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From when your best friend goes through a rough breakup to when you’re hosting some guests over, it never hurts to have an extra couch ready. And while couches can double as beds, there’s nothing that can top the comfort a sofa bed has to offer.

But aesthetics or practicality — which one to go for? For those who want the best of both worlds, it’s a great idea to get a comfy and trendy sofa bed. That’s where we come in. To find the best sofa beds out there, we’ve taken a good look at all the name brands and their reviews to save you the hassle.

Go on and take your pick from the most stylish sleeper sofas of 2021.

Top Pick’s : 5 Best Sofa Beds

Top 9 Best Sofa Beds Review

When it comes to stylish furniture, admittedly, we all are a bit lost. But thankfully, we found some statement pieces that will never go out of style.

1. FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa Bed Review

FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa Bed futon Sofa Bed Sofa for Living Room Couches and Sofas Sleeper Sofa PU Leather Sofa Set Corner Modern Queen 2 Piece Contemporary Upholstered,Black

Timeless and classy, black couches have always had a different luxurious vibe to them. That’s why we put this beautiful black sofa bed from the FDW Store. It comes in two different shapes — L and R. So, you can choose one based on your living room’s overall layout.

With this, you’ll have the option to mix and match the seats depending on your available space as well. The material on this is stain-resistant and can be blotted to dry easily.

So, cleaning up after movie nights and watching the game with friends will not be any trouble. There’s not much to assembling it either — just assemble the four legs and two hooks and you’ll be good to go.

Since this is made of faux leather, it gives a really nice shine in proper lighting. That also makes it lesser prone to being damaged as opposed to actual leather furniture.

Overall, this is the best sofa bed for everyday use since it’s low-maintenance, roomy, and multifunctional. It’s also at a pretty affordable price point which is rare for couches of this size.


  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Seats can be changed up according to needs
  • Fabric is stain-resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cushions are a bit on the firm side

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2. Diophros Ottoman Sofa Bed Review

Diophros Sofa Bed, Convertible Couch Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Modern Folding Ottoman Guest Sleeper Bed with Adjustable Backrest for Small Room Apartment, Living Room

It’s an ottoman! No, it’s a lounger! Oh wait — it’s a sofa bed? You’re probably confused (we were too). So, let us explain first.

Sofa beds are no longer just for the living room. With this 4 in 1 product from Diophros, you’ll be able to bring the comfort of a sofa into the limited space of your bedroom without any worries. The creative design of this product screams “versatility” like no other. In our opinion, this is the best small sofa bed out there.

On its own, it can be used as a stool-like ottoman but adjust it accordingly and it turns into a bed. There are built-in magnets to help the flaps stay attached to the framing. The sponge padding on it is excellent and the metal frame seems super sturdy. Not to mention you’ll get the option of 10 different colors to choose from.


  • Built with a sturdy and durable metal frame
  • Sponge padding is very comfortable
  • Can be fit into small spaces
  • Comes in various colors and the fabric is removable for washing


  • Not the best couch to share with another person

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3. Milemont Futon Sofa Bed Review

This is this super modern-looking futon daybed from Milemont. It’s also a versatile piece like the previous one. It can convert to be a bed, a sofa, or a lounger as needed. The sleek black faux leather combined with the contemporary design makes this piece of furniture perfect for two people to share if necessary.

Assembling this requires no expertise whatsoever. You can get this all set up for use in about 15 minutes (or less). It has an adjustable hand rest for added comfort and firm padding for that perfect support. The upholstery is made of PU leather which makes it easy to keep clean.

This is actually a perfect piece of furniture for newlyweds and couples to invest in. Not only can it be used as a kids’ sleepover bed, but it can also offer extra space to hang out in case you’ve got friends over.

And since the sofa itself is 70.5” long and 33” wide, it’s roomy enough to cuddle up for movies with a loved one. It also looks much more expensive than it really is so that’s a bonus.


  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Firm support padding and durable material
  • Spacious enough to share
  • Simple and quick to put together


  • No color options

4. Vonanda Sofa Bed Review

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment, Dark Gray

It’s natural to be excited after getting a new product at hand. But assembling it and reading instructions to set it up may seem like a drag.

Luckily, with this product from Vonanda, you can skip that step altogether and simply enjoy your new furniture as soon as it enters your home. That’s right, this convertible bed requires no assembly at all.

Materials used for its construction include linen, metal, and sponge. Its frame is very sturdy and looks beautiful. You can also attach the corner fabric of the magnets which are built-in to the frame. The ottoman itself is pretty sturdy and firm.

You even get a pillow with it for comfort’s sake. Given that the weight capacity for this is 440 lbs., two people can easily and comfortably use this together. The five levels of adjustable brackets allow you to sit back and relax (literally!) at different angles. We also loved how good the fabric quality for this is.


  • Requires no assembly so saves time and effort
  • Durable and has a beautiful metal frame
  • Made of very high-quality fabric material
  • Good weight capacity and adjustable heights


  • Legs don’t lock in place

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5. Best Choice Products Modern Folding Futon Sofa Bed Review

Best Choice Products Linen Upholstered Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed for Compact Living Space, Apartment, Dorm, Bonus Room w/Removable Armrests, Metal Legs, 2 Cupholders - Gray

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Then this next one will be quite the catch for you. This is yet another budget-friendly futon from the company Best Choice Products. It’s small in size so can be set up in kid’s bedrooms or smaller living spaces.

And there are pull-down slots in the middle to conveniently keep cups and drink bottles while you’re watching TV.

It’s made of a metal frame and the legs have a chrome finish to give it that industrial formal look. If you use your apartment as a home office sometimes, this can be a fitting piece of furniture to complete the decor look.

There are three different color options you can choose from — beige, grey, and black. All of them look sleek and modern and will go with all sorts of decor styles.

This is a sofa bed with a quality design. The linen is tufted and firm- just enough to be comfortable and not make you stiff. There’s enough room for two people or three kids to share it easily. You can also fold up the armrests and adjust the sofa at three different heights.


  • Compact enough to fit smaller bedrooms
  • You get three different color options
  • Fabric material is firm and comfy
  • There are slots to keep two cups or bottles


  • Weight limit (300 pounds) may not be enough for multiple people

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6. JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed Review

JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed Faux Leather Couch Bed Modern Convertible Folding Recliner with 2 Cup Holders for Living Room (Black)

If we were to award the title of the best double sofa bed, then we’d hand it to this product from JUMMICO. It’s the perfect two-seater for small spaces with lower ceilings than the usual apartments. The fact that it comes in a black faux leather material with chrome legs just makes it better.

You can have it set up as a standard sofa in the day and transform it into a bed by night. The armrests that it comes with can be detached and used as two pillows.

While they are a bit firm for comfortable pillows, you can easily opt for a pair of cushions in their place if you feel like it. This convertible futon has a rectangular shape and has two cup-holders to keep your drinks.

The installation process is not that difficult since the instructions are very clear. For those who struggle with pulling heavier things up flights of stairs, this won’t be a problem to carry. The sofa itself surprisingly lightweight and can hold up to 260 lbs. easily. And the best thing is — it’s a really good bargain at its price point!


  • Takes up lesser space and is lightweight
  • Constructed with good quality materials
  • Armrests can be turned into pillows
  • Really affordable price point


  • Weight limit is lesser compared to bigger couches

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7. HOMCOM Convertible Couch Chaise Lounger Sofa Bed Review

HOMCOM Single Person 3 Position Convertible Chaise Lounger Sofa Bed with 2 Large Pillows and Oak Frame, Dark Blue

Want to paint your home a different color? Then we’ve got just the furniture for you. This dark blue sofa bed from HOMCOM is the perfect option if you’re looking for something out of the norm. And if you’re not, then there’s the option to get a cream white, grey, or even silver-toned couch to your liking.

So far, we’ve only talked about sofas suitable for people living with family or friends. But don’t worry— we haven’t left out the hotshots who live alone. In fact, this will be the best pull out sofa bed for those of you living on your own. It’s trendy and comfy while not being too over-the-top.

Unlike the other couches, this one is made of oak wood, which looks super fancy. The fabric is chenille, which is heavy duty and strong enough for proper support. Again, the cushions it comes with aren’t as hard as rocks or soft as wool. But hey, who doesn’t need more back support?


  • Great building materials and heavy-duty fabric
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Comes with cushions
  • Looks stylish and modern


  • Takes a bit longer and more effort to assemble

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8. YAHEETECH Futon Sofa Bed Review

Yaheetech Convertible Sofa Bed Adjustable Couch Sleeper Modern Faux Leather Home Recliner Reversible Loveseat Folding Daybed Guest Bed, Removable Armrests,Cup Holders, 3 Angles, 772lb Capacity, Black

Popular among shoppers for its higher weight capacity and amazing sturdiness, this product from Yaheetech is probably one of the best quality sofa beds out there you’ll ever find. It weighs 62.4 pounds and has a great capacity to hold 772 pounds maximum. It works as a recliner, a sofa, and a futon at the same time.

The material of the seats is artificial leather. While it might not seem too big, it’s very sturdy and durable. You can tilt it back at a 105°, 140°, and 180° angle as required. By removing the armrest and having it reclined completely, it works as a nice guest bed anytime.

Since there are bottom footpads on the metal legs, they can hold a lot of weight without scratching the shiny floors of your home. This also prevents sliding and unnecessary moving of the sofa. The leather is stain-resistant, tear-resistant, and filled with a high-density sponge that won’t collapse easily.


  • Durable and made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials
  • Sofa bed has a high weight holding capacity
  • There are footpads on the metal feet to prevent sliding
  • Small and takes up lesser space


  • Seats are quite low for taller people

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9. Esright Convertible Chair Bed Review

Esright 40 Inch Sofa Bed 3-in-1 Convertible Chair Multi-Functional Adjustable Reclining Chair, Sofa, Bed, Sleeper Chair with Modern Linen Fabric, Light Grey

Given how much we all love a permanent sleeper sofa bed, the final pick was a no-brainer for us. This big and comfy convertible couch from Esright is exactly what you need in your life to spend your afternoons in peace.

You can stretch your arms and legs and sit comfortably in this even without pulling it out into a bedform — it’s that big.

There are two very cute color options for this— a bright yellow and a muted grey for a more minimal look. The package comes in three big boxes, but rest assured- it is not as heavy as it looks.

Its frame is made of steel, and it can withstand up to 330 lbs. of weight easily. The simple and stylish design works with any kind of room decor, so you can bet it’ll fit right into your home.

There’s a handy strap with this, which allows pulling out the legs with moving wheels to transform it into a nice bed. The fabric material that has been used here is linen, so it’s breathable and light.

The support it gives is excellent. Our tester panel loved it so much that they deemed it as the best value sofa bed amongst the many that we reviewed.


  • Good seat height and looks very modern
  • Spacious enough to sit and lay down comfortably
  • Comes with a cushion and a pillow
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials


  • Quite firm seat doesn’t sink-in

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What Makes a Perfect Sofa Bed?

So, you’ve been checking out sofa bed reviews in hope of finding the perfect one for yourself. But what about the things that actually make a sofa your ideal comfort zone?

To help you get your thoughts in order, here are a few points we found while testing the products.

  • Framed to Last

A sofa that has sturdy framing will surely last you a long time. The frame is the base and the structure on which the mattress is setup. If it’s not strong enough, it won’t hold enough weight and will collapse at one point.

best sofa beds

Good sofa beds come with either metal or steel framing. But there are wooden frames like Mahogany and Oak which hold up for many years perfectly. And unlike in the case of metals, you don’t have to worry about rusting.

  • Sink-in or Stay Firm?

In terms of mattress firmness, it’s all about personal preferences. If you’re a couch potato who just loves the feeling of a plush sink-in mattress, then don’t go for the firmer fabrics.

However, firm sofas with faux leather material are better for overall back support and posture. There are ones that aren’t too soft nor too firm, and usually, those are the comfy sofa beds. High-density foams are also great for RV couches.

  • Maintenance

Another feature which either makes or breaks the deal with a sofa bed is maintenance. If you’re looking for 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 furniture, chances are you can’t be bothered with too much upkeep in terms of maintaining the furniture.

best sofa beds

So, it’s best if you get something that’s got stain-resistant material as the seat covers. The most comfortable sofa bed is the one where you can cuddle with your cat and not worry about scratches and tears constantly.

  • Price Range

While it might seem trivial, for any budget-shopper, it’s a crucial aspect. There are lots of high-end sofas with great comfort out there. But to find the comfiest sofa under 300 bucks is definitely a dream come true.

Don’t worry about spending a bit more on yourself, though. A convertible couch is, after all, a long-term investment.

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Final Words

With more people adopting the eat-pray-love golden rule into their life, it’s only natural that everyone would be hyped about sofa beds. They’re the perfect combination of comfort and style without giving away any of the classiness of a casual couch.

Now that you know about the best sofa beds and where to find them, what’re you waiting for? Hop onboard into the trend and pamper yourself (and your home) with a brand-new statement piece. The splurge is definitely worth it!

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