The Best Flood Lights of 2022

Floodlights provide an important way to secure your outdoor spaces to prevent burglaries as well as slips and falls in the dark. Our editors chose premium selections from notorious brands such as Nuvo, Leonlite, Sansi or Lithonia. Therefore, our list is going to review 10 of the best flood lights currently available based on popularity and average user reviews.

10. Nuvo SF77/495 Floodlight

Best Flood Lights Nuvo SF77/495 Floodlight

Our tenth product recommendation for the best flood lights category is the Nuvo Lighting SF77/495 model. Available in three different neutral color styles, this is a flood light that should fit well with most existing home color schemes.

With a heavy-duty cast steel frame, this unit is made with durability in mind. Weighing in at only two pounds, it’s also relatively lightweight given how durable it is.

9. All Pro Cooper Lighting Floodlight

Best Flood Lights All Pro Cooper Lighting Floodlight

This Cooper Lighting product is another very popular choice to consider when searching for the best flood lights. The thing we like best about this particular model is that it is very budget friendly. This makes it a great pick for larger properties with multiple areas where outdoor lighting is needed.

Another feature worth mentioning is that this flood light is fully motion activated with a 180-degree sensor range. If you’re concerned about safety and keeping specific areas illuminated, this may be a great pick for you.

8. STASUN Floodlight

Best Flood Lights STASUN Floodlight

This particular STASUN model is another excellent choice that we feel meets the requirements of being included in our best flood lights list. One of the first things you will notice with this particular choice is that it comes with three different lighting heads. Each head is capable of giving an impressive 4,500 lumens of light.

The second thing we like is that this floodlight uses LED bulbs. Lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, this helps save on replacement cost in the long run.

7. Leonlite Photocell Floodlight

Best Flood Lights Leonlite Photocell Floodlight

Leonlite makes another one of the best flood lights available. Falling into the budget-friendly category as well, this is an excellent choice for basic outdoor lighting needs like driveways and other frequently used areas.

The base unit comes with two independent lighting heads that can easily be adjusted to provide the best lighting coverage possible. In addition, there are also models available that come with three lighting heads for even more coverage as well.

6. LEDMO Waterproof Daylight Equivalent Floodlight

Best Flood Lights LEDMO Waterproof Daylight Equivalent Floodlight

LEDMO makes another excellent floodlight that is definitely worth looking into. This is another floodlight that utilizes advanced LED lighting technology. Such a feature helps drive down electrical costs as well as extend the useful life of the bulb. Covered by a five-year warranty period from the manufacturer, this product is built to last.

We also like that there is a multitude of color options to choose from. This really helps to pick a light that blends in nicely with your existing home decor. In addition, each floodlight offers multiple mounting options.

5. LEPOWER Halogen Equivalent Floodlight

Best Flood Lights LEPOWER Halogen Equivalent Floodlight

If you’re not really a fan of advanced wiring, you may want to check out this LEPOWER floodlight. Its main defining feature is that it uses a standard electric cable to connect to grounded and insulated outdoor sockets. This definitely makes it one of the easier options to install on our list.

In addition, this light also uses a powerful LED lighting system that puts out an impressive amount of light while needing only a small amount of electricity. Our only complaint is that it lacks a sensor function that we think is very important for improved security.

4. Hallomall Floodlight

Best Flood Lights Hallomall Floodlight

For shoppers who are really environmentally conscious, this Hallomall floodlight may be the best option for you. Just like the best solar path lights, his light is completely powered via solar energy. It only takes an estimated four to six hours to fully charged. As long as the battery is full, the light will function for up to 11 hours.

This light also comes with a built-in safety sensor that automatically triggers the light when there’s any sign of motion around it. In addition to making sure your area has proper lightning whenever you need, this can discourage intruders from approaching your property.

3. Sansi Floodlight

Best Flood Lights Sansi Floodlight

Sansi is another brand that you can trust when it comes to getting the best floodlight for your needs. This light features two separate heads that are easily rotated to provide the perfect amount of lighting for your target area.

It’s also nice that this product uses LED lighting to reduce your electrical usage and improve the overall lifespan of the bulbs. With 3,400 lumens of light output, this floodlight should be more than bright enough for most basic outdoor lighting needs.

2. Hyperikon Floodlight

Best Flood Lights Hyperikon Floodlight

Available in configurations that range from a single head all the way up to three, this is one of the more versatile floodlight products on our list. Each head is capable of producing an estimated 1,800 lumens of light output. This puts this light a bit on the lower end as far as brightness per bulb. However, you might find the price fairly affordable, and the heads are extremely easy to rotate and position. In addition, it comes in two different color choices. We also like that it comes with a full 180-degree motion sensor too.

1. Lithonia Lighting

Best Flood Lights Lithonia Lighting

The Lithonia Lighting floodlight makes our number one pick for many different reasons. For starters, it is one of the most affordable options currently available. This makes it an excellent choice for consumers who are on a really tight budget.

In addition, it comes in two different color styles and features a sturdy exterior metal construction. We also like that it comes in three different sensor configurations. This way, you have the freedom to pick the floodlight configuration that is perfect for your needs.


No matter what type of style you prefer, you are sure to find an ideal pick among our top 10 best flood lights selections. Each of them features sturdy construction while many of them have energy-efficient designs as well.

Feel free to tell us about your favorite floodlight product. Share any experiences you may have with the ones we reviewed!
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