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Best Garbage Disposal Consumer Reports

Who likes to deal with food waste? No one, right! If you are going to throw a party and plan on serving homemade foods, you can pretty much predict the kind of hassle you have to face with this wastage.

In this critical situation, you must take a strategic approach, or else you will be in jeopardy. The way you can overcome this obstacle is by installing the best garbage disposal.

It is evident that not all the models are made equally as each of them comes with its own set of features. You might get confused after reading this but don’t worry, we have got your back.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the high-quality garbage disposals that are currently dominating the market.

This way, you will be able to find out which one fits your requirement. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Top 9 Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Out of several products, we have selected the top 10 for you.

Go through this garbage disposal review and decide which one takes the win according to your perception.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer Review

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Compact Garbage Disposer

This fantastic model is built uniquely, and it is considered one of the best quality garbage disposal. It is guaranteed that you will definitely be satisfied after you use it for the first time.

Whether you have a small or large space, this unit fits perfectly under the sink without any hassle. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel and has used a liner so that you can use it for a long time.

You will be happy to know that it won’t make noise when it is operating since it has used a noise reduction technology (Sound Seal). With the help of a powerful 3/4 HP (Horsepower) induction motor, you can use it with ease in all situations.

If you have food scraps that are very tough, don’t worry, this unit will easily handle it, thanks to its 2 different stages of Multi-grind Technology. Fortunately, the machine won’t vibrate, and this can give you peace of mind if you have to tackle a huge amount of garbage.

Suppose you are using the same brand but a different model, and you plan to replace it. Luckily, you can install this upgraded unit quickly, and the replacement process will go smoothly.


  • Cleans very fast
  • Durable
  • Uses 2 individual stages to grind
  • The installation process is easy
  • Doesn’t make noise


  • Overpriced
  • Drains slowly sometimes

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2. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-8000)

Are you looking for a compact sink garbage disposal? Then, you should have a look at this model.

You will get a powerful magnetized motor (1 HP) that runs at a high-speed of 2800 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Plus, you will never hear any irritating sound when it is working. Besides, there won’t be any jamming issues, which is simply a cherry on top.

The EZ mounting system allows you to install it quickly and efficiently. This shows that you don’t need to be a professional to get the job done. Furthermore, you can easily remove the splashguard whenever you have to clean the product.

The best thing about it is that it comes with a power cord that’s pre-installed in the factory. This saves you from the trouble of dealing with various electrical tasks.

Other than its excellent size, it is not heavy at all, and you don’t need to be tensed about the durability because the components are made of high-quality stainless steel. You can activate the disposal system by a wall switch, and it will grind the waste continuously without any malfunction.


  • Grinds efficiently
  • Comes with a power cord
  • Runs at 2800 RPM
  • Saves energy wastage
  • Reliable


  • The disposer opening is a bit small
  • Not budget-friendly

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3. InSinkErator 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed,Black

If a product comes with a fantastic outlook and contains several functions, it is obvious that you will have a successful purchase. People around the world enjoy using this best home garbage disposal, and if you have it in your arsenal, you can also reap the rewards like them.

Yes, you can completely rely on it without thinking twice. Fortunately, it is not that expensive like other models, and during the time you install it, you will definitely enjoy the whole process.

It is not big and will save some of your space after you finish the installation. The top-notch design easily fits and can replace the existing disposal system (same brand) without any issue. You will get a strong induction motor that runs at 1/2 HP.

If you look at the steel components, you will be surprised to know that it is made of durable steel that has been galvanized. Whether you have tough or weak food scraps, all of them will be crushed quickly, and you will be impressed when you see the result.


  • The grinding process is fast
  • Keeps the kitchen clean and fresh all the time
  • Affordable
  • Size is not big
  • Looks stylish


  • Leaks after a couple of years
  • Doesn’t have a safety stopper

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4. Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-2600)

If you talk about adaptability, this good garbage disposal breaks all the barriers. You can easily use it under your sink without any problem, and you will be stunned when you get to see its performance.

The model uses a motor that will be your biggest support when you have to tackle food wastes. It operates at 1/2 HP and works very fast (2600 RPM) that will blow your mind in any situation. Besides, the motor is magnetic, allowing you to use it effortlessly since it won’t jam or create other types of problems.

After you open the packaging, you won’t have to spend much time to complete the installation process. The EZ mounting system is the main reason that makes your work effortless. When you need to clean the unit, simply remove the splash guard, and you are good to go.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert on electrical work since it comes with a power cord (already installed).

You won’t be able to question its durability as the grinding parts are constructed with stainless steel. Moreover, it grinds continuously with the activation of a wall switch, and this one is a beneficial feature that you can’t ignore.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact model
  • Cheap
  • Runs at 2600 RPM
  • Energy-efficient


  • Small disposer opening
  • The outlook is not stylish

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5. InSinkErator Badger 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

best garbage disposal

Who wouldn’t love to upgrade their kitchen sinks? Everyone, right! With this model, you can have your dream come true. This best kitchen garbage disposal won’t let you down in any situation, and it is believable that you will love its performance.

The manufacturer has designed it in a way that works with all kinds of the kitchen sink drain. Furthermore, it chops quickly and grinds the food waste with full efficiency. Fortunately, you won’t smell anything bad as the model prevents the bad odor from coming out.

All the grinding equipment is made of steel (galvanized). So, you don’t have to think about buying a new one at some point in the future because it will last for a long time without wearing and tearing. Besides, the induction motor (1/2 HP) performs very well and makes the whole disposal process smooth and easy.

You don’t have to be concerned about the installation because you can finish it quickly and easily. All credit goes to the quick-lock system that made it possible for you.

In total, this one is a must-buy product, and you can be assured of the fact that your investment won’t go to waste.


  • Quality construction
  • Chops quickly
  • Doesn’t release food smell
  • Uses a quick-lock system
  • Provides top-notch performance


  • Costly
  • Design is not eye-catchy

6. InSinkErator 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed

This one is a popular American standard garbage disposal. Due to its versatility and fantastic performance, it has successfully earned its spot on our list.

You won’t be able to find any flaws when it comes to its reliability because it has never disappointed any users. Luckily, you don’t need to have a high budget to purchase this unit.

Its compact size allows you to install it below the sink very easily. Also, the mounting system (quick lock) gives you the opportunity to swap this model with another of the same brand.

Moreover, the components are durable because it is constructed with galvanized steel. Plus, the powerful 1/2 HP induction motor makes it a complete package because it ensures that all your food scraps are crushed after you turn on the disposal.

After you are done with the meal preparation, you won’t have a problem keeping your kitchen clean because this unit will become your best friend in this situation. With this product in your kitchen, you can always be stress-free if you are planning to invite a huge number of guests.


  • The installation can be done quickly
  • Strong product
  • Easily grinds the waste
  • Performs very well
  • Budget-friendly


  • Weak design
  • Doesn’t perform well after a couple of years

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7. InSinkErator Badger Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

best garbage disposal

This remarkable model has many features that make it the best compact garbage disposal, among others. After your first use, you will be amazed by its versatile facilities as well as its flexibility.

It consists of a mounting system that makes it easy and comfortable for you when you will do the installation or replacement. Moreover, the induction motor (1/2 HP) is very powerful and performs quickly. This helps in grinding the food waste, whether it is strong or weak.

Besides, the grinding components are all made of steel (galvanized), and due to this feature, you can easily use it for a long time. The manufacturer has designed this compact machine in a clever way, and because of its excellent size, you can smoothly fit it under a sink without any hesitation.

Since it includes a power cord, you don’t need to go through the hassle of working with electrical stuff. Simply use the power supply, and you are all set. Overall, this will be a win-win situation if you decide to purchase it. You will definitely notice a change in your kitchen environment.


  • Cleans continuously
  • Huge lifespan
  • Smoothly drains the waste
  • The installation process is effortless
  • Works quietly


  • Design is not up to the mark
  • Weak bolt hole

8. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

In this current generation, technologies are upgrading at a very fast pace. When it comes to garbage disposal, the situation is also the same. This one is an upgraded unit and has the capability to perform in a way that you will get amazed.

Surprisingly, this product is considered the quietest one available in the market. It features noise reduction and uses a technology that prevents any type of noise from happening. Moreover, the 1 HP induction motor is a cherry on top. After you turn the machine on, you will definitely see the magic.

Besides, all the components are made of stainless steel (alloy), and you can easily grind the food waste in 3 different stages, thanks to this durable kitchen equipment.

After you are done making your favorite foods, you can’t put the unit aside and get on with your day, right? Your next task will be to clean it, and thankfully, you can easily finish the job in a short period of time.

If you encounter a situation where you have to change the disposer with a new one of the same brand, you will be able to do that because this model features a mounting system (Quick Lock).



  • High-priced
  • The blades become weak after a couple of years

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9. Badger 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

best garbage disposal

Finally, we are down to the last model. Though it came last, you won’t be able to question its performance and durability. Users around the world were so satisfied using it that they preferred to recommend it to others.

It uses a 3/4 HP induction motor that works continuously to grind the tougher or weaker food scraps. Plus, you won’t hear any irritating noises when it is operating, and this can change the dimension of your kitchens’ environment.

Moreover, the design is excellent because it looks good, but you won’t have to stress about space-saving issues as it is compact. The best feature is that it removes all the binding and clogging you have to face from your sink due to food waste.

The overall construction is rigid because it is made of steel in its galvanized form. This facility allows you to use it for an unimaginable amount of time. Fortunately, the installation or replacement process is not a hassle because you can take the help of its mounting system to get the job done.

So, don’t let the food waste ruin your day, and instead, use this disposer to solve the problem.


  • Cleans efficiently
  • Removes binding and clogging
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Longer lifespan
  • Operates without creating a noise


  • Doesn’t offer a splash guard
  • Not equipped with a control switch

What To Look For Before You Buy On Best Garbage Disposal?

Before you place the order, it is best that you consider some factors in advance.

If you want a reliable garbage disposal system, the following information will help your purchasing journey.

  • Horsepower

You must use the model that comes with good horsepower. The powerful one determines your motors’ capability to operate in total.

Moreover, this factor depends on your sinks’ size, the type and amount of the food you consume, and many more. So, check whether you have to deal with lots of garbage or not and then choose your desired model.

  • Anti-Jamming Facility

You won’t find this fantastic feature in all models because these are installed in high-quality disposals. If you purchase this type of unit, you will get an auto-reverse facility that can detect jam in any situation.

best garbage disposal

After that, it reverses or alters the grinding table to solve the problem. Fortunately, you won’t have to do anything, and due to that, you can save some of your precious time and physical effort.

  • Durability

There is no point in buying a product that fails to survive for a long time. So, you have to be careful in this situation as well.

Buy the one made of stainless steel because it ensures that it remains durable in all weather conditions. Plus, you will have a product that will never corrode.

  • Noiseless Operation

There are machines that get irritating when it works. So, you have to make sure you have the one that will operate quietly.

Before you buy, consult with the supplier regarding this issue. They will let you know whether you are choosing the best quiet garbage disposal or not.

  • Grind Stages

If you plan to purchase the basic or regular models, you will get only a single grind stage.

On the other hand, the premium ones use three different stages to crush various solid foods like corn cobs, bones, etc. Customers love using it, and they consider it as the best garbage disposal for the money.

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Final Words

Now, you can easily choose the best garbage disposal without any hesitation. If you have a large sink, you should definitely have a powerful model in your arsenal. For a smaller sink, just get an affordable and compact one, and you are good to go.

If you are still confused in some areas, don’t hesitate to take help from a professional.

Read this article more than once, and make sure you take notes on all the important aspects. Share this information with your family and friends.

Best of luck! Have a good day.

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