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Best Outdoor TV Antenna Consumer Reports

Are you planning to cut down on extra costs? Does the idea of a minimal lifestyle fascinate you? In truth, the additional expenses made on the numerous streaming services or satellite television are unnecessary. The monthly charge of each broadcasting network can accumulate to a significant amount.

In that case, the groundbreaking fact is that a lot of your favorite shows are on cable networks. You do not need to pay any expenses to make these shows available to you.

And for that, the best outdoor TV antenna is an essential device. It is a cost-effective choice if you opt to sign up for an antenna instead of a service that demands a designated fee.

Top Pick’s : 5 Best Outdoor TV Antenna

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Reviews

It seems as if you have already decided to go for an antenna; however, it is not easy to find the most suitable option. At times, most devices fail to provide the optimal signal according to your area. To avoid such circumstances, you need to tread lightly when choosing the right product for a profitable purchase.

1. RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna Review

This top rated outdoor TV antenna receives HD signals from renowned broadcasting channels such as NBC, FOX, and many more. No more missing out on famous television series.

Consequently, this exceptional product permits you to save the backup of your skipped shows in case of a power outage. Moreover, you can install this over-the-air antenna in your attic or outside if you like it. This device provides you with an optimal reception in all atmospheres.

The hardwearing construction adds to the durable aspect. In fact, the ergonomic design and user-friendly installation process further add to the strength of the device. Besides, the inclusion of an app to find signals of high-resolution broadcasting channels is very convenient.

Another exclusive feature of this outdoor HDTV antenna is its over 70 miles range for receiving signals. Turns out, if you are in the middle of nowhere, you will still get high-quality imaging of 4K and 1080p with the added benefit of pristine sound.


  • High-definition signal
  • Great reception range
  • 70+ miles range
  • Excellent quality telecast
  • Easy to use


  • Does not get many channels
  • Flimsy parts

2. Vansky Mile Motorized OTA Amplified HD TV Antenna Review

If you have more than one TV to connect your antenna with, you no longer require an adapter since this model allows you to secure two tellies at once. This most powerful outdoor TV antenna supports a signal reception that ranges up to 150 miles.

With an ultra-high frequency of 470 to 890MHz and a very high frequency of 40 to 300MHz, you can easily watch television of 1080p resolution on each band without any buffering.

This option is a strong contender for the best outdoor antenna by including weather and lightning resistant components in its stable structure. Most importantly, the addition of a wireless remote and inherent antenna rotator ensures comfort and ease.

On another note, the assistance of a 32.8 feet long coaxial cable comes very handy when it comes to the installation procedure. If you are stuck with a poor power signal, the integrated low noise amplifier enhances the degrading sound quality.


  • Built-in sound amplifier
  • Resistance from bad weather conditions
  • Included 32.8 feet of coax cable
  • Range of 150 miles
  • High-resolution video capture


  • Flimsy construction material
  • Cheap cord

3. Pingbingding Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna Review

A whopping range of 150 miles collectively generates a strong signal in this product’s case. Therefore, reinforcing a 4K video output is no longer a problem. Additionally, the dual television-supporting antenna exhibits exceptional UFH and VHF of 170 – 230MHz and UHF 470 – 860MHz.

Moreover, this best outdoor TV antenna for digital signal highlights the convenient installing technique known as the Snap-On installation. This ergonomic input in the design helps you to mount the antenna effortlessly and manually.

Besides, the antenna also showcases a resistance to atmospheric agents. Furthermore, the addition of a mounting shaft is beneficial. Also, the attached rotational element is a feature, which is primarily user-oriented.

Subsequently, the remote control comes with no attached cables. Most significantly, the inclusion of a lightweight yet durable 40feet RG6 coax cord puts this model in the list of best rooftop TV antenna as it provides more space for installation.


  • 150 miles reception
  • Easy installation system
  • Includes RG6 coax cable
  • Provides a pole for support
  • Consists of a rotational motor


  • Faulty spinning action
  • Signals not strong enough after 50-60 miles

4. FiveStar Outdoor HD TV Antenna Review

If you are from an isolated area, this highest rated outdoor TV antenna is ideal for you as it consists of a signal that travels up to 200 miles along with FM radio. Besides, the integrated LTE filter inhibits the obstruction of mobile signals for improved video quality.

Consequently, the included coax wire of 40feet and 4feet, along with the four splinters for numerous television connections, ensures a convenient outcome. Additionally, the incorporation of advanced technology that allows the device to acquire 15 to 35 decibels guarantees more pristine imaging.

On top of that, the functional frequency ranges from 45 to 860 MHz. Moreover, the two additional UHF factors and the fifty percent increase in the VHF element amplify the picture resolution on both bands.

Regarding this specific digital outdoor TV antenna, the comprehensive motorized rotator readily picks up the television signals. With the assurance of crystal-clear HD quality imaging and 1080p visual, the device’s ergonomic design also ensures easy assembly.


  • 200 miles signal
  • Included LTE filter
  • High-frequency range
  • Motorized 360 degrees rotator
  • Dual cord and four splinters


  • Defective rotational movement
  • The signal does not reach 200 miles

5. PBD Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Review

Are you looking for an antenna that supplies the inherent capacity to attach two televisions at once? This model allows you to do that without any splinters. At the same time, it showcases an effective range of signals, which reaches up to 150 miles.

What do you expect from the best small outdoor TV antenna? In this model’s case, the addition of an auto gain control of 32db, which makes the sound loud, poses excellent convenience. The heavy-duty construction will elevate the endurance level of the product and further aid in receiving proper signals.

Moreover, the infrared remote is another addition to the futuristic advancement of antennas. In fact, the inbuilt rotator enables you to readily position your device to your preference sitting from your couch. Above all, the inclusion of a 33feet RG6 coaxial cable and a pole reduces the pressure during fitting.

Fundamentally, resistance rough weather is essential for an outdoor antenna. And the antenna’s ability to receive HD signals on a frequency of 40 to 300MHz in VHF and 470 to 890MHz in UHF determines maximum efficient performance.


  • 150 miles of effective range
  • Substantial UHF and VHF range
  • Resistance to weather changes
  • Inbuilt 360-degree rotator
  • Auto gain control of 32db


  • No amplifier
  • Thin construction material

6. onn. 4K Hd Motorized Outdoor TV Antenna Review

best outdoor tv antenna

By incorporating a wide range of signal reception capacity, that is 150 miles, this best outdoor HDTV antenna displays a conspicuous grade of imagery in the form of 4K on your screen. Not only that, the 360-degree rotator spins to adjust and optimize the multidirectional antenna for standard picture quality.

You can enjoy your lazy afternoons without putting any effort into your broadcasting tool. Predominantly, the wireless hand-held controller allows for greater comfort and ease.

The association of both UHF (470 to 890MHz) and VHF (40~300MHz) conveniently allows the user to experience a broader extent of signal reception. This feature essentially provides a wide range of bandwidth, which prevents interference.

If you are into vintage technology, then FM radio’s inclusion will work in the device’s favor. This particular outside TV antenna comes with a 39.3 feet long coax cord, which helps the product’s appropriate setup. More importantly, the construction material is both water and weather-resistant.


  • The antenna can be adjusted
  • High-quality imagery
  • Includes 39.3 feet cord
  • Consists of FM radio
  • Wide range of bandwidth


  • Does not get all channels
  • Fragile cable

7. GE Pro Outdoor 4K 1080P VHF UHF Digital HDTV Antenna Review

Misspending unnecessary charges every month on the streaming platforms is a total waste of money. In fact, when you can easily access all your treasured shows free of all cost, then it is beyond redundant. This alternative option of antenna comes as a savior to humanity.

In light of the deception most brands offer in the name of 1080p, this option features uncompressed 1080p picture quality. As a consequence, there is no compromise when it comes to the clarity of the video.

Following that, even if you configure the antenna’s setup indoors, you no longer need to worry about receiving proper signals from either of the bandwidth. This product is essentially a good outdoor TV antenna since it allows us to reach a range of 70 miles.

The model also features 4K adaptability for image quality; this reduces the effort for a future technological upgrade. Besides, the easy to assemble aspect of the antenna further adds to the comfort of the device.


  • Uncompressed 1080p resolution
  • Indoor setup possible
  • 70 miles range
  • Features 4K video quality
  • Exceptional reception


  • Not good at outdoors
  • Picture pixilated

8. Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna Review

Off the record, the reason behind utmost picture clarity lies in the antenna’s ability to cancel out background noise during the reception. And for that, the included six reflectors in UHF enhances picture quality significantly.

Subsequently, V band’s introduction in this best outdoor antenna for HDTV refines VHF quality by 50%. The functioning frequency of VHF and UHF are 40 to 230MHz and 470 to 860MHz accordingly. More significantly, the 200-mile reception capacity ensures the live-stream of several channels.

The multidirectional rotator promotes suitable adjustment to obtain high-resolution screen time, including 4K, 1080p, and HD. Simultaneously, if you plan to plug in five-television sets to the antenna, this durable device authorizes you to that.

Above all, the high gain booster feature makes sure the gain is from 15d to 35d, which from its part, guarantees premium sound quality. For the installation of outdoor digital TV antennas, the device conveniently displays maximum user-friendliness through the addition of a mounting pole.


  • Reflectors included
  • High-quality screen time
  • Great gain booster
  • Included mounting pole
  • Range of 200 miles


  • Non-durable assembly material
  • Does not avail 200-mile signal

9. LAVA HD2605 Outdoor HD TV Antenna Review

How long have you been waiting for an antenna in a secluded area that brings you all your favorite shows? This omnidirectional device allows you to receive signals up to 150 miles from a broadcasting tower. Hence, you will have full access to numerous broadcasting channels.

Subsequently, this device requires no tuning as its complete rotational movement picks up any channel on air. The addition of an installation kit assists you towards an effortless set-up. You can mount this antenna on either your rooftop or attic without any hindrance.

This model is capable of getting signals under any circumstances. Not only that, the antenna supports high-definition 4K and 1080p picture quality. In case you want to attach numerous television sets to the antenna, it features two 4-way splitters that authorize the connection to eight TV at once.

Along with your local channels, this antenna’s reception goes beyond channels like NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC. The remote-controlled device is perfect for the countryside or rural areas.


  • Reception power of 150 miles
  • 4K and 1080p resolution
  • Quick-installation
  • Remote-controlled 360-degree rotation
  • Can be connected to 8 TV sets


  • Economical construction material
  • Issues with remote control

10. RCA Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna Review

best outdoor tv antenna

This amplified antenna not only intensifies the capacity for receiving signals but also ensures user-friendly features. In particular, the cordless remote controller’s inclusion further lets you control the antenna just sitting from your bed.

If you plan on cutting off your video streaming services, then the first thing you will notice while purchasing an antenna is the range since reception is the most crucial aspect for acquiring your desired TV channels.

In this device’s case, the reception range is about 150 miles around the broadcasting tower’s periphery. As a consequence, it receives channels from both of the bands. Subsequently, this antenna maintains top-grade 4K and 1080p resolution when displayed on a television.

On the other hand, you can fasten two sets of TV without any help of an adapter. Moreover, the addition of a 33ft coaxial cable provides excellent stretching space to attach the antenna with the control box.


  • Includes 33ft long cable
  • Reception reach of 150 miles
  • Features 4K and 1080p image quality
  • Built-in splitter
  • Convenient device


  • Does not include mounting pole
  • Rain may damage the antenna

What To Look For Before Buying On Best Outdoor TV Antenna?

So far, you may assume you are proficient in all the features associated with antennas. However, before making any purchase, engraving some key characteristics into your mind is the correct course of action. Hence, this segment is as important as the reviews themselves.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

There are two major categories when it comes to antennas, indoor and outdoor. Indoor antennas are generally useful for people who live in the metropolitan area of the city. Let’s say within 15 to 20 miles of broadcast towers.

On the other hand, those living 20 miles out and further may need to plan on attic mounted or outdoor antennas. Elevation can help stabilize reception inside and outside because tall buildings and trees can affect the incoming signals.

  • Frequency

In this indoor plus outdoor TV antenna review, you have read a lot about frequencies. The frequency coverage holds great importance as some region only supports very high frequency (VHF) telecast. While on the contrary, many broadcasting networks also use ultra-high frequency (UHF).

best tv antenna

Your device’s purchase will mostly depend upon your area; however, some models comprise of both bandwidth and establish an adaptive frequency for everyone.

  • Signal Range

Regarding the range of the antenna, the equation is simple. The takeaway here is that the higher the range, the greater the device’s ability to pick up the signals for all the channels available in the air.

  • Ergonomic Design

Ensure the device you are opting for consists of a 360-degree motorized rotator that allows you to adjust your antenna in an omnidirectional manner. This feature also enables you to calibrate the antenna to receive proper reception.

Securing comfort and ease is crucial in regard to the age-old misconception of antennas being uncooperative. On that note, the inclusion of a wireless controller is a significant innovation.

Final Words

It is apparent you can significantly economize if you get rid of the streaming services and satellite TV. Instead, the economically feasible option is retracing your steps to the best outdoor TV antenna, which permits you to pick up the signal of your favorite broadcasting channel. After all, it is all free in the end.


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