The Best Smart Sprinkler Controller of 2018

The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2022

In our article, we’re going to review ten of the best smart sprinkler controller systems available, based on quality, popularity, and user reviews. Smart sprinkler controllers are becoming increasingly popular due to their positive impact both on a person’s wallet, as well as the environment. When deciding on one, there are many factors to consider, like the size of your yard and your overall budget.

10. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

One of our top best smart sprinkler controller picks is made by Rachio. The first thing we noticed that was a huge plus with this particular model is that it comes in two different configurations. The two offered options are eight and sixteen, with eight being the standard selection for small and medium-sized homes.

Another nice feature is that this controller will automatically skip a watering session. This way, you are not going to waste resources when rain is in your area. In addition, this model is also fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for enhanced functionality.

9. Orbit 57946 B-Hyve Sprinkler System Controller

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Sprinkler System Controller

The Orbit 57946 model is another great pick to consider. For starters, it connects with a free app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you can easily set customized watering schedules as well as control the system remotely.

You can also access the same features using a customized web interface option. Sealed in a weather-resistant case, this model is quite sturdy and should last for many years with proper care. In addition, this model supports voice control when using Alexa as well.

8. Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller

Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller

Another excellent option is the Netro smart sprinkler control system. For areas that routinely face watering restrictions, this is the best smart sprinkler controller. That’s because this intelligent device automatically detects water restrictions. Afterward, Netro adjusts the watering schedule to ensure compliance.

In addition, this model connects to standard 2.4G home wireless connections. The company has also developed a free mobile app for enhanced functionality while away.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this model installs quickly and doesn’t require specialized tools. We also like that it displays a wide range of temperature data and moisture level charting as well.

7. RainMachine Mini-8

RainMachine Mini-8

The RainMachine Mini-8 is an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized properties. It supports eight different watering zones. On top of that, it helps users save water with free, real-time access to NOAA weather alerts for their area.

In addition, this model supports multiple different control methods with a free app for both iOS and Android devices. You can also use most standard web browsers as well. With an illuminated touch keypad, adjusting the settings from outside is also very convenient as well. For those who are environmentally conscious, you will like that this model is WaterSense certified.

6. JMFone Smart Sprinkler Controller

JMFone Smart Sprinkler Controller

If cost is a big concern, this device by JMFone is definitely the best smart sprinkler controller for you. Supporting nine different control zones, this model is more than adequate for medium-sized homes and businesses.

One of the nicest features this particular model has is that it is fully compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. We also like that this model can quickly connect to most home WiFi networks with just one button by using the WPS option on your router. In addition, the quick setup is another excellent bonus to consider.

5. Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler/Irrigation System 

Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler/Irrigation System 

The Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI is another ideal pick that has many great benefits. For starters, it has two different casing options to select from. The first option is designed for indoor use only and fits well in garages and other secure spaces. The second option is compatible with the outdoors and includes special weather sealing for added protection.

There are also two different configuration options to select from. Thanks to them, users can adjust their device to accommodate virtually any sized property. With automatic daily water scheduling, this system adjusts quickly to changing weather conditions.

4. NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

The NxEco HWN12-200 is another excellent smart sprinkler controller that really stands out due to the control knob design. This knob really simplifies the watering schedule adjustment process. Moreover, this model tends to last longer than typical touch screen options that are commonly used.

Another nice thing worth mentioning is that this model comes in both a 12 and 36-zone options. This makes it one of the largest sprinkler controllers on our list, making it an ideal choice for large properties. We also like that it is WaterSense certified which makes it one of the best smart sprinkler controller options.

3. Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller

Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller

With seven different zone settings, the Blossom is an excellent smart sprinkler controller system that works well for smaller properties. This model automatically connects to weather satellite feeds to make sure that the system does not activate on days when rain is expected in your area.

We also like the fact that this model stores all of your watering schedule data on a cloud server. This is very beneficial during blackouts when most other models would require reprogramming. The only downside is that the Blossom itself lacks a display. All watering schedule configuration is possible via an app.

2. Wiijoo Smart Sprinkler Controller

Wiijoo Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Wiijoo smart sprinkler controller stands out due to its sleek design and intuitive user interface. With an oversized button layout, setting a customized watering schedule only takes a few minutes with this model. This controller supports nine different independent watering zones, making it an excellent option for medium-sized properties.

If you prefer to use your phone to adjust the watering schedule, you can download their free app for either iOS or Android. In addition, the controller automatically checks the current weather for your area each day. Whenever needed, it will skip watering schedules.

1. Hunter HC-1200i Hydrawise

Hunter HC-1200i Hydrawise

The Hunter HC-1200i Hydrawise is another great pick that has many useful features. The face of the unit features a large touchscreen panel that is very easy to use, due to its simple menu choices and self-explanatory settings.

One of the best things about this particular model is that it allows users to monitor the amount of water they are using in real time. This is great for detecting leaky pipes before they become a huge problem. In addition, it installs quickly without the need for any particular tools or training.


The ten products covered in our article are among the best smart sprinkler controller models available. With varying independent coverage zones and self-adjusting watering schedules, they are great for your wallet and the environment. If there is a model that you would like to recommend, tell us about it in the comments section.

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