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Folding bikes are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by, and most people are noticing the benefits of these bicycles. As the number of bicycle users keeps getting bigger, the market keeps growing. This means that many companies are competing with each other to provide the best folding bike.

We find the performance and quality of a fold-up bicycle to recommend the users. Our performance tests make sure that your new folding bike can withhold punishment yet remain fully operational. Another vital criterion we have is the functionality of a bike. We compare different bike models and find the ones whose functionality fits your needs.

Some might think that looks aren’t necessary, but we like to consider the looks of a bicycle. There is no better feeling than riding a fully functional bike that looks gorgeous. Last but not least, the overall impression is what matters the most to us. All folding bikes reviewed on this page left a long-lasting positive impression on us, and that is why we are recommending them to you.

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How to Choose The Best Folding Bike

If you are new to the world of folding bicycles, you should first learn how to choose the best one for your needs. That’s why we wrote this guide. We aim to help you out before you decide to purchase because no one wants to be left with a lighter wallet without being satisfied.

We have compiled a few helpful tips which should help you out with finding the right folding bike.

Types of Bike Riders

There are many different types of folding bikes. When deciding to purchase a bike, It all depends upon what the best fit is for which rider. There are three different categories to sort folding bikes: Leisure Riders, Roadies, and Mountaineers.

a. Leisure Riders

Leisure riders are those that like to ride just for the fun of it. It is not that they are necessarily trying to get anywhere or do anything, but just simply go riding for its enjoyment. This would be similar to a family going for a walk after dinner. It is an excellent way to spend time together and get out of the house, but there is nowhere to go and no real purpose behind it, such as exercising or doing it to get to the top of a mountain as a hike might have the intention of doing. Leisurely riding a bike may be a hobby or a way to hang out with friends or family members.

Although this type of bike would work fine getting from point a to point b, it may not be ideal for the daily commuter. These types of bikes may not need to be as good of quality as other bikes. It should be something that is not rough, rigid, and uncomfortable but rather something that one would be comfortable riding. If there are many hills where one may be riding, it would be crucial to have at least three speeds. Where there are fewer hills or various terrains, a no-gear bike would be just fine.

b. Roadies

Roadies are those that do a lot of road biking and share the street with cars. These riders need to have a specific kind of bike that would do well in traffic with cars. Being agile and alert is crucial for the bike and rider. To stay within the lane for bikers and obey the laws of the road, breaking must be excellent, and the bike itself must be top quality efficient in doing its job.

Folding things are helpful for commuters such as roadies because they fit practically anywhere and can be stored inside rain or shine. Because roadies will usually be riding more miles than most, it is essential to consider how comfortable the ride is, considering how it affects one’s back, the distance between the leg and torso, and the bike seat.

c. Mountaineers

Mountaineers are those that are going to be riding on varying terrain, multiple hills, and will need serious grip. These are the bikes that need to have strong and sturdy materials in which it is made so that they can endure all types of riding, bumps, and trails. The standard tire size would be twenty-six inches across and almost two inches thick, making them much more significant than other types of bikes.

This allows for extra support for riding the types of ground, and the tread is helpful for the shock it may need to endure. The frame and front wheel connection is also an essential aspect of how good the shock resistance is, and they might be added suspension. The fork show is low, and the prongs should be straight. The handlebars will bear a lot of weight when riding off-road, and therefore, the fork must be extra vital for that extra weight. Read the article on the eco globe when you are going off-road traveling with your pickup truck.

There should also be a rear suspension system that is very strong. Without this, you would feel every bump and crevice. Without suspension systems, a mountain bike would essentially not be ridden on the specific terrain it should use for.

10 Best Foldable Bike Reviews

1. Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Drivetrain Adult Folding Bike Reviews

The Schwinn 20-Inch loop is designed for commuters looking for something for a bike that can give them reliable transportation in any situation. It is also ideal for hills, as it has a 7-speed drivetrain. According to the description, it also has a carrying bag that can easily carry onto a bus or a train. Many who own the Schwinn 20-inch loop heavily praise its weight: it only weighs around 35 pounds. There are only a few things that these same owners wish that the Schwinn 20-inch loop could do better in. The first is the saddle.

Many complain that the saddle for the Schwinn 20-inch loop is more complex than most other bikes, let alone folding ones. Others say that some of the gears and parts of the bike needed to be readjusted before riding it, but that is likely normal for any folding bike that arrives via delivery. Another unfortunate thing about the Schwinn 20-inch loop is that there are no devices that lock it when you fold it. Other users complain about how they cannot adjust the handlebars as well. Typically this is negligible, but for those who think they need to adjust the handlebars before taking a bike out for a ride, this could be quite an issue.

2. EuroMini Zizzo Campo Folding-Bicycles Reviews

Perhaps the one thing that makes the EuroMini Campo folding bike stand out is its multi-terrain tires. The tires on most bikes, folding ones included, are usually designed for only two or three terrains, and most of the time, are not ideal for off-road biking. The solution for most of these individuals is to have a bike for navigating the places around them and another bike for trails and places that have terrains that could damage the tires. Users also report that the EuroMini Campo also requires no assembly, with many of them only needing to install one or two pedals. These are two good things about the EuroMini Campo, but there exist some drawbacks to it. One of these is the handlebars do not seem as sturdy as they should be.

Other users complain about the folding mechanism failing to work after a certain amount of time using it. If you wish to get the EuroMini Campo, you will need to check how sturdy the handlebars are and how consistent the bike itself is folding. Another thing about the EuroMini Campo is its size; it has a maximum weight capacity of about 240 lbs. This means that it is precisely for smaller people, which could alienate some potential riders.

3. CAMP 16 Speed Shimano Gears Disc Brake Adult Folding Bike Reviews

One thing that stands out with the Camp folding bike is its design. Many bike owners say that it is one of the most attractive folding bikes they have ever owned. While it seems shallow, this is one of the best things about the Camp folding bike. Another thing that owners love about the Camp folding bike is that, unlike many other folding bikes that operate at seven speeds, the Camp works at 16 speeds. This makes it highly versatile and ideal for situations where you want to get from one point to another quickly. There are three things about the Camp folding bike that you should be aware of, however.

First, if you get this bike, you should pay attention to the derailleurs as they may not shift correctly. In particular, check to see if the chains are secured tightly. One user claims that they became unchained. Second, the paint on some of it may scratch on certain surfaces because of the Camp folds. This is entirely aesthetic but still something to watch out for. Lastly, the Camp folding bike does have a carrying bag, but it is sold separately.

4. EuroMini Urbano Folding-Bicycles Reviews

At 24 lbs, the EuroMini Urbano folding bike is one of the smallest folding bikes out there. One thing that should immediately note is that it has a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs. The EuroMini Urbano folding bike is designed for smaller people. The stem can adjust to accommodate people of most heights, however. Many users also enjoy the design of the EuroMini Urbano, saying that its appearance is much more appealing than most other folding bikes. There are a few things that make the EuroMini Urbano less than perfect.

One of these is the fact that it does not have quick-release wheels. This means that if you wish to take off one of the wheels, you will need a wrench of some kind. Although this is a reasonably little thing, it is worth mentioning. Another minor but noticeable thing that some users have complained about is the magnet that holds the bike together when folded tends to stop working after a while. The final thing that the EuroMini Urbano leaves to be desired is that it only has one front chainring. This takes away its power and performance.

5. IDS unYOUsual Lightweight Aluminum Frame Folding Bike Reviews

The IDS Home folding bike seems to be an ideal bike for local commuting more than anything else. This is because it operates at six speeds, which means it can. Although it does not have as much power as an ordinary all-terrain folding bike, it also rides much smoother and more consistently. One perfect thing that its users have reported is that when folded, it locks in place. This is quite different from other folding bikes, which typically do not have locking devices when folded.

One potential issue with the IDS Home is that adjusting the seat can take a bit of work. Users have reported that locking the seat in place requires you to screw in the adjuster, with the adjuster being relatively small. This means that a fair bit of hand strength is necessary. Another thing that takes away from the quality of the IDS Home is that the wheels tend to be bigger than most other folding bikes. Although this is almost entirely aesthetic and very much negligible, it is still worth mentioning.

6. EuroMini ZiZZO Lightweight Aluminum 7-Speed Folding Bike Reviews

Like its other models, such as the Urbano and the Campo, the EuroMini Via is a petite folding bike for people of all heights. Like the Urbano and Campo, the Via has a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs. Unlike the other two, the Via is slightly lighter, has folding pedals, has a singular handlebar stem instead of two separate handlebars, and all-terrain tires. Like the other two, the Via has magnets to keep the bike locked when folded.

The Via is a 7-speed bike with all-terrain tires, so if you decide to get one, you should expect a little less stability with the tires, especially when compared to the Urbano. Like with all things EuroMini, the one very notable drawback to the Via is that it is incredibly petite and has a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs. However, a couple of good things about the Via is that it comes with its fenders and water bottle mounts. This is not too common for most folding bikes, so it is nice to know that you will not need to worry about putting these in yourself if you do get one.

7. Retrospec Judd Single-Speed with Coaster Brake Folding Bike Reviews

Most folding bikes are designed for many uses, commuting in the city, riding around in the park, or even riding off-road. The Judd by Critical Cycles has only one specific use, and that is for short commutes in the city. Case in point: it has exactly one speed, meaning there are no shifters. This makes the ride on the Judd 100% consistent. It is incredibly light, measuring around 25 lbs, and there are very few devices in it besides the bare essentials. This makes the Judd very compact and easy to carry.

However, this also makes the Judd extremely flimsy. Users have reported it being a lot less sturdy than bikes that do not fold. Although the manufacturers do not note that the Judd has a maximum weight capacity, it can determine that it probably has a maximum weight capacity by looking at its pictures. One user even posted a picture of the handlebars shifting and being warped in their review. The handlebars, by the way, are directly attached to the rest of the bike, which runs the risk of something like that happening.

8. Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike for Adult Reviews

It is sporadic to see a 21-speed folding bike, but Xspec indeed has created one. The Xspec is a proper utility all-purpose folding bike, not only because of the 21-speed component that guarantees awe-inspiring performance but rear and front shock absorbers. These shock absorbers are also very rare for a folding bike, and that is what makes the Xspec such a fantastic folding bike. Despite all of these great things, the Xspec does suffer from quite a few things. First, because it is equipped with all of these excellent features that enhance its performance, the Xspec is extremely heavy, weighing in right around 40 lbs.

Also, because of the suspension system, shock absorbers, the gearbox that switches speeds, and its dual disc brake system, and the fact that it is made of aluminum, the Xspec is not ideal for any rider who weighs over 220 lbs. Also, the handlebars are locked when assembling them, meaning that you will need to manually unscrew and adjust the handlebars every time you fold them if you want a better folding space.

9. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike Reviews

The Urbana, by Vilano, is quite possibly the lightest folding bike in existence, weighing in at only 21 lbs. You would likely suspect that a bike that petite would only have one single solitary use, and you would not be wrong. The description of the Urbana explicitly states that it is designed for commuting in flat areas because of how petite it is. There is no speed shifting on the Urbano, no suspension, and no real performance-enhancing gadgets. It is specifically made for riding in the city.

One thing that may turn people off about the Urbana is that it only arrives partially assembled. Most other folding bikes arrive completely assembled, with the user only needing to tighten a couple of things and unfold the bike itself. Another thing to watch out for is the clamping mechanism that holds the handlebar tube in place. If too much pressure is placed on the handlebars when riding, they have the possibility of not being sturdy. Although it is expected for a bike that is only a little over 20 lbs, it is still something to watch out for.

10. Stowabike  MTB Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Folding Bike Reviews

At 18 speeds, the MTB V2 by Stowabike can perform as well as any other mountain bike that does not fold. It has good shifters, shock absorption devices, and suspension devices to do anything that any other mountain bike can do. Additionally, the design is beautiful, and many of its users complement the design, saying that it does not look like a typical folding bike. These components make the MTB V2 fantastic, but there are a few things that hold it back.

First, some of it is crafted from steel, and some of it is aluminum. It is like this because of the folding capabilities. Because of this and its components that allow it to perform well, the MTB V2 only supports weights under 180 lbs. Additionally, the way it folds is relatively complicated compared to other folding bikes. There is also confusion from users as to whether the MTB V2 has height limits or not. Some taller say that it fits them alright, others do not, but Stowabike itself does not list a height limit in their description.

Features to Look for in a Folding Bike

There are a few features that people look out for when purchasing a bike. People usually look out for size, durability, price, performance, ease of riding, and ease of folding. Some of you might have a problem with free space, which leads you to search for the most compact bike. Others might want to ride through rough terrain, so they look for the most sturdy bicycle. In the end, you can be sure that you can find a folding bicycle which will suit all your needs.

  • Wheel size

The first thing you should look into when choosing a folding bike is the size of the wheels. You will most commonly notice that the standard sizes of folding bike wheels are 16″ and 20.” Some manufacturers make 24″ and 26″ size wheels, but keep in mind that these two sizes are considered to be regular bike sizes. The 16″ wheels on a folding bike lead to a more portable version of a bike. If you want a compact folding bicycle, look for ones with 16″ sized wheels. But if you’re a tall person and wish to travel longer distances, find 20″ sized wheels.

  • Folding capability

You should consider a few things when you are checking out the folding capabilities of a bicycle. We advise you to choose a 16″ folding bicycle if you want it to be small while folded. But if you don’t fold your bicycle often, then you should consider getting a bigger one.

When you can fold a bicycle within 30 seconds, it is considered good, so try to find one which you can fold without wasting too much time. If you don’t have a lot of space to spare, it is crucial to consider the folded size of the bike. The opposite can be said if you don’t care about how much space your bicycle will take or if you rarely fold it.

  • Components

The three most essential parts of a folding bicycle are the saddle, handlebar, and brakes. If you buy high-quality components, you invest in a durable, lightweight bicycle with a high level of performance. We recommend that you look for parts made of alloy. The frame of the bicycle must be geometrically perfect, durable, and well fit for the rider. We urge you not to forget about safety. With that said, we recommend that you invest in a high-quality bicycle helmet and front and rear blinkers. You won’t set your budget back at all, and the safety you get goes a long way.

In the end, folding bicycles have various designs, depending on how you will use them. You can use foldable bikes for the daily commute, exercise, slow and relaxing rides, sports, etc. It doesn’t matter for which purpose you will be using your folding bike. Make sure to check the quality of it before buying it.

While it is possible to find low-priced folding bicycles, you should buy the ones made out of high-quality materials. Last but not least, the thing you should do is make sure that the bicycle has been positively reviewed by genuine buyers who have used the bike.

  • Ease of folding

The older folding bikes were heavy and difficult to move, which meant that folding them required more strength and energy. This is not the case nowadays. Most modern folding bicycles are easy to fold without spending too much power.

  • Weight

Some of the folding bicycles are made out of aluminum, but some even include steel. If the weight of the bicycle is what’s most important to you, search for a lightweight one. Keep in mind that new models are being put out every day, and their weights keep getting lighter, but the quality and durability stay the same, or even better.

  • Carry bags

If you want to take your folding bicycle with you on a longer journey, you will need a carry bag. You can buy some folding bikes with an included carry bag that will protect your bicycle from water, dust, and scratches. If you are purchasing a separate carry bag, make sure that it can hold the weight of the bicycle without tearing.

  • Adjustment range

Most folding bicycles have a seat and handlebars, which can adjust to suit your height. But bear in mind that some bikes may not fit tall cyclists. If you want to make your cycling experience as best as possible, find a bicycle with an adjustment range that suits your size.

  • Durability

Most first-time buyers wonder whether riding a folding bicycle is safe. They question the bicycle’s ability to remain whole while riding, which is normal. You will be glad to know that there are ways of checking whether a folding bicycle is safe to ride. You should check out whether the international bicycle-testing institute such as CPSC (U.S.), JIS (Japan), TUV (Germany), UTAC (France and Italy) or BS (UK), has approved the bicycle. If the bike has been approved, you can be sure that you can ride it safely.

  • Ease of riding

It is essential to buy a folding bike that is comfortable to ride. If the handlebar seat is too small, you may feel uncomfortable during the ride. If the wheels are too small, you will need to pedal more frequently, which means more strain on your legs. You mustn’t experience any pain while riding a folding bicycle. Folding bicycles with gears provides you with an option to change speeds to suit your cycling needs.

  • Handling

It isn’t wise to overlook the importance of control over a bicycle. You should always be in control, but to do that, you need to make sure that some things are in order. Having working brakes is a must because you can’t control every aspect of your journey. Sometimes you might need to stop in an instant, which is where good brakes come in handy. Steering should also be under your control at all times because you want to be able to turn sharp corners, avoid bumps, and avoid accidents.

Foldable Bike Benefits

  • Convenience

One of the most significant benefits of having a foldable bike is that it is convenient to carry one anywhere. You can take put it in your car and bring it to a holiday resort. You can fold it up and carry it on a train or even a bus. Even if your living quarters suffer from a lack of space, you can be assured that you won’t have trouble finding room for your folding bicycle.

  • Security

Most cyclists have felt the feeling of dread after having a bicycle stolen, but with a foldable bike, that feeling is a thing of the past. Most of the folding bikes are small and lightweight. Instead of locking your bicycle while visiting a friend, you can fold it up and take it with yourself. Even when you are back home, you can easily hide your bicycle somewhere in the house rather than leave it somewhere less safe.

  • Multi-Modal

Having a foldable bicycle lets you combine bike riding with other means of transportation. Making a quick and independent journey has never been as easy as with a folding bike. If you love to travel, you will be glad to know that cycling tourism is a lot easier with a fold-up bicycle by your side. You may visit a different country via train and then go sightseeing with your folding bike.

  • Environment

We all leave a carbon footprint, but thanks to the folding bicycles, we can reduce it. More and more people keep getting stuck in traffic jams, but cyclists don’t have those problems. It is important to note that a bicycle doesn’t pollute the environment. Even if you decide to carry your exercise bike in the car, you will notice the difference in fuel consumption compared to a roof rack.

Standard Bicycle vs. Fold Up Bike

If you live in a city, you have noticed many people riding folding bicycles. This is because a fold-up bicycle offers some advantages over standard bicycles. We present you with some of the benefits of having a folding bike.


It is a fact that a fold-up bike is more portable than a standard bicycle. Carrying a standard bicycle on a train or a bus is a hassle, but the hassle disappears if you have a folding bicycle. You can take your folding bike in a carry bag anywhere you go, and it is never a problem. Even you can carry it into a cafe or a restaurant. You can never imagine yourself doing that with a standard bike.

Holds value

If you have been trying to sell a standard bike, you have noticed how fast it loses its value. You might have paid $1000 for a standard bike, only to sell it a year or two later for less than $500. This drastic difference between new and used bikes doesn’t exist with folding bikes. You can be sure that your folding bicycle will hold value for a long time, and when you finally decide to sell it, you won’t feel as if you are being ripped off.


If you are new to the world of folding bicycles, you should first learn how to choose the best one for your needs. That’s why we wrote this guide. We aim to help you out before deciding to purchase because no one wants to be left with a lighter wallet without being satisfied.

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Some of the key factors one should consider in deciding upon a folding bike would be the reason for the bike, the folding feature wanted, the heaviness of it versus the amount it costs, and whether one’s height is consistent with the kind of size the bike is. Depending on the bike folds’ mechanism, the bike will either fold easily or more difficulty. The break-away is a collision of partially disassembling and a hinge for the folding process to occur.

It makes it compact, but the tools needed to take the bike apart can be hard to find and the processing time tedious. A half-fold is basically what the name says: a clamp or hinge that allows the bike to fold in half literally. It is a bit larger when folded but will ride and a bike that is not a folding bike. A triangle-hinge is one in which most folding bikes are made as it has clasps and hinges that make the bike very small when folded; although not as small as a break-away mechanism, it is a quick fold and easy to carry.

Aluminum is cheaper and lighter. This affects how it rides and how easy it is to carry. Depending on what the bike is used for and what kind of terrain, one can determine whether they would like a lighter, more expensive bike, maybe made out of steel, or a lighter, more expensive one. Lastly, it is important to realize that the shapes and sizes vary depending on the bike so that the seat and handlebars work well with one’s size for ease and pedaling productivity.

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