best hair straightener consumer reports

Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

A best hair straightener can be one of the most efficient tools for a professional hairdresser, but they can be one of the most complicated to use.
There is no universal solution for something as diverse as hair. Everybody’s hair styles out differently and while there are basics that need to be followed, there are certain things that need to be considered. Straightening hair and keeping it straight is one thing that is in high demand for hair stylists and hairdressers.

This is a technique that is conceptually very simple: Your goal is to straighten your (or another person’s) hair. But straightening hair is very difficult to master and requires a lot of practice.
Straightening hair can be made a lot easier if you have the right flat iron. Just like not all hair is the same, not flat irons are the same, and there are different flat irons for different hair types.
Before deciding on any given flat iron, make sure you know what you are looking for in a flat iron.

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Professional Best Hair Straightener – A Buying Guide

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a flat iron.
The amount of heat the flat iron generates is the first thing that should be considered. Keep in mind that flat irons straighten hair by generating heat to the hair. You need to know a few things about this heat generation.

First you should know about how hot the flat iron can get. Hotter flat irons can straighten hair out faster, but can also be more difficult to use. You’ll also need to know about how evenly the heat is generated. If heat in a flat iron is evenly generated, you’ll get a more balanced effect and it will be easier to straighten the hair. You need to consider how long your own hair is as well. If the hair you intend to use the flat iron on is longer, you’ll probably want to look for irons that distribute heat evenly.

However, this can take a very long time. If you possess enough skill and experience, you can use a flat iron with a more intense heat factor and apply it to your hair in sections.
You’ll need to be aware of how experienced you are with flat irons as well. Certain flat irons can straighten hair very quickly, but they can be very difficult to use.
The final thing you’ll need to know is whether you are using this flat iron to straighten your own hair or somebody else’s hair. You might be comfortable using one kind of flat iron, but somebody else may not be. If you do hairdressing for other people, you’ll need to consider their needs and preferences before yours.
Keep all of these in mind as we explore ten of the best professional flat irons on the market.
These are professional flat irons, meaning that they can be used for straightening the hair of others as well as yourself.

The 9  Professional Best Hair Straightener

1. Ceramic tourmaline flat iron with travel size argan oil

A common struggle that anybody who uses a flat iron has is they have no idea if the flat iron is adjusting to their hair thickness or the type of hair. This can cause some serious consistency
problems in the straightening process, and if you need to keep adjusting the plates in the flat iron, it can take much longer to straighten and style hair with it.
Fortunately, HSI’s flat iron has solved this problem by containing floating plates that will automatically adjust to different types of hair types and thickness.

This is incredibly useful, as the thickness of hair is not perfect around the entirety of any given mane. These tourmaline plates will ensure that no pulling occurs when straightening. Another nice thing about HSI’s flat iron is that it comes with argan conditioning oil. This oil contains vitamins that, when absorbed into your hair, will slightly restore it, improving its appearance out of the iron.
You also won’t worry about heat consistency with HSI’s flat iron, even though you can adjust the temperature. HSI’s flat iron will evenly distribute heat, no matter how hot the iron gets.

Heat generation is something to watch for with HSI’s flat iron. It can get hot very quick. If you are using this for yourself and new to using flat irons, this can be intimidating. The intense heat can also make HSI’s flat iron difficult to hold. Make sure you are using the heat resistant glove that comes with it.

2. 1’’ Flat hair straightening hairstyling iron with 1’’ plates by Chi

The existence of static and frizz electricity is a pretty common issue with those who use flat irons. In fact, it is one of the major reasons why people are sometimes turned off from straightening and styling hair with flat irons.

Something that Chi has done to eliminate this problem is utilize negative ions to reduce the potential shock that can be given off from static and frizz electricity. This makes Chi’s flat iron a little easier to use for those who are new to using flat irons. As an added bonus, the negative ions also adds a bit of moisture and shine to the hair that it is applied to.

The heating process of Chi’s flat iron is very unique. It uses flash infrared heating and it takes no time at all for it to reach its highest temperature of 392 degrees. This intense heating makes straightening hair quick and easy.

Unfortunately, the temperature of Chi’s flat iron is not adjustable. A lot of stylists who use flat irons enjoy the option of adjustable temperatures for their flat irons. With many other flat irons having adjustable temperatures, there is no real excuse for Chi’s flat iron to not have adjustable temperatures.

3. 2 in 1 Tourmaline ceramic flat iron with rotating adjustable temperature

The plates in most flat irons have fixed angles, which can lead to hair being sometimes snagged and tugged. This can be very troublesome, and can turn some people away from flat irons altogether.

Furiden’s flat iron has solved this issue by containing balanced heat plates. These work by constantly adjusting the angle of the plates, which will prevent snagging and tugging. This is fantastic for anybody who is new to using flat irons or anybody who has longer hair with a lot of volume. For these types, Furiden’s flat iron will make things much easier.

This does not mean that speed is not sacrificed. Straightening hair is done pretty fast with Furiden’s flat iron, as it heats up to your desired temperature in right around 15 seconds. And speaking of heat, Furiden’s flat iron has one of the widest temperature ranges of any given flat iron, being adjustable from 250 to 450 degrees. If things get too intense, Furiden’s flat iron also has an auto shut off feature.

Because of the balanced heat plates and the power it takes to have temperature ranges, Furiden’s flat iron will get very, very hot when being used. It comes with a heat resistant glove, and you will need to use it, especially if are intending to use Furiden’s flat iron for extended amounts of time.

4. Touch series flat iron by LumaBella

A lot of flat irons don’t contain anything that can make hair look impressive as well as straighten hair. Most of them just straighten hair, and then it is up to the user to make hair look impressive.
LumaBella’s flat iron contains ceramic plates like any other flat iron does. But what separates LumaBella’s flat iron apart from all other flat irons is that their plates are infused with keratin microconditioners. Which will improve your hair’s look while you straighten it.

This is very useful if you are straightening other peoples’ hair, as they will be very impressed. The ceramic plates inside LumaBella’s flat iron are floating plates, which promise smooth universal heating. The smart heat sensor will automatically adjust the temperature if the flat iron gets too hot. LumaBella’s flat iron also has several heat settings with a range of 300 to 450 degrees. This makes it versatile for different kinds of hair thickness.

Something that might get you in trouble with LumaBella’s flat iron is their turbo boost function. This button will automatically spike the temperature of the flat iron to its highest setting without adjusting down. While this can be pretty useful for those who are experienced with flat irons, it can be a bit much to handle for those who may not have a lot of experience with flat irons.

5. Titanium plated ultra thin straightening iron by BaBylissPRO

It can be difficult to carry flat irons around when you travel. This is because a lot of them can take up a lot of space. Even if some of them are compact enough to not take space,
improvements can still be made.

BaBylissPRO’s flat iron is ultra thin and is made of titanium. This makes it incredibly easy to carry around and will not take up a lot of space wherever you are keeping it. This also gives it a lightweight design which will make using it really easy. Your hands will not get tired when you are using BaBylissPRO’s flat iron.

A lot of flat irons will heat up to such intense amounts when turned on. Because of the ryton housing of BaBylissPRO’s flat iron, this is not an issue. The only time you will ever need heat resistant gloves for BaBylissPRO’s flat iron is when it is at its highest temperature setting. And the temperature settings for it are really diverse: It has 50 different settings at a maximum temperature of 450 degrees.

The lightweight design of BaBylissPRO’s flat iron does not speak well to its durability. Even though it is titanium plated, it is still delicate. You need to be careful when using BaBylissPRO’s flat iron, because if you drop it, the chances of it breaking or coming apart are pretty high.

6. Professional infrared hair straightener 2’’ flat iron with digital LCD display

If you are working at a salon and you need an effective flat iron that will give you all the information you need to straighten a patron’s hair perfectly, you will get a lot out of Xtava’s flat iron.

One of the best things about Xtava’s flat iron is a feature that is extremely rare among most flat irons: Their LCD display. This display shows how hot the flat iron is getting and is a very good indicator of overheating and other issues when you can’t just “feel” it out.

The infrared heating system, combined with the 2’’ frame of the iron also make Xtava’s flat iron a very solid choice for anybody who works in a salon. The infrared system helps with damaged hair. The 2’’ frame is also effective for anybody who has coarse and overly thick hair.

Xtava’s flat iron also contains floating plates, which distribute heat evenly. This is actually a good thing if you are using it on your own, but it can also be useful for those who straighten hair professionally as well, as the risks involved are low when a flat iron’s heat is distributed evenly.

Although it comes with a travel case and has a dual voltage plug, Xtava’s larger design does not really lend itself to being carried around easily. If it did not include the travel case, it would be even less travel friendly.

7. Professional ceramic flat iron by Karmin

A lot of flat irons aren’t perfectly designed for carrying around. They’ll come with a carrying case, a heat resistant glove, or a heat mat, but never all three or even two of the three. This can be troublesome for those who want to carry around their flat irons.

Fortunately, Karmin’s flat iron comes with a carrying case and a heat mat. This makes things a little easier for those who want to carry around their flat iron. Karmin’s flat iron is also compatible as a dual voltage device, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world.

Karmin’s flat iron also contains tourmaline floating plates that close evenly across hair, which lowers the chances of hair being pulled when the flat iron is applied. The floating plates also distribute heat evenly throughout the iron.

Speaking of heat, it does not take long for Karmin’s flat iron to activate and heat up. 30 seconds is all it takes. It also has heat settings that will allow you to control how hot it can get. This is useful if you are using it to straighten the hair of others, since everybody’s hair is different.

Unfortunately, nothing really stands out with Karmin’s flat iron. It contains features that have become an industry standard for most flat irons and it just does not hold up compared to other flat irons that do have features that stand out. You’ll also need a separate adapter for the dual voltage feature as well as a heat resistant glove. These are not included in Karmin’s flat iron package.

8. Professional titanium flat iron hair straightener by Kipozi

A flat iron could heat up in seconds and be able to straighten very coarse hair, but if it does not have variable temperatures, you’ll be alienating different people who might not need a flat iron to be set to 400 degrees to straighten their hair.

Kipozi’s flat iron has one of the best temperature ranges for any flat iron, ranging from 170 degrees to 450 degrees. This is perfect for anybody who wants needs a flat iron for their salon, as it is possible for it to straighten hair no matter how coarse or thin it could be.

If Kipozi’s flat iron gets too hot, it has a function that will reduce the temperature automatically. This is very useful as flat irons can get too hot even if the temperature can be adjusted. And another thing that sets Kipozi’s flat iron apart from others is the LCD display that shows how hot the iron is. This is incredibly useful and is a very rare feature for any flat iron.

The plates on Kipozi’s flat iron are precision milled and allow any kind of hair to pass through it without a lot of effort. While this is slowly becoming an industry standard for flat irons, it combines well with the other features of Kipozi’s flat iron.

All of these fantastic features weigh Kipozi’s flat iron down. Carrying it around will be difficult as it is much larger than most other flat irons. Also, titanium is a very strong conductor, and this means that Kipozi’s flat iron will get extremely hot. You will need heat resistant gloves when using it, and you might need a higher grade of heat resistant gloves as well.

9. Pro tools express ion smooth+ flat iron by Paul Mitchell

Most flat irons will only straighten hair, doing nothing to improve how the hair looks. Flat irons can have completely optimized plates and temperatures ranges, but if they are not equipped with technology that actually improves how hair looks, it will only straighten it.

Paul Mitchell’s flat iron contains an express ion complex within their plates. This will distribute heat evenly as well as make hair that it runs through look much shinier than it did before. Very few flat irons possess this trait, and this trait makes Paul Mitchell’s flat iron stand out from other flat irons the most.

Another thing that sets Paul Mitchell’s flat iron apart is the LCD temperature display. This will display how hot the flat iron is getting. Although it is slowly becoming a standard for flat irons, it is still very rare and valuable for any flat iron currently.

Paul Mitchell’s flat iron does have temperature adjustments, but they are located precariously, right next to one of the plates. This can make it uncomfortable to adjust temperatures when it is necessary.

Another thing that Paul Mitchell’s flat iron can improve with is the amount of time that it takes to heat up. In a field of flat irons that can heat up in 40 seconds or less, Paul Mitchell’s flat iron heats up in 60 seconds. This underperforms compared to most other flat irons.

How to Use a Flat Iron to Straighten Hair

how to straighten hair with flat iron

Before preparing the flat iron to straighten your hair, there are a few things that you need to think about.
First, you need to be aware of how thick your hair is. The thicker your hair is, the hotter you’ll probably need the flat iron to be.

You also need to make sure that your hair is not overly tangled. Make sure it is perfectly brushed, combed, and washed. Straightening dirty or unwashed hair is not a good idea.
After you make sure your hair is brushed, combed, and washed, now you are ready to straighten it with a flat iron. Now be very aware: Flat irons will get hot. Even on their lowest temperature settings, flat irons will be very hot to the touch. Even if you do not think you will need one, use a heat resistant glove.

Hair is straightened by section. If you are unsure about using the flat iron because of heat or any other factor, apply the iron to smaller sections. Again, the thicker your hair is, the hotter your flat iron needs to be. If the flat iron that you selected has no temperature adjustments, you will need to take your time. This is especially true if your hair is thinner because if a flat iron that is heating at over 350 degrees is in constant contact with thin hair, it will burn.

Also, under no circumstances should you use a flat iron on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry when you are running your flat iron through it. If your hair is wet, the chances of your hair burning will be very high even on the lowest heat settings.

And finally, do not be afraid to take your time if you are new to using flat irons. If the heat is too bothersome, do not be afraid to run the iron through smaller sections of your hair.
Straightening your hair with a flat iron takes practice. It can be intimidating and time consuming at first, but once you get these fundamentals down it will be easier and will take a lot less time.

Final verdict

There are a lot of different flat irons out there for straightening and styling hair. However, there are some qualities that make them “optimized,” for lack of a better word. These qualities are in high demand and they are what you should look for in any flat iron.

These are slowly becoming industry standards for flat irons and are things you should not overlook.
The first of these is dual voltage capacities. You’ll be able to travel with most flat irons, but what makes them extremely valuable is dual voltage capacities. This makes it possible to use flat irons anywhere in the world with any kind of outlet.

Another thing is equal heat distribution among a flat iron’s plates. Using a flat iron can be a challenge if heat is not evenly distributed. The last thing that Majed a flat iron optimized is adjustable temperatures. This is especially true if you are intending to straighten other people’s hair with your flat iron. Different thickness of hair demand different flat iron temperatures. This makes adjustable temperatures invaluable.

Again, not all flat irons are created the same. Look for these three optimizing qualities and make your decision from there.

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