bills. If you turn your thermostat back 10-15 degrees for 8 hours, you can save 5-15 percent a year on bills, which sounds pretty convenient.


  • Dual Controls
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 heating settings
  • You can use it to save bills
  • Dual control boxes


  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

7. MaxKare Electric Heated Throw Blanket Review

People use flannel in many things, but they value their use most in blankets as these provide much-needed warmth and comfort.

The amount of work that goes into weaving flannel is worth it when you experience their warmth and comfort.

MaxKare’s throw variant of their electric blanket is surely not without its praise. Its short-form factor makes it perfect for your sofa bed or chair sessions. Without being either too big or small, it is a must-have in the winter season.

Blanket makers make one side of the blanket with silky flannel, while they finish off the other side with a Sherpa shu velveteen that brings an optimal sense of comfort. Both sides work efficiently to preserve heat for your further use.


  • Shuts off automatically after 4 hours
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Heats itself up at a fast speed
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy Maintenance


  • No portable use

8. Hyde Lane Sherpa Electric Throw Blanket Review

When it comes to blankets, the one thing most people prefer is portability. If the blanket is lightweight, you can take it around and use it anywhere you want. Manufacturers should weave the fabric of a blanket with that in mind.

Throw blankets are perfect for this need, and Hyde Lane does it better than most of its competitors. Their Sherpa blanket is the best electric blanket on the market that is available right now.

Perfect for couches and chairs, this blanket can transform any place into a more attractive and warmer oasis for warmth that is long-lasting and comfortable. The fabric is designed with maximum comfort in mind so that you can relax effortlessly.

With this blanket, you can save much-needed money on bills instead of wasting it on heaters and the thermostat too.


  • Suitable for couches
  • Warms up relatively fast
  • Superior portability
  • Lowers electric bills
  • Long-lasting


  • Cannot be used on beds

9. Biddeford Electric Throw Blanket Review

best electric blanket

We don’t think much about our bedding accessories. Still, a blanket is a nice addition for the cold weather, especially if it is an electric blanket that is portable while also being laden with features.

If you’re into throw blankets, you can safely buy the micro plush electric throw blanket by Biddeford without any worries. It is a machine washable electric warming blanket that you can use multiple times without fail.

Boasting a 10-hour auto-shutoff feature, you can have a sound sleep without being concerned about getting cooked in the blanket. It also has 6 different heating settings so that you can have any temperature you want.

The 13 feet power cord is long enough not to get tripped up by your body, and the electronics are waterproof, so it will not damage the blanket itself.


  • Portable
  • Machine Washable
  • 10-hour auto-shutoff feature
  • 6 heating settings
  • Long power cord


  • Can get torn by sharp objects

10. Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket Review

Up until now, we’ve discussed all sorts of electric blanket aspects such as lightweight, portability, waterproofing, etc. But we haven’t discussed many more convenient features.

Luckily, the last product on our list corresponds neatly to that topic. Thermee’s micro flannel blanket is one of the most feature-loaded blankets we have seen. It has a lot of convenient features that are useful in any way you would find helpful.

It has a programmable timer that can work up to 12 hours, and it also boasts a 10-hour auto-shutoff feature. While there are only 10 heat settings, the memory function can help you store any temperature you want in the settings.

The blanket’s long 17-foot cord and quick heat function serve to provide you a sound night’s sleep without compromising on comfort.


  • Quick heat function
  • Memory function
  • 10 Customizable heat settings
  • Programmable timer
  • Long power cord


  • Bulky design

Final Words

Whether you like the cold winter or not, you have to agree that blankets make a nice addition to your household. They provide much-desired warmth and comfort in the cold winter.

Hopefully, our comprehensive review of the best electric blankets will help you choose a blanket that will ultimately give you the much need coziness and comfort you deserve.

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