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No living room is complete without a recliner.

There is nothing like coming home from work, school, or whatever obligation you were taking care of outside of the house and settling right into your favorite recliner.

Indeed, recliners are a staple in any given living room or bedroom.

There are literally thousands of different recliners out there, and it can be really difficult to choose just one.

As simple as the main purpose of a recliner may be, different recliners have different features that actually give them different purposes outside their main purpose.

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Top 10 Best Recliners Consumer Reports

1. Homall PU Leather Padded Recliner Review

As fashionable as they look, recliners made with standard PVC leather typically do not last. Oftentimes, they will not resist wear and tear and this can get really noticeable. The frames of some of these recliners are also not as durable as they should be. This gets really troublesome if you intend to keep your recliner for the long term.

Homall’s recliner solves both of these. It is made from PU leather which is not only wear resistant, but it also resists odors that can develop in PVC leather. The frame is also a little stronger than other recliners, being 3mm thick. These will let you keep it for a lot longer before replacing it.

The back of Homall’s recliner is also a lot more thick than other recliners which provides a little more lumbar support. Combining this with its massage modes will ensure comfort in a way that few other recliners provide.

You’ll probably want to look elsewhere if you are a taller person or have a large frame, since Homall’s recliner fits an average sized person. If you are taller than 6 feet, your feet will hang over the footrest when you extend it and this can get uncomfortable.

2. FDW Recliner Chair With Padded Seat Backrest Review

A recliner could provide the most comfort in the world, but this means nothing if it only extends to a couple of angles. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a recliner that only has 90 degree and 160 degree settings.

The best recliners out there give you options, and this is what you get with FDW’s recliner. You can extend the footrest to any given angle, not just two or three. The options you get from this are endless and it improves comfort because of this.

Most recliners do not provide as much lumbar and neck support as they should, but this is not the issue with FDW’s recliner. It’s padding contains doll cotton and a PU leather exterior, and this contributes more to its comfort level than you could possibly imagine. Even better, the exterior is water resistant so you’ll have nothing to worry about if something spills on it.

Because it can extend to multiple angles, FDW’s recliner can struggle when it comes to locking in place. Expect its footrest to not stay in place even if you extend it to higher angles. This can be troublesome to deal with as sometimes the footrest will be perfectly locked and sometimes it will not.

3. Esright Ergonomic Lounge Recliner Chair Review

Most recliners that contain message and vibration settings leave you wanting more. While these settings are useful, they are usually not as detailed as you might like, with the chair typically only being able to message the entire body and not different parts of the body.

Esright’s recliner solves this issue decisively. Containing a remote control that allows you to massage different parts of your lower body, it also allows you to apply certain heat levels to the body and not many recliners contain this feature.

Comfort will also not be a problem at all with Esright’s recliner as it contains very thick padding, especially on the back parts. You will practically sink into Esright’s recliner and it will feel like you are sitting on a pillow. This is very impressive and not many recliners provide this level of comfort. The 360 degree swivel is also a nice touch.

Esright’s recliner is the closest thing you can get to an “all-purpose” recliner. However, there is one glaring drawback to it, and that is its lack of water resistance. Even though the exterior is made of PU leather, it’ll absorb liquids which will stain it, among other things.

4. Ashley Power Lift Recliner Saddle Review

Most recliners extend manually. While this is the industry standard for most recliners, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with, especially if you are a larger person or if you are an older person with joints that are not as powerful as they used to be.

The Power Lift by Ashley solves this problem. Containing remote control operation, you’ll be able to extend it with the push of a button. Not only does this give you a near infinite amount of options when it comes to reclining in and of itself, it is perfect if you never cared for operating recliners manually.

Another fantastic thing about the Power Lift is that it is also extremely comfortable. The back is high and the cushions are thick. It is also very big and will easily accommodate a large and tall person, being 35 inches wide by 40 inches deep.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with the Power Lift is that it is made of PVC leather. PVC leather is not very high quality leather when it comes to recliners. It will encounter wear and tear and will also develop odors. It doesn’t contain messaging options or features, either.

5. BestMassage Recliner Chair Review

Recliner chairs that have massage options tend to ignore certain key areas of your lumbar and back. They’ll contain points for every other area of the body except the areas of your back that you need massaged the most. This is frustrating to deal with.

BestMassage’s recliner eliminates these frustrations by containing massage points that are designed for the middle of the back. The middle of the back is right above the lumbar where most of the pressure to your lumbar is applied and you’ll notice how much lumbar tension is removed when the mid back is massaged on BestMassage’s recliner.

Unlike only 2 or 3 different footrest angles that most other recliners possess, you get 5 with BestMassage’s recliner. This allows you to relax in multiple positions and when you combine this with its massage points, you’ll experience almost perfect relaxation. This is even more pronounced because of its cotton padding and springs that are placed inside the padding.

Unfortunately, BestMassage’s recliner is not really designed for big or tall people. It only stretches out to a little over 5 feet and you will not fit in it comfortably at all even if you possess an average weight and height.

6. Jummico Adjustable Fabric Recliner Review

As nice as leather recliners are, they tend to lose their comfort pretty fast. This is especially true if they are made of PVC leather, which your body can stick to. Leather doesn’t breathe as much as other materials either. While sitting in a leather recliner is fine, sleeping in one is not comfortable if you need to.

The material of Jummico’s recliner is made of high quality fabric and this is what makes it suitable to sleep on. This fabric breathes a lot better than leather and unlike other fabric recliners, the padding on Jummico’s recliner is a lot more thick. This makes it a lot more comfortable than almost any given leather recliner.

Most recliners do not give you many options when it comes to adjustment. They usually have 3 adjustment settings and only 3 adjustment settings and this can limit your methods of relaxation. This is not a good thing if you experience a lot of pain when you are only in one position. You will not need to deal with this with Jummico’s recliner which allows you to adjust the back from 90 degrees to 165 degrees, with the footrest being able to lock in place wherever you need it.

Although the fabric material of Jummico’s recliner is very comfortable, it is not waterproof at all. It will also develop odors really quickly, especially if you intend to sit or sleep on it in the long term. You’ll want a leather recliner for long term use.

7. Furniwell Living Room Reclining Sofa Review

PVC leather is one of the worst materials that a recliner can be made of. Unfortunately, it is really common for recliners to be made of PVC leather and it can actually be difficult to tell whether you possess a recliner that is made of PVC leather or the better quality PU leather.

You’ll be able to tell right away that Furniwell’s recliner is made of PU leather. This is because its surface is a little more soft than even common PU leather and you’ll feel this difference. This makes it just as comfortable to sit or sleep on than any given recliner that is made of fabric. You might notice a slight difference but this difference is negligible.

Unlike other recliners that only use a couple of different massage vibration settings, Furniwell’s recliner uses 8 different settings for this. The vibrators are located in between your lumbar and tailbone and you’ll experience maximum comfort in this area when you adjust it to 160 degrees. Sitting in it is also comfortable as the armrest is curved and not completely straight like other recliners.

It’s unfortunate that the vibrators are only located in between the lumbar and tailbone, especially since it has such a variety of settings. You’ll need to look for a different recliner if you want one that massages other areas of your body.

8. Esright Electric Motorized Fabric Sofa Review

Classic recliners are very difficult to adjust. Given all the new technology of our time, these kinds of recliners are not only out of date, but they are nearly obsolete. While there is nothing specifically wrong with these kinds of recliners, there are definitely more convenient ones out there that you can enjoy.

This is where Esright’s recliner comes in. Any given adjustment that it has is operated with a motor. You can adjust it to lift, sit, or recline by using the buttons on the side of it. It also has a USB charger on the side of it next to the buttons to charge devices with, and also contains cup holders on each side of it. You can also keep things on the side of it.

Esright’s fabric sofa is also extremely comfortable. The fabric is soft, the back and armrests are very thick, and you’ll practically sink into it. You’ll want Esright’s recliner if you are in need of a recliner that you can spend most of the day in.

There are a couple of things you should watch out for with Esright’s fabric sofa. First, understand that it is made of fabric. Fabric is not waterproof. Be very careful when handling beverages around it. It also only extends to 150 degrees so sleeping in it is not ideal.

9. BestMassage Reclining Accent Chair Review

Most modern recliners are only really suitable for the home. It is very rare that you’ll be able to fit a modern recliner in an establishment since most of them are either too big or they need to be plugged in so they can activate their features.

You’ll want BestMassage’s accent chair if you are tasked with stocking an establishment with accent chairs or recliners. Installing it is effortless and unlike other recliners, it provides a good amount of sunlight resistance despite its leather exterior. This makes it much more versatile than other recliners that are really designed for the home and nothing else.

A lot of newer recliners contain a lot of options but this is done at the expense of how stable the rack structure is. You’ll want BestMassage’s accent chair if you find yourself struggling with rack structures that are not as solid as you want t

Other than the fact that it is very simple in its design, there really is nothing else that is special about BestMassage’s accent chair. As mentioned earlier, it does not contain any of the features that current recliners have. You’re going to need to look elsewhere if you are interested in a recliner that has massaging features.

10. JC Home Liano Recliner Chair Review

While most recliners claim that they have a lot to offer in terms of comfort, very few are able to follow up and deliver on this promise. Leather recliners can stick to you and fabric can get rough over time. This results in less than impressive comfort.

Containing a microfiber material as well as microfiber upholstery, you will not go wrong with JC Home’s Liano recliner chair. The microfiber material will not stick to you like leather does and it does not encounter nearly as much wear and tear as fabric materials do. Microfiber materials combine the best of these worlds and the Liano shows this.

The Liano will also stand the test of time, which is something else that a good amount of recliners are not perfect at. It does this by containing a hardwood frame and a high quality reclining mechanism. The Liano will lock in place perfectly when you extend it and this is something that you will appreciate.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you are in need of a recliner that contains massage features and settings as well as other settings that are common to today’s recliners. The Liano contains none of these.

Benefits of Recliners

best recliners consumer reports

What else is there to a recliner other than a piece of furniture that you can sit or lie on?

The answer to this question lies in its comparison to other similar kinds of furniture. For example, compare a recliner to a couch or a futon.

Couches have pull out beds and futons can fold into a bed. This gives them the same functions as a recliner but there are a couple of things that recliners possess that these other pieces of furniture do not.

The first of these is a much better level of comfort, especially when lying down. It is true that couches and futons are comfortable when sitting on them. But their bed components are much less comfortable than any given recliner.

Another benefit that a recliner has over a couch or a futon are their settings. How many couches or futons have massage options? How many of them are remote operated? Very few, if any.

Recliners also take far less space than any given couch or futon. While a couch or a futon can seat multiple people, only one person can lie down on one.

This makes recliners more useful especially if you do not need furniture for a group and only need furniture for one.

These are just a few benefits that recliners have over their counterparts.

Best Recliners – A Buying Guide

It can be really difficult to make a sound decision on a recliner because at first glance, it seems like they appear like they are all the same in what they do.

However, there is much more to a recliner than just a chair that stretches so that you can lie down instead of just sit.

You should consider the following things before buying a recliner.

1. How Many People Do You Need The Recliner For?

This is the first thing that you need to consider. You need to consider this because recliners come in different sizes. 

Some recliners are designed specifically for different sizes and you need to determine exactly how many people you need the recliner for and whether the dimensions of the recliner you are interested in will accommodate the people in your home or establishment.

2. Do You Need A Recliner For A Home Or An Establishment?

Although most recliners are designed for homes, it is also possible that you may need a group of recliners for an establishment, such as an office or a hotel.

If you do need a recliner for an establishment, you’ll also need to consider a different list of other things when it comes to certain features that recliners have.

3. How Important Are Massage And Vibration Settings To You Or Others?

A good amount of recliners contain settings where they will vibrate with the intent of massaging certain parts of the body.

This is connected to the previous consideration in that you’ll want to determine whether you find recliners like these necessary if you need them for an establishment or not.

Although you may want a recliner for a home, you’ll also want to consider whether those in your home have a need for these features or not.

4. What Kind Of Material Is Most Comfortable For You Or Others?

Like any kind of furniture, recliners are made of different materials.

Some are made of leather, some from fabric, and some are made of microfiber.

It is up to you to determine which material is not only right for you but right for others.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Recliners

Q: Why are recliners bad for your back?

Ans : Recliners are bad for your back in the same way that any other kind of furniture is bad for your back in that if your body is in one position for long periods of time, the lumbar spine in your back will start supporting the rest of your body. Because most recliners are extremely comfortable, you will often not be aware of how long you have been sitting in it and this is why they are potentially harmful for your back.

Q: Is it OK to sleep in a recliner every night?

Ans : While it is permissible to sleep in a recliner occasionally, it is definitely not recommended to sleep in one regularly. Your body does a lot of things when you sleep and sleeping in a recliner is similar to sleeping on a couch in that it restricts this movement a lot. It is not OK to sleep in a recliner every night if you are interested in maintaining good posture and are also interested in reducing back pain.

Q: Are Lay-Z-Boy recliners good quality?

Ans : Lay-Z-Boy is one of the most noticeable brands of recliners in existence. In fact, many refer to recliners themselves as a “Lay-Z-Boy.” However, brand recognition does not dictate good quality. Like with any brand of recliner, there are some good quality Lay-Z-Boy recliners and there are some bad ones.

Q: What is the most comfortable recliner?

Ans : Although the answer to this varies from person to person, the general consensus would probably agree that the most comfortable recliners are really deep, have very soft outer materials, and contain plenty of massage settings. These are the features that are typically in the most demand when it comes to recliners.

Q: Which is better, Ashley or Lay-Z-Boy?

Ans : Both of these brands hold a lot of significance in the world surrounding recliners. However, they both focus on different things. Ashley tends to focus more on aesthetics than function. Ashley recliners tend to complement a lot of living rooms in homes and other surroundings. Lay-Z-Boy recliners are all about function, being some of the most comfortable recliners on the market with some of the most advanced settings and features.


You are missing out on a lot if you do not have a recliner in your home.

Although they are similar to a couch or a futon, you have a lot more options for comfort with recliners.

From their plush materials to their massage and vibration settings, you really cannot go wrong with putting in a recliner in your home.

Some recliners are also small enough to have in an establishment that you own, and your staff or patrons will appreciate you for this.

Take some time to explore the wide world of recliners. You will not regret it.

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