The Best Laptop Bags of 2022

This list selected premium laptop bags that either serve utilitarian persons, fashion enthusiasts or both. Sturdiness, smart compartments, lightness, but also design are some of the few aspects that represent the best laptop bag. You can find a quality product to store your asset while on the move at companies such as Manificent, Mosiso, Coolbell or Mancro.

10. Ytonet 17 Inch Laptop Bag

Best Laptop Bags Ytonet 17 Inch Laptop Bag on white background

For many, the best laptop bag is one that’s simply functional. While Ytonet’s bag is by no means an eyesore, this is primarily a bag that’s meant to transport a laptop from one point to another safely.

It does so by being particularly well-designed for travel, with a hands-free strap and a number of great pockets and compartments. This expandable bag can even double as a duffel bag thanks to a well-placed zipper. This bag works well for those who travel often and need to know they have a safe place for all their computer gear.

9. Coolbell Convertible Backpack

Best Laptop Bags Coolbell Convertible Backpack

While the average laptop bag tends to be more along the lines of a messenger bag, an increasingly large number of students are choosing to use backpacks instead. For those who really want options, the Coolbell Convertible Backpack exists for them.

This bag takes design cues from some of the best laptop bags. It works as a traditional case, a messenger bag, and a backpack at the same time. The multiple modes make it easy to use in many different situations, while the strong construction means that it will stand up to a good deal of wear and tear.

8. Mancro Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Bags Mancro Laptop Backpack

This backpack from Mancro is generally marketed towards students. It generally targets efficiency as its primary goal. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the interior reveals a generous laptop storage area as well as several other compartments.

This backpack also features an external USB charger. This makes it easy for students to walk and charge at the same time. It also has a few major safety features, including a built-in lock for extra safety. This is one of the best laptop bags for students.

7. Kroser Laptop Bag

Best Laptop Bags Kroser Laptop Bag

Working as both a briefcase and messenger bag, Kroser’s laptop bag deserves a spot on this list for its simplicity. With just a few pockets and no moving parts beyond zippers, this is not a laptop bag full of bells and whistles. Instead, it is a bag that stands up to punishment and will last for some time.

A bit more aesthetically pleasing than the average briefcase, it is nonetheless quite low profile. This accessory won’t stand out in a crowd. This laptop bag does one job, but it does it exceedingly well.

6. Kroser 15.6 Inch Bag

Best Laptop Bags Kroser 15.6 Inch Bag

Another entry from Kroser, this bag isn’t quite as low-profile as the entry above. It is, however, just as durable. Water repellent and durable, the bag even includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is also a bag with identity protection built in.

Kroser also included an RFID pocket to protect data encoded on credit cards and identification documents. On top of that, the bag provides plenty of organizational space, making it a good fit for both school as well as business travel.

5. CROMI Laptop Case

Best Laptop Bags CROMI Laptop Case

While most of the best laptop cases are functional and low-key, these cases from CROMI can actually allow users to stand out from the crowd. Available in multiple colors, they can be either subdued and business-like or bright and cheerful.

No matter the color, though, the cases are still fairly durable. They are just as useful for travel as they are for business. While they still check most of the same boxes as any decent laptop bag, these bags earn their spot on the list by injecting a bit of vibrancy back into a typically dull accessory.

4. UTote Bag

Best Laptop Bags UTote Bag

Perhaps the most fashion-conscious of the products on this list, this bag eschews almost all the design principles inherent in the other entries by replacing the traditional design with a tote. It’s actually a remarkably useful change in design.

The tote construction makes it very easy to access a laptop without having to deal with zippers or pockets. The bag provides a very classic look while still being tech-friendly. This makes the UTote bag a perfect fit for someone on the go.

3. YTonet Laptop Briefcase

Best Laptop Bags YTonet Laptop Briefcase

Much like the other YTonet bag on this list, this laptop briefcase is an excellent marriage between form and function. It looks and feels rugged, but it’s also incredibly gentle on the tech placed inside the bag.

This bag earns its place for a simple addition to the usual loadout, one that really should be standard by this point – a padded laptop compartment. The padding helps to protect the laptop from quick movements. This protection, in turn, keeps the device safe while its owner is on the move. Combined with the top-notch construction, this is easily one of the best laptop bag versions for safety.

2. Manificent Men’s Messenger Bag

Best Laptop Bags Manificent Men's Messenger Bag

The messenger bag look is still in, and this bag shows why. Not only does the bag have an old-school distressed look that’s very much in fashion, but it also does a great job helping users carry around a laptop. Made of high-end materials and full of functional pockets, this is one of the best ways to haul around a laptop in style.

Indeed, there are some bags that are a little more advanced in terms of safety or technology. However, Manificent’s concept is definitely the best laptop bag for men when judged simply on aesthetics.

1. Mosiso Laptop Tote

Best Laptop Bags Mosiso Laptop Tote

Most laptop bags are simply utilitarian. A few, though, actually work well as an accessory while still doing their main job quite well. This bag from Mosiso is a rose-patterned beauty, one that has plenty of room for a laptop and other accessories.

This particular bag scores well not just because of how well it works for ferrying around a laptop, but because it’s a good bag overall. It’s possible the best laptop bag on this list that you might want to carry around even if you don’t have a computer.


The best laptop bag varies from person to person. Nonetheless, the bags on this list do represent some of the best out there today. Do you already own and love one of these bags? Is there another bag out there that deserves a place on this list instead? Don’t be shy – let us know by dropping us a line.

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