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Best Kitchen Faucets Consumer Reports

One of the common sayings that you might have already heard a couple of times is that the sink area is the heart of a modern kitchen. And it goes without saying that the sink area will not be complete without a well-performing faucet.

But it is relatively easy to overlook the factors that actually make one of these worth spending money on.

Needless to say, getting one of the best kitchen faucets will not only make your kitchen complete but also will increase your overall productivity. Most of your daily tasks will become a piece of cake after you install one of those in your sink.

Alongside that, those are capable of enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen as well.

Top Picks : 5 Best Kitchen Faucets

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Review

Getting one of the high quality kitchen faucets is something that is easier said than done. And to make sure that you do not struggle that much when it comes to choosing one for your sink, we have made a list of the highest rated kitchen faucets that are out there. The list goes something like this:

1. WEWE Single Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet Review

The best kitchen faucets with pull out sprayer are usually the most versatile ones that are in the market. And this one that WEWE is offering is one of them.

First of all, it features a sleek design. The tulip shape that it implements will undoubtedly blend well with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. It is relatively easy to match with most of the sinks as well.

And it has multifunctional water outlet modes. You will be able to select one of three settings that it has to offer to complete your daily tasks. The installation process is reasonably straightforward too. You would not have to spend that much time to set it up on your sink.

Other than being easy to install, it is easy to operate as well. The single handle design that it features will make using it a breeze. It will offer you full control over the flow and the volume of the water. Lastly, it can resist corrosion reasonably well too.


  • Features a sleek design
  • Blends well with most of the sinks
  • Easy to install
  • Operational mode is pretty easy
  • Offers multiple water spraying modes


2. Delta Kitchen Faucets Single-Handle Review

The manufacturer Delta has been pushing out some of the best quality kitchen faucets in the market. And this one that we are going to take a look at did not disappoint us one bit in that regard.

To begin with, it features a diamond seal technology that will reduce the leaking pints. As a result, the chances of it dripping water when you shut it off will be reasonably slim. Alongside that, the seal is quite durable as well.

Other than the seal, it sports magnetic docking. That docking mechanism will utilize powerful magnets, which will hold on to the head. It will not droop, nor will it move from the place when you are operating it normally. Also, it is relatively easy to keep clean as well.

Alongside that, the ShieldSpray technology that it packs will cut through stubborn messes of your dishes like cutting butter with a hot knife. Also, to protect you, it has a protective sphere. That will ensure there is 90 percent less splatter when you are operating it.


  • Packs diamond seal
  • Offers a long-lasting leak-free operation
  • Features ShieldSpray technology
  • Easy to keep clean
  • The head is magnetic


  • Water temperature indicator comes off pretty easily
  • Handle tends to produce a squeaky noise after prolonged use

3. OWOFAN Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

While looking for the best single handle kitchen faucet, you will find yourself among a plethora of options. However, not all of them are going to be as durable as this one that OWOFAN is offering.

To start with, the installation process of the unit is reasonably straightforward. You will not require any sort of special tools, nor will you have to spend that much time on the setup process. All you have to do is to tighten two nuts, and you will be good to go.

Aside from being easy to install, the overall construction material that it utilizes is reasonably durable as well. It uses high-quality brass material, which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Also, it adopts sturdy ceramic cartridges, lowering the chances of leakage. These materials make this one the most reliable kitchen faucet.

And you can rotate both the nozzle and the spout to a complete 360 degrees. This rotatable mechanism, along with the flexible hose that it implements, will make it easier for you to complete your daily.


  • Installation process is simple
  • Utilizes high-quality brass for the overall body
  • Handle contains sturdy ceramic cartridges
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Both the nozzle and the spout rotate to a full 360 degrees


  • Included supply lines might be short for some setups
  • Tends to leak a bit

4. Edison Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

best kitchen faucets

On the lookout for one of the best stainless steel kitchen faucets? Well, you can stop your search here because Edison might have the thing that you were probably looking for all this time.

Unlike some of the other units, you are going to get multiple color options for this one. It comes in seven different colors. And yes, stainless steel is one of them. No matter which one you choose, it will make your sink look elegant because of the exquisite design and beautiful color coatings that it utilizes.

Other than that, the overall construction is of durable materials. It is also highly capable of resisting rust, which will make sure that the looks do not fade away over time.  Also, it can resist stain reasonably well too.

Besides that, it bundles with a soap dispenser. And because of the pull-down design that it has, carrying out cleaning tasks will be effortless for you. Also, it implements dual-action technology that will enable you to choose between two types of flow.


  • Multiple color options available
  • Looks elegant
  • Utilizes durable materials for the overall construction
  • Can resist rust and stains
  • Bundles with a soap dispenser


  • Does not work that well with warm waters
  • The handle has a cheap color coating on it

5. Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Utilizing premium materials is what makes a faucet obtain a position in the best kitchen sink faucets. And Delta had factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit.

To start with, it features the Diamond seal that Delta is well known for. That seal will lower the chances of it leaking over time. You can expect to get a long-lasting leak-free experience out of it because of that seal.

Other than that, it also has a magnetic docking mechanism. That will keep the head in place when you are using it in the normal mode. The magnets are exceptionally strong, which will be able to prevent dropping. Also, the flexible hose that it utilizes will make it easier for you to clean dishes.

Besides that, the installation process is reasonably simple. You will be able to install it on both single-hole and three-hole configuration. Also, every required hardware will come with the box. And the cleaning process is reasonably simple as well. You can clean the calcium and lime deposits with just a simple wipe.


  • Sports diamond seal technology
  • Packs magnetic docking mechanism
  • Can be installed in both three-hole and single-hole configuration
  • The cleaning process is simple
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware


  • Included base swivels a lot
  • Design is not that well thought off because it splashes water everywhere

6. Kraus Bolden Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

kitchen faucets

Even though there are plenty of units in the market, only a few are really the best kitchen faucets for low water pressure. And this one from Kraus is one of those few.

To begin with, it features a commercial-style design. It has an open-coil spout, which will enable you to swivel it around. That swiveling design will make it easier for you to clean dishes. Also, the height of the unit is optimized for all types of the sink.

There are two spraying modes as well. Depending on the work that you are carrying out, it will enable you to switch between high pressure and low pressure. And the pull-down hose that it comes with will let you get a higher reach while carrying out cleaning tasks.

Alongside that, it includes a soap dispenser, which you will be able to install in your sink. And the materials that it utilizes for the overall construction are all of the premium quality. Those make it achieve a high level of durability.


  • Features commercial-style design
  • The base swivels
  • Includes a flexible hose
  • Features an optimized height for all sinks
  • Spraying mode is adjustable


  • Some of the packages might come with missing parts
  • Mode changer switch feels a bit flimsy

7. BioBidet FLOW Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

best sink faucets

Every other house appliances have embraced technology over time. So, why should the faucets lag behind? Well, brands like BioBidet is here to make them catch up with the ever so growing technology.

Unlike the regular units, this one has a motion sensor inside the body. That will detect the movement of your hands, which you will be able to use to turn the faucet on or off. As a result, you will be able to gain a fully hands-free operational experience with this.

Even though it is smart, it does not require any hardwiring. Because of that, you will not have to go through any intricate setup process, nor will you have to waste your money on extra hardware. Also, it features SmartLatch retraction. That utilizes a nylon hose that automatically docks back into place.

Alongside that, the exterior features a beautiful chrome finish. It is polished and looks quite elegant. Because of that finish, it will be pretty easy for you to keep it clean. You can clean the surface with just a simple wipe.


  • Features motion sensor
  • Offers a true hands-free operational experience
  • Does not require any hardwiring
  • Packs SmartLatch retraction hose
  • Sports a beautiful polished chrome finish


  • Sensor gets inconsistent over the time
  • Comes with a reasonably short hose

8. KOHLER Vibrant Stainless Kitchen Faucet Review

If you are on a relatively tight budget, then what you are probably looking for is one of the best kitchen faucets for the money. Well, in that case, you should definitely put this one on your consideration list.

To start with, it features a pull-down design that will offer you superior control.  The flexible hose that it comes with will let you reach further down to the sink, which will make washing dishes feel like taking a walk in a park. There are three different flow modes too. Those will make dishwashing tasks easier.

Alongside that, the angled nozzle that it comes with will enable you to easily clean the corners of the sink. And the installation process is pretty simple and straightforward. It arrives with the hose and head pre-installed, making it effortless for you to set this up.

Other than that, it features an elegant design. And the finish on the surface can resist corrosion and tarnishing. That will make sure that the looks do not degrade over time.


  • Features a pull-down design
  • Offers superior control over the flow of water
  • The nozzle is angled
  • Comes with hose and the head pre-installed
  • Sports corrosion and tarnish resistant finish


  • Not that much leak-free
  • Pressure button tends to get stuck quite frequently

9. Delta DST Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

best kitchen sink faucets

One of the most premium brands that are offering high-quality faucets in the market is Delta. And they did not fail to deliver in the premium nature in this one too.

First of all, it is available in one of the most exquisite color options that Delta has to offer, which is the Brilliance Champagne. That will surely match reasonably well with your luxurious sink or any other sink that you might have.

Also, there are four different elegant and sleek color options available. In fact, the matte black option makes it one of the elegant black kitchen faucets.

Apart from just a premium look, the build quality is pretty premium as well. It features a construction of high quality and premium materials, which makes it look good and reasonably sturdy. The pull-down wand that it features will enable you to switch between two different flow modes.

On that note, the head features touch-clean spray holes. Because of implementing the touch-clean technology, worrying about calcium and lime deposits would not be something you would have to do. And the diamond seal technology that it implements will lower the chances of it leaking.


  • Implements an elegant design
  • There are multiple elegant color options available
  • Features diamond seal technology
  • The head integrates touch-clean technology
  • Sports a pull-down wand


  • Threading on the head is not that smooth
  • Not that easy to install

10. KOHLER CP Bellera Kitchen Faucet Review

Having a secure locking mechanism is essential for the pull-down faucets. And this one that is being offered by KOHLER has that.

Just like some of the other units, this one also features the pull-down design. That enables it to offer you a superior reach, which will make dishwashing tasks a breeze. There are three different flow rates. Those will provide you with complete control over the speed of the flow.

As the nozzles are angled, it will be pretty easy for you to clean the sink as well. You will be able to run the corners down with high-speed water. And the magnetic docking mechanism that it features will make sure that the head stays in place. It will not droop, nor will it become loose over time.

The installation process is reasonably simple. You can easily install it in both one-hole and three-hole configurations. Also, it comes with all the necessary hardware. You will not have to purchase extra American standard kitchen faucets parts to set it up.


  • Spray head has three flow modes
  • Sports a pull-down design
  • Comes with all the necessary installation hardware
  • Boasts a magnetic docking mechanism
  • The nozzles are angled


  • Flow changing button gets stuck pretty easily
  • Tends to clog quite frequently

Things To Consider Before Buying On Best Kitchen Faucets

We know that you are pretty thrilled to get one of the units after going through the kitchen faucet reviews. But before you do make a purchase decision, there are certain things that you have to consider. They are as follows:

  • Build Quality

The first thing that you need to consider is the overall build quality. For this case, you need to ensure that the construction materials are high quality and sturdy.

Without being of high quality and sturdy, the unit’s overall durability will not be that much. As a result, you would probably not be able to use it for an extended amount of time.

  • Outlooks

As we have mentioned earlier, the faucets are what makes a kitchen complete. So, if the most important element of the kitchen does not look that good, will the overall aesthetics look good?

Well, considering that, you need to factor in the outlooks as well. We recommend shooting for the ones that implement an elegant design and have plenty of elegant color options available.

  • Spray Modes

The spray modes are what makes one of these versatile. And having a versatile faucet will enable you to complete plenty of daily tasks effortlessly. For that reason, the ones that feature different spray modes are the ones that we would suggest you opt for.

  • Installation Process

Another factor that you need to put emphasis on is the installation process. First of all, make sure that the unit comes with all of the required parts. If the package does not come with any of the necessary parts, you are going to have to buy them separately, which means you will have to spend extra money.

best kitchen faucets

Aside from that, make sure that the unit is compatible with your configuration. Even though most of them will be compatible with both single-hole and triple-hole configurations, there are many that might not be compatible with one.

So, before you purchase, make sure that the one that you are shooting for is compatible with your sink.

Final Words

We are fully aware that we have recommended quite a lot of faucets in our review section. But we would like to ensure you that no matter which one you decide to purchase, it will be one of the best kitchen faucets that your money can get.

You will have a superior user experience, and you will be able to finish most of your daily tasks effortlessly.



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