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Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports

Saunas are a popular way of getting refreshed, along with some added health benefits. And things sound all fine and dandy until you get yourself to a public sauna, which is somewhat, well, unhygienic.

On top of that, many users find the cray hot inside a traditional sauna unbearable, and rightfully so. Either way, there is a solution that can provide the best elements of both sides – an infrared sauna.

And that is why we’ve come up with some of the top products to help you choose the best infrared sauna, along with a short guide.

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Top 10 Best Infrared Sauna Reviews

There is quite an extensive amount of options for saunas, especially in various price ranges. Below, we will try to cover most of them.

1. SereneLife Infrared Home Spa Review

Let’s start off with a portable product and has more than enough space for one person. That’s because this form factor is usually the most affordable and makes sense to buy as you can fix it up wherever you need to.

As we have already said, it can house one person easily. To give you a better idea, the dimensions when assembled are 27.6” (l) x 31.5” (w) x 37.8” (h), which provides a decent enough space.

When it comes to power consumption, it can consume up to 1050 watts, which would provide around 140 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Given that the air around you won’t be nearly as hot, this is quite impressive.

And it runs on a typical 120V power outlet, so no worries about that area. You can also set up a timer. It goes up to 60 minutes, which can come in handy in various cases.

Moreover, you can effortlessly move around with it and then store it in a comparatively compact form factor, making it a superb choice. In terms of control, it comes with a wired remote controller for effortless maneuvers.

Another great side about this sauna is that it also comes with a comfortable chair. Not just that, but you can also fold it up once you are finished. Furthermore, it only weighs around 20 pounds.


  • 20 lb. weight
  • Foldable sauna chair
  • Wired remote controlling
  • Up to 60 minutes timer
  • Decent space for one person


  • Zipper is average
  • Footpad could be better

2. Durherm Infrared Sauna Review

You probably have come across hundreds of articles talking about the risks that using an infrared sauna might pose – EMF. While it is hyped up by some of the media outlets, a higher level of prolonged exposure might harm you to some extent.

That’s why many manufacturers have come up with product line ups that produce a lower level of EMF. This product from Durherm is one of those. It reportedly emits only around 5-15 milligauss, which is not a problem at all.

One thing that makes infrared saunas better is that they do not overheat the air around you. Therefore, the air inside the sauna will reach only around 110 degrees Fahrenheit, making it comfortable.

And that happens even though the heat panels can go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is impressive. When it comes to the dimensions, it measures 31.5” (w) x 33” (d) x 41” (h), making it a rather large one.

But it is not too bulky so that it would make things uncomfortable and only weighs around 25 pounds. Moreover, you can power it with the standard 110-120V outlets, which makes it convenient.

Thanks to the lower power consumption, it can also heat up pretty quickly. Moreover, the setup process is relatively simple. And you get a heated footpad, foam pad, and wired controller with this indoor infrared sauna.


  • Heated footpad and chair included
  • Set up is simple
  • Enough room for comfort
  • Low EMF level
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Durability can be better
  • Footpad can get very hot

3. Heatwave Radiant Infrared Sauna Review

You will find two types of heating panels in a sauna of this category – carbon or ceramic. While ceramic does a decent job, carbon panels will do a better job when heating at a lower time limit and distributing the heat evenly.

Our next pick uses carbon electric heaters for that reason. And not just a few, it has a total of six of these things that are positioned strategically to provide an even distribution of heat. This ability makes it rather impressive.

Moreover, they can provide up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit of warmth with control for easy and intuitive adjustment. And if a product wants to be the best infrared sauna on the market, build quality is paramount.

This one features a Canadian hemlock construction that is extremely sturdy. Furthermore, it has a bronze-tinted 8mm tempered glass door for enhanced safety. It also has some fantastic extra features that most standard products do not.

For instance, it provides chromotherapy lighting and an oxygen ionizer, making it all the better. Moreover, it also boasts a quality sound system that supports auxiliary inputs so that you aren’t bored.

In terms of its dimensions, you get 49” (w) x 39” (d) x 75” (h) on the exterior. On the interior, those numbers are 43” (w) x 35” (d) x 67” (h). As you can see, you could easily fit two persons in this sauna without it being too bulky.


  • Enough space for two persons
  • Six carbon heaters
  • Canadian hemlock construction
  • Bronze-tinted tempered glass door
  • Sound system


  • Tricky to clean
  • Buckles don’t line up occasionally

4. Idealsauna Infrared Sauna Review

If you’re trying to find the best infrared sauna for home use, our next pick could be the ideal option for you. It is an affordable product from Idealsauna that is well-suited for a single person.

And let’s talk about its price first. We think it has a reasonable price tag for a product of this quality, especially when you consider how efficiently it works on your body.

First of all, it only takes about five minutes to heat up. This time is impressive by any standard, be it a traditional or an infrared sauna. Unlike the sluggishly heating products, you won’t have to wait long here.

Moreover, you get the necessary accessories with it as well. For one, it comes with a chair and a heating footpad. These are great to have and will affect your experience in the long term.

It uses negative ion infrared heating elements that purify the air. However, some users have reported that the EMF reading is slightly above average. While this is not a total deal-breaker, it is something worth knowing.

This small infrared sauna also has a timer for an enhanced experience. You can set it for up to 30 minutes. And when paired with the quick heating up and the reasonable price, it is quite an enticing choice.


  • Negative ion infrared heating
  • Timer up to 30 minutes
  • Package includes a footpad and chair
  • Five minutes for heating up
  • Reasonable price


  • Slightly higher EMF reading
  • Zipper is average

5. HeatWave Portable Sauna Review

One remarkable property that you should have in your infrared personal sauna is portability. It allows you to move it around quickly and store it without much hassle. Our next pick does well in those terms.

The BSA6310 Rejuvenator is an amazingly portable infrared sauna that does an excellent job at fulfilling your needs. For one, it is surprisingly easy to set up – the whole process takes only around a minute.

Henceforth, all you need to do is unfold the sauna and plug it into an outlet. Like any of the quality far infrared portable saunas, this one also uses a precise heating mechanism. You get a total of three carbon heating panels with it.

Not only are the carbon panels efficient and quick to heat up, but they also produce a low amount of EMF, which is a good thing. And its compact size is not just excellent for home; you can take it anywhere you want.

This sauna comes with foldable chairs out of the package to help you with that bit. Furthermore, you get a footpad and a handheld controller for a comfortable and convenient user experience.

It does not end at that, however. The package also includes a fabric cabin, a neck collar, and a Beech dowel frame. In terms of power consumption, it can use around 900 watts.


  • Carbon panels heat evenly
  • One-minute set up
  • Surprisingly portable
  • Includes foldable chair and footpad
  • Low EMF


  • Heating can be somewhat inconsistent
  • A bit small for large people

6. Dynamic Saunas Far Infrared Sauna Review

For many users, a sauna that can only hold one person is not enough. Moreover, a stationary product might be what you want. Therefore, the next product on our infrared sauna reviews provides more space without breaking your bank.

When it comes to its dimensions, you get 39” W x 36” D x 73” H as the overall measurement. As you can see, it is much more spacious than the smaller portable ones. Therefore, it can effortlessly hold two persons inside.

Another bonus that we appreciate inside a product is the ability for some entertainment. This product supports FM/CD radio and with an MP3 auxiliary connection. Moreover, it has built-in speakers and a 15” LCD monitor.

As you can see, this product is a powerhouse when it comes to features. And the same trend continues with the heating mechanism. It features six carbon heating panels that heat 30% faster than ceramic ones.

And thanks to these panels, it can go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, which is excellent. In terms of the EMF level, it stays around 5 – 10 milligauss, which does not pose any threat to your body.

It also uses natural Canadian hemlock wood construction, which is one of the quality standards when it comes to saunas. And as you can guess, it is not a portable product by any means.


  • Canadian hemlock wood
  • Built-in speakers and FM
  • Can hold two persons
  • Decent overhead space
  • Only 5-10 milligauss EMF


  • Not portable at all
  • Bottom heaters need work

7. Relax Sauna Infrared Sauna Review

If you are somewhat baffled by the title, the manufacturer’s name is Relax Sauna. We have reviewed a more extensive, heftier, and slightly pricier product. So now, let’s look at another affordable product for one person.

This one is a far infrared sauna, meaning it uses panels that emit light that exists in the far-infrared range. What this does is that it penetrates your body much better when compared to a traditional sauna, resulting in a better experience.

Another side that surprised us is the level of EMF it produces. As we have seen in mediocre products, that number is surprisingly high frequently. However, when you are in this sauna, you will find a number below five milligauss, which is impressive.

Thanks to its comfortable heating mechanism, this sauna will even positively impact issues such as arthritis or various kinds of inflammation. Not just that, it will help your body eliminate bacteria, detoxify, and improve circulation.

And due to these reasons, this product is a suitable choice if you have a chronic condition that does not allow you to exercise too much physically. Furthermore, it is straightforward to set up and move around with.

Additionally, you get a quality chair in the package, which works well compared to what you get from most out-of-the-box products. And for how well it works, the price of this sauna is reasonable as well.


  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Suitable for conditions like arthritis
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Surprisingly low EMF
  • Set up is straightforward


  • Foot placement can be tricky
  • Might smell at first

8. Maxxus Saunas Far Infrared Sauna Review

At this point in the review, we have another full-fledged sauna that will fulfill your needs if you intend to get something more spacious than the usual one-person products. The J206-01 is a worthy contender in this segment.

First, this is a far infrared sauna, which provides a decent body penetration in contrast to traditional products. You will have an enjoyable experience without feeling that the air is getting too hot around you.

And when it comes to the heat, you can get this product up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This number is pretty good at the maximum temperature (the ideal operating temperature is somewhere between 120°F – 130°F).

Furthermore, it is always handy to have some entertainment system inside your sauna for those long sessions. This product features an interior reading lamp, an MP3 auxiliary connection, along with some decent quality built-in speakers to keep you entertained.

Now, let’s move on to how it approaches the heating process. There is a total of six heating panels in this sauna. You get one on each side of the walls, one beneath the bench, two on the real well, and lastly, one on the floorboard.

It has a ventilation system on the top to keep things comfortable. Moreover, it has an interior control panel that shows the current temperature and timer functions, which is remarkable. And you get the feet reflexology system as well.


  • Total of six heating panels
  • Feet reflexology heating
  • A reading lamp and MP3
  • Interior control panel
  • Quality hemlock wood


  • Hard to move around
  • Slightly premium cost

9. Serenelife Portable Infrared Sauna Review

Up next, we have another product from Serenelife. As you can guess by the name, we are moving back to the compact and portable saunas. The finest thing about these is that you can store them wherever you want and assemble them in a flash.

Many users frown upon the fact that most of the smaller saunas don’t have enough space to have your whole body inside. However, this one has enough space for you to be comfortable even after being quite convenient.

And the full-size sauna room allows you to have a much more relaxing time inside. That results in a relaxed experience that detoxifies your body and reduces stress. Not just that, it can also have a positive effect on weight loss.

When it comes to power and heat, this sauna uses up to 1300 watts of power and provides a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius. It also heats up quite quickly, making the product efficient with power usage.

Moreover, this one also comes with a sauna chair. As it follows the interior’s measurement, you get a proper fit. Moreover, it is easily foldable and takes seconds to unfold.

And it does not end at that; you also get an included footpad that does a decent job. Lastly, let’s discuss the dimensions. This product measures 35.4” x 70.9” x 35.4”, which is remarkable.


  • Impressive sit-in design
  • Decent amount of room
  • Auto heating settings
  • A decent footpad
  • Compact form factor


  • Controller can’t turn it on/off
  • Chair is somewhat low

10. Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna Review

Thus far, we have reviewed products that can hold one to two persons at best. But what if you need more space? That is why our final product is another one from Maxxus. Only this time, it is much larger than the previous saunas.

So, firstly, you can have up to three people in it. That much space is impressive for a personal sauna since most other products do not allow for this much room. Not just that, it provides enough space vertically too.

And the most impressive part is probably the heating system. For one, you get nine carbon heating panels from the manufacturer that heat up amazingly fast. There are three on both of the rear walls, two beneath the bench, and another on the floorboard.

Furthermore, they are all low EMF panels, which means there is no chance that these will harm you. That makes them even easier to recommend. And this amount of panels means it will heat up efficiently and consistently.

These are far infrared panels that make you sweat without making the air too hot. And even with this size, impressively, this sauna can operate beyond 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This sauna uses reforested Canadian hemlock wood for the whole body, one of the industry standards. The interior and exterior have 6mm wood planks with a 1.13” inner-frame. It also uses a quality tempered glass door.


  • Reforested Canadian hemlock
  • Can operate beyond 140F
  • Side windows and tempered door
  • Nine Low EMF panels
  • Three-person capacity


  • Slightly pricey
  • Takes quite a bit of space

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Infrared Sauna

There are a few sides that you should keep in might before making the critical decision on purchasing an infrared sauna. Some of them rely on your use case, while some of them apply to everyone.

  • Why and How?

Before you go out and buy one of them, you should know the fundamental differences between a traditional and an infrared sauna. The first distinction that they offer is between the ambient temperature.

Usually, a typical sauna’s operating temperature could get up to 190-degree Fahrenheit. This bit can get quite uncomfortable for many users. On the other hand, the best rated infrared sauna would stay around or below 130-degree Fahrenheit.

Moreover, an infrared sauna generally consumes less power than the competition. That is due to the fact that these do not heat the air around you, unlike the other ones. This ability undoubtedly makes them an even better choice.

  • Size

This part is crucial in making a decision. A lot of your product will rely on which size it is. First and foremost, the most significant difference it makes is about the number of people the infrared sauna room can hold.

You can find saunas for one person, two persons, and so on. Depending on the size, the product’s price will generally also rise due to more materials and a higher heat production ability.

Therefore, choose which size you want before anything else, as a bigger one might leave a more noticeable dent on your wallet. Moreover, a smaller one would be the best portable infrared sauna for you.

  • Heat Panels

You will generally find two types of heating panels in these saunas – carbon and ceramic. If the budget allows for it, we’d recommend you opt for the carbon options most of the time.

It’s not to say that ceramic options are inferior, however. But you will find that carbon panels are far quicker at heating (sometimes even half of the time ceramic requires), which results in lower power consumption.

best infrared sauna

Another significant property is that these panels give the best far infrared sauna experience. And since their distribution is much broader and uniform, you do not face hot-spots or cold-spots either.

Nevertheless, even if you want to opt for ceramic panels (due to your budget, for instance), make sure that you get the one that has a higher number of panels. This number makes your sauna heat up much faster.

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Final Words

As days go by, it is getting more and more vital for us to have a way to cleanse our mind and body and have a refreshing time. And to do that, an infrared sauna can come in handy for anybody.

The products above are some of the most rational choices if you are looking for the best infrared sauna. We have tried to make our list as diverse as possible, much like people’s preferences and needs. Hence, you should be able to find the right one among them.

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