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Best Pillow Top Mattress Consumer Reports

Are you searching for the best pillow top mattress? Then you are at the right place.

There is no alternative of a soft covered and well-balanced top mattress to have a lavish feel and better comfort. There is plenty of pillow top mattress in the market with different features and specifications. You should make sure that you have such a mattress that supports all three sleeping positions. Whether you lie at the side, front, or back, the mattress must support you and eliminates the motion disturbance.

Finding a proper mattress can be your therapist to relieve your body pains and sprain. So, check this article properly and then collect the right one.

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What to Look for Before Purchasing Best Pillow Top Mattress

Before going for purchasing a mattress, you should know what features you have to look at. Several brands make a glorious mattress. But before purchasing, read the pillow top mattress reviews, get a better idea, and then choose.

  • Body Support

The pillow top mattress should have a top-quality body support system. There is a different technology to combine foam layers and coil or spring to make the best balance. While buying a mattress, check if it can balance your body well. The best pillow top mattress has a coil or spring-infused foam to trigger your body’s hefty points and create a wavy equipoise.

best pillow top mattress

  • Plush Top

Look for a pillow top cover that is well knitted, firm fabric, and hypoallergenic. The mattress topper should be replaceable that makes the washing possible. You can find this type of quality cover with a plush design and soft fabric. Many brands care to keep all features in one cover.

  • Mattress Type

There are variations in cushioning, setting layers of foams, and coil or spring infusion. Some mattresses are made of polyurethane, and some have latex. Memory foam is better for having the best supportive nature. The coils or springs remain in separate pockets, and it independently works to balance. The movement will be absorbed through the mattress foaming layers. So, check gravely to find if it can hold you correctly and spread motion transfer.

best pillow top mattress

  • Cooling Agent

If the mattress has airflow function, then it will have better breathability. It can consume the extra body temperature and keep the body cool. There are many mattresses with this function. So, why not finding such a pillow top?

  • Budget Plan

You may search for a mattress with all the better features, but you do not have enough money. Then search well. Many brands built top mattresses with top quality and body balancing features but at low prices. You will find a mattress in a price range from $300 to $1000.

  • Quality

Quality matters at first. Your mattress must have better quality. The cover top, innerspring, gel foam, and foam layers should have excellent quality and extended warranty. Check their material and be sure about their quality.

  • Allergens and Chemical Free

Your mattress must be free of allergens, molds, bacteria, or chemicals. Various types of foams are hypoallergenic and also prohibit chemical or odor production. Make sure that your mattress possesses this quality.

Best Pillow Top Mattress- Top 10 Products

From a variety of mattresses, finding the best pillow, the top mattress needs a quite hassle. From our research, we found the top quality and better-featured mattress. Check through them and get your choice.

1. Sweetnight Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress Review

Telling about the best relief and generous support at night, Sweetnight comes with a memory foam pillow top mattress. This is the best mattress in terms of reliver of back pain, shoulder sprain, and headache. The ultimate support for turning, tossing, and motion is ensured through the wrapped innerspring. These springs are contoured in three pockets to provide the motion balance evenly. Even your partner will have an undisturbed sleep overnight.

There are various types of fabrics that cause skin irritations, rust production, or slow inflammation. The gel memory foam is covered with such a fabric free of heavy metals, including leads, mercury, or formaldehyde. This material combination is certified by the Certipur-US.  It has a reliable foam layer that adjusts well to the temperature and body weight. Even you do not feel that there are coil and spring inside it. It buffers to maintain the balance and distribute foaming support from head to toe.


  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Well-fitted in a box while shipping and it takes less time to get into original form
  • Gel density of foam ensures the airflow through the high density
  • Perfect spinal and body alignment
  • Quilted knit fabric


  • Quite heavy

2. Sealy White Pillow Top Mattress Review

Posturepedic technology refers to an extra layer in the middle of the memory foam. It makes the mattress robust and stiff. The dense mattress structure combined with extra coils and provides the perfect alignment of your spine and back ribs. The Sealy hybrid pillow top mattress with the Posturepedic technology targets the heavier part of the body and balances it. The best alignment will keep your body sound and restful at night.

This mattress includes the Duraflex coil edge that is the reinforced border of the coil. It increases the durability and additional setting space. You will feel more sleeping places at the edge. As the best firm pillow top mattress, it offers protective layers between the foam and supports breathability. You will get a fresh and cool temperature while lying on it. The additional layers are for making asleep on top gestures within the deep down experience.


  • Posturepedic technology-supported mattress
  • Duraflex coil edge between layers of foam
  • Protective layers in covers of the mattress
  • Additional foam to support holding
  • Innerspring top of the pillow


  • Expensive

3. Classic Sleep Mercer Hybrid Top Mattress Review

To ensure the best comfort, Classic Sleep brings the best mattress pillow top made by gel-infused structure. The gel infusion confirms the breathability and allows air to flow inside the foam. Continuous airflow captures different body temperatures and keeps your body cool. The feel is fantastic, and it calms your heart and soul. The best peaceful sleep overnight gets away your tension and pressure.

The mattress consumed the motion transfer slowly and fill-in for each motion. It balances your movement and sets the body alignment again and again for every move. All the mattress structure combination gives the orthopedic support well for your back, neck, and shoulder. Besides that, memory foam is an anti-allergen material that increases durability and supports hygienic matters.

The gesture is elegant for the innovative design and beautiful. Your bed will well fit with this 2-inches queen size mattress. Increase the beauty of your room and make a classy look.


  • Support the cooling technology
  • Orthopedic support by the better spine alignment
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-proof material made mattress
  • Premium quality and extra robust structure


  • May not balance with the frame width and length

4. Sweetnight King Euro Pillow Top Review

This is the best pillow top king mattress of Sweetnight. In 10 inches, there are four layers to confirm the best comfort. The perfect body alignment, correct spine setting, gel-infused foam, and durable density maintain the body’s balance over the mattress. Whatever weight the person has, the gel foam targets the body’s fatty part and removes the sagginess.

If the movement makes your body bump, all your peace and silence will go away, and it destroys your resting time. The last layer is made of pocket springs, and all pockets individually work to resist the bumpiness and create a polite sleeping environment. Even you do not feel your partner’s movement. The premium quality knitted fabric makes the top, and the remarkable fact is that there a highly dense foam layer. This dense foam layer increases durability and maximizes sturdiness.

Surprisingly, this dense layer is responsible for breathability. It allows air to enter and pass the moisture. The airflow gets the additional temperature away and makes you feel relaxed. So, sound sleep is confirmed as well.  Every feature is so well-balanced that it makes it the best rated pillow top mattress on the pillow top mattress reviews.


  • Gel-infused Memory foam
  • Heat and moisture-balancing
  • High-density foam support heavyweight
  • Reinforced Edge support


  • Tightly rolled boxing is challenging to set the mattress over the bed frame

5. Classic Sleep Gramercy Hybrid Pillow Mattress Review

If you have severe back pain and crave a lavish pillow mattress, Classic Sleep built a hybrid mattress. The Gramercy hybrid mattress is the best pillow top mattress for back pain. The hybrid-mattress structure has standard amounts of coils. These coils stay blended well with the foam to reduce the sagginess and bounce. The foam-induced coil structure balances the body weight by capturing the heavier body parts as it feels light.

The hybrid foam and inside formation keep your spine in a comfortable alignment. So, your back pain gets relief the whole night, and you will have a bright morning rise. Gramercy cool gel foam makes the perfection in cooling your body by capturing the different temperatures and allowing an even airflow. It increases the inhalation of the foam and gives the ultimate moisture-holding amaze. You will have the fun of a rest-full night.

However, you lie on your bed, move right or left, and the mattress will equip your movement all over the bed, and your partner will not have any disturbance. In terms of quality, you will get ten years of manufacturers’ warranty, but it has the record of lasting a lot more.


  • CertoPUR certified foam construction
  • Anti-allergenic foam cover
  • Adjustable with motion through foam and coil infused structure
  • Orthopedic support


  • Expensive

6. Vibe Euro Pillow Hybrid Mattress Review

Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Top 12-Inch Mattress | CertiPUR-US Certified | Bed-in-a-Box Queen

Vibe has a generous addition of a hybrid pillow mattress. The wrapped coil of the mattress is responsible for the motion transfer for comforting every movement. Between your body and the innerspring, there is a layer of open-cell foam. The open-cell foam is a rubber material made product. It has an inflating agent inside to creates a gas that expands the rubber. This rubber expansion improves body alignment and encourages pressure control. This layer’s rubber cells stay open, and it helps maintain the balance of your body’s movement on the coil.

The memory foam is CertiPUR certified for hypoallergenic protection. It protects you from every type of germs, molds, bacteria, insects, and dust mites and increases durability and freshness for long. Your modern designed bed will stay the same as new and will keep the beauty of your room for an extended period.

The foam is capable of adjusting with an adjustable bed frame. So, it supports orthopedic supporting bed structure, and so you can use this mattress on any frame, whether it is adjustable or not.


  • Continuous breathability between foam layers
  • The perfect combination of foam and spring through the hybrid technology
  • Orthopedic support by the right alignment
  • Hypoallergenic foam construction


  • Temperature cooling gel is absent

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7. Modway Jenna Twin White Top Mattress Pillow Review

When we lie down on our bed, we feel stressed more for the body curve’s extra pressure. If the bed mattress can trigger those pressure points and relieve extra pushing from body parts, we will feel a full rest. The Modway mattress is capable of absorbing additional push and balancing the movement. Modway ensures the ultimate sleep peace, and this eliminates insomnia too.

Yes, insomnia can be relieved by passing your resting time over this bed mattress. Not only sleep but also enjoy reading books, or watching TV. Refresh your minds with amazement and still keep the plush feeling while staying on the mattress top. Then go to sleep and find peace.

In terms of durability, it remains as new for a long time. You will have a manufacturers’ warranty for ten years, and you will forget how time passed. The mattress is fire-proof. How unbelievable it sounds, is it! Yes, the polyester has non-combustible materials that keep the pillow top fire-resistant. So, enjoy the plush feel with the classy look of your room.


  • Balancing motion by isolating movement technology
  • Inflammable mattress quality
  • Softest pillow top mattress
  • Ten years of manufacturers’ warranty
  • Responsive memory gel foam with padding
  • Reasonable enough


  • After unrolling from the box, decompressing may take a while

8. EASELAND Bamboo Pillow Foam Top Mattress Review

Fresh and clean bamboo fabric is airy noted. The green foliage, pink peppercorn, and citrus are material of this fabric, and these material helps keep the pillow mattress fresh and nature-like. The bamboo-made air fabric will remove any deodorant smell, perfume fragrance, or dye flavors. You will have great odor-free pleasant smells and get a worry-free taste while sleeping.

The EASELAND mattress is the top rated pillow top mattress for the new bamboo fabric and a combination of cool gel foam with innerspring. The balancing for head, shoulder, spine, back, and leg is perfect within the harmless security. Your body will cradle over the top mattress. Both the wrapped coil and spring adjust the body pressure. Each of the coil pockets and springs works independently to confirm the best comfort.

The mattress is well adjustable in almost every frame structure and bed format. Whatever the case is, the mattress fit on every edge. So, for the orthopedic support, it fulfills all demand.


  • Cooling gel memory foam encased in coils and springs included
  • Bamboo air fabric for the highest breathability
  • Reasonable comparing with plenty of features
  • Ten years manufacturers’ warranty
  • Hypoallergenic for the excellent skin protection


  • Assembling takes time.

9. Signature Design Ashley Top Mattress Review

You do not have to stay at a 5-star hotel for the plush feel and the best comfort. The signature Design brings super-features combined with Ashley pillow mattresses. The mattress creates the traditional feel and looks with all modern comforting specifications. With classy mattress support, the conventional spring mattress has the type of Bonnell spring structure.

The Bonnell mattress has coils that are of an hourglass shape. This shape means pressed in middle and wide at top and bottom. This structure is supportive for balancing the body shape and prevents bouncing from the edge. This ensures the higher area to sit and move freely. Coils connect with a metal-made mesh which increases the strength and durability. This mattress makes a traditional feel with a trendy design.

The memory foam-made mattress offers lumbar support for its medium-hard nature. If the foam is more challenging or softer, it cannot support the best orthopedic advantage. The foam also has a cooling agent for calm mind making features. Have peace during sleep.


  • Adjustable foam mattress with any frame and bed base
  • Traditional look and trendy design
  • Little assemble required
  • Low price


  • Box spring separately sold

10. Classic Brands Full Top Pillow Mattress Review

The tempered carbon steel-made coils make an ultimate comforting agent. This is the Classic Brands Pillow top. It confirms the robust construction and firm body of the mattress. Coils are encased in a pocket and infused to foam to make better support. The tempered steel coil increases the edge support and encourages safety while lying on a bed. It correlates with other layers of foams to bring supreme mounting.

The thick pillow top mattress gives the medium feel that supports the best to every part of the body. The combination of layers spreads the motion transfer and creates proper balance. The cover is a soft-made fabric that creates a pleasant calm taste.


  • Contouring coil and innerspring combination
  • Traditional structure mattress
  • Ten years of warranty from manufacturers
  • Two cushioning layers of fibers at beneath and top
  • Medium-firm body foundation of the mattress


  • A little expensive comparatively


If you want a decorative feel and also orthopedic support while lying on your bed, then your pillow mattress should have that quality to meet your demand. The mattress can support you while you have back pain or a restless night. So, look for the best pillow top mattress which keeps the spine, back, head, and neck in harmony on the bed.

The best mattress can increase your resting and minimize your sleep problem. It can take you to the ultimate peace and transform your bedrest into a freshness therapy. So, have a great mattress and enjoy your night’s sleep.



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