The Best Personal Cooling Systems of 2022

Here are the seven best cooling systems for personal use. Your list is in reverse order, ending with the top rated personal cooling system. A personal cooling system needs to provide enough airflow so you feel cool, plus be small enough to be conveniently portable.

7. ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan

Best Personal Cooling Systems ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan

One nice feature about your first choice on our list of the best personal cooling system is that this one is bladeless. It’s quiet, efficient, and operates off a Lithium-ion battery.

  • This is a battery-powered personal cooling system that has a convenient USB charger.
  • The ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan fits in the palm of your hand or sits securely on any flat surface.
  • There is a unique 2-in-1 fan mode that produces an air conditioner like refrigerant capable of dropping your temperature by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The distance the air travels from the fan is only about one foot. In other words, it needs to be close to you to work effectively.

6. Cool On The Go! Personal Cooling Device

Best Personal Cooling Systems Cool On The Go! Personal Cooling Device

The next personal cooling system is also battery-powered yet includes a 7.5AC wall adapter as well. You can either run off the battery source or plug it into a wall socket for increased power. There is also an LED light. This way, so you can easily see what cooling speed you’ve selected.

  • This personal cooling system has three ways to recharge. You can use the 4-foot USB cord, the AC wall adapter, or the convenient DC car charger.
  • The Cool On The Go! Personal Cooling Device will cool you for up to 12-hours on battery power.
  • This personal cooling system has a base that is stable, while it allows you to position it to blow in any particular direction.
  • This system generated strong user reviews. However, it is the most expensive choice on our list.

5. UCOOL – Body Cooling Band

Best Personal Cooling Systems UCOOL - Body Cooling Band

The next personal cooling system doesn’t require any source of power. You don’t need to refrigerate it either. It works off of the natural cooling sensation of gently flowing water.

  • The UCOOL Body Cooling Band works by expelling heat from your body and dissipating it into the water.
  • It’s a neck cooling band, so you can wear it anywhere. This is a great item for workouts, hiking, or any hands-free situation.
  • There are no batteries to charge. You just fill the band with water and slip it around your neck.
  • The time that this personal cooling system works depends on how hot the air is, and how hot your body is. Once the water warms to a certain point, it stops expelling heat from your body.

4. Allkeys Portable Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan

Best Personal Cooling Systems Allkeys Portable Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan

The Allkeys personal cooling system is a three-mode device. You can use it just as a fan or change the setting to spray a light mist. There is also a setting that combines both features for the cooling sensation of blowing on moisture.

  • This is an ultra quiet personal cooling system, so it works great anywhere you need a quiet source of coolness.
  • The Allkeys Portable Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan is available in three colors, soft blue, bright green or flamboyant pink.
  • There are three modes to choose from, fan only, mist only, and a fan-mist combination.
  • The fan blows well, giving you a cooling breeze at a fair distance. On the other hand, the mist feature works at less than half that distance.

3. VersionTECH Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan

Best Personal Cooling Systems VersionTECH Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan

VersionTECH makes the next cooling device. It doesn’t spray a cooling mist, but does have a powerful, three-speed cooling fan. Even at the maximum speed of 3100rpm, it is quietly efficient.

  • This personal cooling system comes with a full, 45-day refund policy and a one-year quality warranty.
  • The VersionTECH Personal Cooling Mini Desk Fan can still work even when it is charging.
  • It’s portable and battery powered, with a USB charger cord and AC adapter.
  • There is no cooling mist of water. Therefore, if the surrounding air is extremely hot, this will reduce the cooling efficiency of this system.

2. OPOLAR Necklace Fan

Best Personal Cooling Systems OPOLAR Necklace Fan

The next personal cooling product is a necklace fan. The necklace design can also hang conveniently from any hook. It’s great for the office, camp outs or hanging around your neck for a source of cool air. The fan is battery powered with a convenient USB charger and adapter.

  • This personal cooling system uses a powerful, three-speed fan that produces a maximum rotation speed of 4800rpm.
  • The OPOLAR Necklace Fan rotates a full 180 degrees to not only cool you directly, but cool the air within your immediate vicinity as well.
  • Once the batteries are fully charged, your personal cooling fan will work for up to 20 hours before you need to recharge. Recharging only takes about six hours.
  • The round design doesn’t sit on a flat surface very well.

1. Black Ice MaxSys Personal Cooling System

Best Personal Cooling Systems Black Ice MaxSys Personal Cooling System

The final product on your list of the best personal cooling systems generated the highest overall customer reviews. It’s part of the line of cooling products made by Black Ice. The holder is soft and pliable and holds one of the two personal cooling packs.

  • This is a state-of-the-art cooling system that combines cool water with high-powered air movement. With the detachable cool pack in place, the unit produces an immediate temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • There is a two-piece collar that fits snugly around your neck. The ergonomic design will stay in place even during rough activities.
  • The Black Ice MaxSys Personal Cooling System only takes around 20-minutes to be fully recharged and ready to go.
  • While this personal cooling system offers excellent features and produces the most cooling benefit, it is priced at nearly double the cost of other options.


These are the seven best personal cooling systems for 2022. Some offer a cooling fan, others combine a soft mist with a fan, and still others use the direct contact of cold packs to cool you down. If you’ve used any of these products, tell us what you think. In addition, if you think there is a personal cooling system we missed, let us hear about those as well.

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