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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports

Do you like to spend most of your time on your porch staring down the horizon? Are you looking for a steady breeze that will keep you cool in the summer? Then an outdoor ceiling fan is what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, then you have stumbled upon the perfect buying guide for you.

Today we have reviewed the 10 best outdoor ceiling fans available for purchase. We have only picked the most reliable models that live up to their promises.

Each of these ceiling fans is packed with various incredible features that will surely put a smile on your face.

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Top 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviews

We know how daunting it can be to pick the right ceiling fan with so many different options on the market. Thus, we have tried to make your job easier here!

1. Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Review

First off on this list of ceiling fan reviews is this powerful but elegant-looking ceiling fan mostly made out of wood. Due to this reason, this fan barely ways above 11 lbs. Its lightweight feature will come in handy when deciding to move the fan and install it in a different room.

This particular model is not only suitable for the outdoors but the indoors as well. It can provide refreshing air for any room that’s between 350 and 400 sq ft. This gives you the option to install in great rooms, master suites, and even the outdoors. It delivers incredible performance even as a patio ceiling fan.

The blades of this outdoor ceiling fan are entirely made out of balsa wood, which is light but efficient. They cut through the air to cover a large area with refreshing gusts of wind.

It comes in a matte black finish, which makes it look more attractive. This fan is also equipped with a DC motor, which works in complete silence.

A ceiling fan with balsa wood blades and a DC motor works perfectly in unison to reduce your electric bills by 50%. The balsa wood blades are indeed hand-carved by professionals to ensure maximum airflow.

It comes with 6 different fan controls, which also include a reverse function. A remote control device makes it easy to use.


  • Great for large rooms
  • DC motor
  • Balsa wood blades
  • 50% energy savings
  • 6 different fan controls


  • Not that durable

2. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii Ceiling Fan Review

As the second item on this list, we have decided to add one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights. This comes from a world-renowned manufacturer known for their sleek designs and efficient performance. It’s the perfect ceiling to enhance the aesthetics of your household due to its outstanding outlook.

This outdoor ceiling fan with wooden blades was made just for those with a classy taste. With this model, you will be getting two fans for the price of one. On top of that, they have also included a light kit that is covered by a frosted shade. The frosted glass causes it to emanate a soothing glow all across your patio.

Now you can enjoy reading your favorite book underneath your illuminating fan while enjoying a steady breeze. It also comes with 6 brown wicker blades if you want to revamp the looks of your interior. This ceiling fan measures 74 inches, which makes it ideal for large rooms and even the outdoors.

Despite being made of wood, this ceiling fan is highly durable. It can last a very long time if maintained properly. This model is powered by an AC motor, which is robust, quiet, and efficient. It also allows you to switch between 3 different speeds along with a reversible mode.


  • Enhances your room’s aesthetics
  • Double fan with a light kit
  • 6 brown wicker blades
  • 3 different speeds
  • Powerful and quiet AC motor


  • Assembly can be complicated

3. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Ceiling Fan Review

Third on this list is the best outdoor ceiling fan with light and remote, consisting of 8 blades! Yes, you’re not dreaming. This exceptional model comes in an espresso bronze color that can enhance the looks of your house’s interior and exterior.

It’s the perfect addition to have if you are thinking of renovating your place. This ceiling fan consists of three different types of materials – metal, glass, and plastic. Most of the body has been constructed with superior quality metal. Hence, it’s definitely one of the most durable LED ceiling fan models on the current market.

This is often considered one of the best wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans out there. That’s because each of its 8 blades is resistant to water and suitable for damp areas. Thus, it can serve as the most suitable patio ceiling fan. Besides that, this impressive model comes with a remote control device.

You no longer have to get up from your comfort zone just to turn the fan on and off anymore. The remote comes with multiple functions that make life more convenient. It also allows you to dim the lights according to your preference by just pressing a button.

Furthermore, this high-end ceiling fan is equipped with an efficient DC motor that provides steady airflow. It also gives you nine fan speeds to choose from. This model comes with decorative canopy rings that hide the screws and nuts from exposure, unlike most fans.


  • It consists of 8 blades
  • Made of metal, glass, and plastic
  • Wet rated ceiling fan
  • Remote control device
  • Decorative canopy rings


  • Plastic blades are thin

4. Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Next up on this list of reviews is this inspiring model that comes with a built-in LED light that has been carefully encased in a white painted glass. This LED light can illuminate an entire room with its soothing glow. It creates a perfect environment for spending some quality leisure time on your patio.

They have added a weathered zinc color to enhance its outlook so that it can match your aesthetic interior as well. The manufacturer has equipped this ceiling fan with a Whisper Wind motor, which works quietly to provide a constant gentle breeze. It has two different modes for different types of weather.

During the summer, you can use the downdraft mode that keeps you cool and calm. Alternatively, you can rely on the updraft mode to feel the gentle breeze on your face. This is a multipurpose outdoor ceiling fan, to say the least. The ceiling fan also offers multiple fan speeds that can be adjusted at will.

Even the light bulbs are built to last several years without having a massive effect on your electric bill. This energy-saving LED light lets you monitor your living room’s ambiance to maintain a calming effect. Contrary to most models, it has both a pull chain system and a remote control device.

You can use the pull chain to turn it on and off and the remote control to adjust the speed. It is also damp-rated and comes with a 2 inch and 3-inch download to ensure optimum airflow.


  • Energy-saving LED light
  • Whisper Wind motor
  • Different modes for summer and winter
  • Pull chain
  • Two down rods


  • Moderately pricey

5. Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O Ceiling Fan Review

At number 5, we have for you one of the best modern outdoor ceiling fans that come with 8 equally resistant blades. Each of the blades is made of premium quality metal, which allows it to endure heavy-duty usage. It also helps it resist environmental damage all year round.

The ceiling fan model comes with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that sets it apart from most products of its kind. It also adds to the aesthetics of your exterior. Although it’s not equipped with an LED bulb, you still have the option to buy one separately and install it. It’s easy to install and even easier to use.

This remarkable outdoor ceiling fan has six different speed settings, which can be controlled using the remote control that comes with it. It also includes a forward and reverse function, which you can adjust based on your preference. Now you can control your fan’s speed and turn it on and off from any corner of your room.

They have also added a high-powered DC motor that barely consumes any electricity. It can provide you with decent airflow without affecting your electric bill too much. You’ll end up saving more money in the long run. A six-inch downrod makes sure you can feel the steady breeze up close.

You can also purchase the Bond BD-1000 hub to connect and control it with an Alexa device.


  • Made of durable metal
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish
  • DC motor works quietly
  • Forward and reverse function
  • It can be connected to Alexa


  • Unsatisfactory customer service

6. 60″ Turbina Max Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

The next item on this list is an industrial-style ceiling fan with a brushed finish and downrod mount. It has 6 highly resistant metal blades that provide consistent airflow throughout an extended space. The oil brushed finish adds to its simplistic outlook and makes it look more elegant.

This high-rated ceiling fan doesn’t include an LED light but still gives you the option of installing one. It also gives you the freedom to customize its features to a certain extent. The ceiling fan itself measures 60 inches, making it suitable for large rooms such as the living space or a master suite.

There aren’t many ceiling fans with the ability to resist water damage. Thankfully, this outdoor ceiling fan is UL-rated for damp areas. Now you can leave the fan out in the open without worrying about the repercussions. It also comes with a 6-inch down rod, which maximizes the airflow towards you.

Moreover, it comes with a 188 x 25 mm motor that delivers enough power for the ceiling fan to spin relentlessly. The amount of sound it makes is almost negligible. They have also added a remote control device with the fan, which allows you to switch it on and off and alter the fan’s speed.

You will also be able to switch to manual reverse airflow and high, medium, and low speeds.


  • 6 blades
  • UL rated for damp places
  • 188 x 25 mm motor
  • Manual reverse airflow
  • 3 different speeds


  • Not suitable for humid areas

7. HUNTER 59420 Coral Bay Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

We have reviewed one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights as the next addition to our list. This particular model has an edgy but classic look to it. It has an antique noble bronze finish and a unique design that encases the LED light. The light is covered by a metal cage and clear seeded glass.

It boasts such an incredible outlook that you can’t help but admire. But you shouldn’t just buy this product based on its looks as it has several other features that outshine that factor. For example, it is powered by a Whisper Wind motor, which is robust and silent.

The DC motor performs quietly to deliver enough power for the blades to spin indefinitely. It also grants you the option to choose between multiple speed settings with just a push of a button. There are two different modes which are suitable for either summer or winter. So, you can rely on this ceiling fan all year round.

Even the LED light is energy-efficient and barely consumes any power. You can also dim the lights using a remote control device from the comfort of your rocking chair. Also, you will get a universal remote that allows you to control the fan and light from a distance. It also enables you to adjust the brightness.


  • Whisper wind motor
  • Classy noble bronze finish
  • Different speed settings
  • Energy-efficient light
  • Universal remote control


  • Difficult to install

8. Honeywell Ceiling Fans Review

At number 8, we have included one of the best exterior ceiling fans suitable for indoor purposes. This fan is made of premium quality steel, which helps it endure long-term, heavy-duty usage. However, its 5 blades are made of aged teak, making it waterproof and ideal for installing outdoors.

The ceiling fan’s oil-rubbed bronze body adds a certain level of character to your interior. Its classy design is meant to inspire the looks of your household. This highly resistant outdoor ceiling fan is ideal for your patio, porch, or decks. You can install this fan in any corner of your house.

This rustic outdoor fan is also ETL damp-rated for resisting moisture damage caused by a heavy downpour. Hence, you can install this fan out in the open (preferably in a shaded area) without a care in the world. Moreover, its rustic tone makes it an absolute sight to behold.

You will also be glad to know that this model comes with a powerful LED light that doesn’t consume much power. The beautiful design encases the light bulb in the clear seeded glass. Due to the 360% beam angle, the LED light can illuminate larger rooms with ease and grace.

One can’t help but appreciate the ambiance it brings to your patio and how it uplifts your outdoor furniture. This is a multi-position ceiling fan that is compatible with different hanging methods. It also comes with a 3-speed powerful motor.


  • Blades made of aged teak
  • ETL damp-rated fan
  • 360% beam angle
  • Waterproof
  • 3-speed motor


  • Globe doesn’t fit perfectly

9. 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Ceiling Fan with Light Review

This next model is arguably the best fan for outdoor patio due to its wide array of features. The ceiling fan comes with a 52-inch blade span and a 9-degree blade pitch that boosts the airflow and spreads it across a large area. Most of its components are made of wood, which is sturdy enough to be long-lasting.

A 152 x 88 mm DC motor powers this exclusive ceiling fan to provide refreshing air for an extended amount of space. They have also equipped with a 12 watt LED light bulb that illuminates its surroundings with 1,106 lumens. This light can brighten up your living room or patio and add a level of ambiance to it.

The opal glass diffuser that encases the light bulb spreads a warm glow that helps you remain calm and collected. You can even alter the brightness with the help of the remote control device. The fan blades have a walnut finish that makes them look fresh and vibrant.

Due to this feature, staring up at the ceiling will never feel boring again. This top-notch ceiling fan is also suitable for the dampest corners of your house. That’s because it has been UL rated for being resistant to moisture. This fan is designed in such a way that the ceiling remains 11 inches above the ceiling.


  • 52-inch blade span
  • 9-degree blade pitch
  • UL rated for damp areas
  • Walnut finish
  • 12 watt LED light


  • It makes a little bit of noise

10. HUNTER Builder Elite Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

We would like to conclude this list of reviews with one of the best outdoor-rated ceiling fans on the market. This outdoor fan model boasts a durable metal construction like no other. On top of that, its stylish and exceptional design is bound to make you stare at it with awe.

This is mainly because of the matte black finish and the stained oak reversible blades. However, we have just scraped the surface of its several beneficial features. Besides boosting the aesthetics of your living room, this elite ceiling fan is also ideal for installing in your patio or porch.

The ceiling fan is also equipped with a Whisper Wind motor like two other exclusive models on this list. It provides the fan with sufficient power to deliver continuous airflow that makes you feel more pleasant. With this ceiling fan at your disposal, you also have the option to control the direction of the airflow.

You won’t find this feature in even some of the most expensive models on the market. A clever updraft and downdraft mode also lets you alter the airflow based on the climate. They have also included pull chains that let you change the fan’s speed and switch it on and off.

Unlike most ceiling fans, this matte black model also allows you to adjust its height. It comes with a 2 inch and a 3-inch down rod so that you can change the height.


  • Motor runs quietly
  • Adjustable height
  • Control the direction of airflow
  • Pull chain system
  • Matte black finish


  • Not suitable for certain climates

What to Look for Before Buying Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Even though you might know all about the different ceiling fan models on the market in 2021, there are still some key factors you need to consider. These factors will allow you to make a wise decision and stop you from putting your money down the drain.

  • Durability

Durability is of the utmost importance when picking any electronic appliance in this day and age. The same goes for a ceiling fan. Before you make a purchase, you must make sure what type of materials the fan is made of. A good ceiling fan is usually made of sturdy wood or high-quality metal.

Try to avoid models with plastic components. You also need to keep in mind that it’s an outdoor ceiling fan. So, the material must be resistant to a certain level of water damage. There are several other environmental features to consider too. A model with a good damp or wet rating is recommended for that.

  • Motors

The next thing you need to check is the type of motor the fan is equipped with. It’s the motor that provides it with the power to spin indefinitely. The motor can also dictate the number of speed settings in a ceiling fan. Modern technological advances have made it possible to use DC motors in ceiling fans.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports

They are much more energy-efficient than AC motors and offer the same efficiency level (if not more). DC motors are also much quieter in action.

  • Additional Features

Apart from the obvious factors, outdoor ceiling fans come with multiple other features that may help make your life more convenient. For example, most of the models listed above come with LED lights that can illuminate your porch.

If you pick such a model, make sure the light bulb is energy efficient and encased in glass. Besides that, having a remote control device at your disposal can also be helpful. It will allow you to control the fan speed and even the light’s brightness.

best outdoor ceiling fans wet rated

We know that the outlook design is also important when buying a ceiling fan — there are plenty of choices out there. Some are modern and trendy, while others are classy and traditional. Choose one that best suits your home décor.

Final Words

By now, you probably have all the essential information to pick the correct model of an outdoor ceiling fan. All the different fascinating features can make it hard to choose just one model. Don’t get lost in the wide range of features. Instead, look for a model with features that cater to your needs.

If you are still confused, scroll up to the key factors we mentioned. We hope you read the guide thoroughly as it will only help you come to a wise conclusion. Only the best outdoor ceiling fans were reviewed in this article so that you can enjoy a pleasant breeze on a midsummer morning.

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