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Best Emergency Radio Consumer Reports

If you are not one of the unfortunate ones, you hopefully will not need an emergency radio. But that does not mean that you should not prepare yourself for what you might come to face.

And there is literally no reason you should not have one of these things. They are affordable, and they can be your friend during times of need. So, for an investment such as this, quality is paramount.

That is why we have come up with emergency radio reviews that will cater to all your needs when you are in need.

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Top 10 Best Emergency Radio Reviews

We think it’s essential to be wary about the features and necessities when buying such an important product. The options below should cover the needs of various scenarios.

1. FosPower Emergency Portable Radio Review

As you know, power is one of the most important bits when you are in a complicated situation. Sure, a bigger battery is excellent, but what happens when it runs out? Well, one solution is finding the best hand-crank emergency radio.

That allows you to generate power by, well, cranking. Our first pick not only allows you to do that, but it supports solar charging. That means even if you are out of power, sunlight is your friend.

Moreover, it has a 2000mAh battery, which is decent, given that there are other means that you can charge it through. And this battery can act as a power bank for different devices.

The crank lever and solar panel mean the SOS alarm is always available whenever you need it. Furthermore, it supports AAA batteries for further assurance. The next best thing is the lights.

You get four LED reading lights and a one-watt flashlight that you can power through the lever or solar energy. Lastly, it has the NOAA emergency weather broadcast access and AM/FM stations.


  • Three power sources
  • Supports AAA batteries
  • Four LED reading lights
  • NOAA emergency broadcast access
  • Doubles as a power bank


  • No headphone jack
  • Solar charging is average

2. Kaito Emergency Alert Radio Review

As we already said, having exceptional powering capabilities is crucial for a product that’s need is mostly dependent on chances. Hence, our next product has a five-way powered system, which is superb.

The first way you can do it is through the good old hand crank lever. Moreover, there is a solar panel, as well. But the list does not end there – you can also use three AA batteries or 5V USB or AC/DC input from a wall adapter.

Lastly, it has a built-in NiMH replaceable battery pack, which you can recharge too. This amount of options automatically makes it a suitable contender as the best emergency radio on the market.

And thanks to this ability, it can act as a mobile charger with its 5V USB output. It also has a five-LED reading lamp and a red SOS beacon light, which is remarkable. It can also act as an emergency shortwave radio.

That’s because it can cover AM/FM, 2-band shortwave, and seven programmed NOAA channels. You can also extend the antenna 14.5” for high sensitivity. The water-resistant ABS material is impressive, too.


  • Telescopic antenna
  • Water-resistant ABS
  • AM/FM, 2-band shortwave
  • Pre-programmed NOAA channels
  • Rechargeable battery


  • The crank mechanism is weak
  • Shortwave reception could be better

3. RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio Review

Even if it has multiple charging options, being an option as the best emergency weather radio means having a large battery. Or else you’ll end up wasting most of your time cranking the lever or feeding sunlight to it.

Our next pick solves that problem by including a large 4000mAh battery in it. That will allow for a convenient experience as it can hold more charge. And charging other devices is even simpler.

A 1000/2000mAh battery will fail to charge a modern phone even up to 50%. On the other hand, this product can go quite close to a full charge. And it also supports abilities like cranking or solar charging too.

You get 7 NOAA stations with crisp sound quality. And the compact form factor, even with a chunky battery, makes it one of the best portable emergency radios. Now, let’s talk about the impressive lights that it features.

You get a bright three-mode flashlight with a range exceeding 10 meters. Plus, it has a motion sensor, too. And you can also power it up through micro USB, hand-crank, or solar power.


  • Bright flashlight
  • 4000mAh battery
  • Four charging modes
  • Includes an external antenna
  • Motion sensor


  • Volume control is sensitive
  • You cannot use earphones with it

4. Eton Red Cross Emergency Radio Review

At this point, we have a rather unique-looking product for you from Eton. And one thing we like about it is the hand crank. As you might know, many of the other products do not produce much power even after a decent amount of cranking.

This one, however, does a somewhat better job at that. It produces a good chunk of power when you are turning the lever. But of course, it does not only rely on that. It also has a rechargeable 2600mAh battery.

While it’s not the biggest, it certainly is on the higher side of the spectrum. Thanks to that, you can use it to charge the other devices you own by a generous amount. It can also charge through solar power.

Another impressive feature that it has is the alert function. This functionality automatically broadcasts any emergency weather alerts relevant to where you live, which can be life-saving.

It supports AM/FM/NOAA weather bands – virtually all the major ones. You also get an LED flashlight and a flashing red beacon, which act as an SOS. And the sound system is satisfactory.


  • All NOAA bands
  • Supports both AM/FM
  • Decent 2600mAh battery
  • LED flashing beacon
  • Reverse charging for smartphones


  • Build quality could be better
  • Battery drain even when off

5. RunningSnail Weather Radio Review

Up next, we have got another product from RunningSnail, with a slightly different variant this time. A crucial part of an emergency band radio is a quality SOS beacon of some sort, a life-saver.

This product does well in that area. It has an SOS alarm with a flashing red light. That means it can gain attention both visually and audibly, increasing the chances of survival in dire situations.

Moreover, it has a decent one-watt LED flashlight. While it’s not going to flash your eyes, it is enough for the situation you will need it in and will not eat up all the battery.

In terms of power, it features a hand crank system for when there is no electricity, which works as a backup. And the battery’s capacity is around 2000mAh, which is decent but not extraordinary either.

You can churn out around 4-6 hours of radio time on a full charge. It supports the standard AM/FM/NOAA weather alert radio to alert you. Lastly, it can also use solar charging, AAA batteries, and charging through micro USB.


  • Supports important bands
  • One-watt table lamp
  • Decent rechargeable battery
  • Supports AAA batteries
  • Can charge other devices


  • Solar charging is not superb
  • The crank system is average

6. Midland Emergency Weather Radio Review

Most radios you can buy in the market do not have a full-fledged LCD screen, which can be handy to show messages and allow you to see the alerts without listening for them.

Our next product has a decent display that will show you the advice and alerts. And something you might need is a product that automatically alerts you of dangerous situations, which most radios don’t have.

Firstly, this radio supports all the seven channels from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but that’s not it. You also get support for Specific Area Message Encoding (AKA SAME).

This feature automatically scans for any alerts at a specific radius around your location. And whenever it finds one, it lets you know instantly. With this, you won’t get alerts from other states or counties, which is remarkable.

It also has a 25-county memory system, a loud 90 dB siren, and a flashing LED warning system. You can power it up with a standard AC connection and three AA batteries in case of an outage.


  • Convenient LCD screen
  • 25 county memory system
  • Built-in clock and alarm
  • SAME alert support
  • Voice alert


  • Annoying sirens after two weeks without alerts
  • No AM/FM support

7. RunningSnail Emergency Weather Radio Review

If you are looking to buy the best-rated emergency radio, you cannot go wrong with RunningSnail products. And the sheer number of radios from the manufacturer in this review should be enough to make you realize that.

What makes this product very versatile is the support for various bands. Be it AM, FM, or NOAA weather radio – this one supports them all. Therefore, it can act as a medium frequency radio, a usual FM radio, or a simple emergency.

Another great side is the portable design it boasts. It has a lightweight form factor with a 1000mAh battery that can also act as a power bank for your phone. While the capacity could have been better, it should be somewhat enough.

And the charging has to be done via a micro USB cable, which is standard for products belonging to this lineup. Moreover, you get a decent LED light that can be your savior during times of need.

It is a one-watt LED, but that has its own merits, namely that it won’t eat through the battery too fast. And as you can guess, saving some juice during an emergency is extremely important.

When it comes to how you can charge the radio itself, you get three options in total. The first one is the usual micro USB, and then you also get solar charging capabilities. Moreover, it supports the hand crank method.


  • Three ways to charge up
  • Adapter-less phone charging
  • Supports FM/AM and NOAA
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient LED light


  • Battery life could be better
  • It does not support alkaline batteries

8. Raynic Emergency Radio Review

Something that we frequently complain about is battery life when it comes to emergency radios. Without a decent backup, the product is virtually useless after only a few hours. And there’s so much solar power or cranking can do.

Our next pick is like a blessing in those terms. It comes with a whopping 5000mAh battery, which is excellent. That means your radio will last for days when compared to products with tiny batteries.

And it also means that charging your phone is much more straightforward. Another superb feature is the support for AM/FM/SW and NOAA weather alert channels. Virtually, it supports everything from short waves to long waves.

It can also be powered up in five manners – from AAA batteries to solar or hand cranking levers. This ability only enhances its versatility. Another great feature that you don’t usually get to see is a 3.5mm jack, which this radio also has.

Furthermore, it has integrated 3-watt flashlights and a 2.5-watt reading lamp, which can be very useful. It also has an SOS alarm clock and a compass for better survival usage, along with IPX3 water resistance.


  • IPX3 rated
  • 35mm audio jack
  • AM, FM, SW, and NOAA channels
  • Five power sources
  • Huge 5000mAh battery


  • No automatic alerting
  • AM band could be better

9. Mesqool Portable Emergency Radio Review

5000 Weather Radio,Solar Hand Crank 5-Way Power Emergency Radio,AM/FM/Shortwave/NOAA Alert Survival Portable Radio,Power Bank USB Charger,Camping Flashlight,Reading Lamp,Headphone Jack,SOS,Compass

When it comes to emergencies, a reliable light can make a huge difference in your situation. However, there is a dilemma. If you go too powerful, it will drain the battery, while too weak will not be enough.

Our next product has a nifty trick up its sleeve to fix that problem – two lights. First off, you get a bright 3-watt flashlight that provides a decent amount of light. Next, you have another smaller reading lamp with six LEDs with a broader beam.

But yes, the most important thing on the radio is the capabilities related to that. You get support for AM, FM, and SW bands, which is not seen in those aspects. Furthermore, you get the programmed seven NOAA channels.

These features arguably make it the perfect solution for an emergency. There is also an antenna that helps improve the reception further. When it comes to power, it features a decent 2500mAh power bank.

You can charge your devices with it when needed. You can also charge it through various methods – a solar panel, hand crank lever, AAA batteries, or just the good old micro USB connection.


  • Short, medium, and longer bands
  • Decent 2500mAh battery
  • Supports AAA batteries
  • Two versatile lights
  • Wrist strap and clip


  • The short band needs work
  • Solar charging is average

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10. Puiuisoul Emergency Radio Review

Emergency-Radio,Puiuisoul 4000mAh Weather Radios with Hand Crank & Solar Charging,3 Gear LED Flashlight,SOS Alarm, Portable Power Bank,AM/FM/NOAA,Motion Sensor Reading Lamp

Something that many buyers often overlook is the sound quality of their newly-bought emergency radio. Regardless of what you do with the product, quality sound reproduction should always have importance.

Our next and final pick for you does a decent job of fulfilling those expectations. This radio from Puiuisoul gives you a clean and crisp sound quality. Another impressive side is the SOS alarm that it has.

Moreover, our never-ending cries about the lack of a decent battery life find some peace here. It comes with a chunky 4000mAh battery that you can recharge and replace. And you get the usual AM/FM and NOAA channels here.

As expected from any emergency radios these days, you can also use it as a power bank to charge your USB devices. When it comes to powering the device itself, you have three ways to charge – hand crank, solar power, or electricity.

You also get a three-mode flashlight with plenty of brightness (more than 10m lighting distance) and a motion sensor reading lamp. The radio is also IPX3 rated, meaning water damage is not a headache here.


  • Water resistance
  • Three-mode flashlight
  • Large battery
  • Decent sound quality
  • Motion sensor reading lamp


  • No AAA battery support
  • Power wastage during reverse charge

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What to Look for Before Buying Best Emergency Radio?

An emergency radio could turn out to be one of those things that decide how you will tackle a dire situation if the need arises. Therefore, you need to be aware of some things that determine whether your product is a good fit for you.

Here are a bunch of necessary points that you should keep in mind when buying one.

  • Tuning In

Try to make sure that the product you opt for has the ability to connect to both AM/FM channels and connect you to a local frequency. FM channels work fine and all, but government notices like NOAA often use AM frequency.

That is because, during an emergency or disaster, things might not work as well as we are used to seeing them. And since AM radios have a wide range, having these types of emergency weather radios can be extremely handy.

  • Build

Since you will use the radio during an emergency, it needs to handle a fair bit of, well, emergencies. In those terms, having a decent build quality is paramount at first.

The product needs to withstand its fair share of bumps without losing anything in terms of performance. Usually, quality emergency storm radios come with rugged bodies and hefty build quality that cater to this need.

  • Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature to have, especially if you live in an area where floods and such emergencies are common. There is not much to explain here, so just look for a radio that can work even after exposure to water and moisture.

Water Resistance of emergency radio

And it’s excellent to have a waterproof emergency radio regardless of whether you think you need it or not, as emergencies are nothing but unpredictable.

  • Battery

Having a durable battery is necessary if you are looking for a battery-operated emergency radio, ensuring that you can last out there for longer. Some products even work as power packs for your other devices, such as smartphones.

Therefore, try to opt for something that will provide you with long battery life. Some products also can recharge with solar energy, which is a bonus we wouldn’t mind having.

  • Extra Features

Most products will come with some sort of built-in LED lights. A light can be one of the most crucial things during an emergency. Hence, finding the best emergency flashlight radio can be a wise investment.

Some even come with USB ports to charge other devices, which is another superb ability to ensure that your phone stays alive during the time of need.

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Final Words

Getting a quality emergency radio can be the difference between an unfortunate situation or a comparatively easy one for you and your loved ones. You can find the best emergency radio for your needs from the list above.

Try to ensure that you keep it in the right condition to work just as intended when the need arises, and most importantly – stay safe.

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