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One of the most energy-efficient ways of lighting up the exterior portion of your home would be by installing one of the best solar lights. With those, users will not have to worry about the electricity bill jumping sky high. Also, these will enable you to create more ambiance in your backyard and garden.

To add a cherry on the top, these are easy to install as well. You would also be able to make the outside of your home look great by installing these on the path. And let us not describe how easier it would be to walk on a lit pathway.

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Top 10 Best Solar Lights Reviews

Even though installing these are pretty easy, finding one of the well-performing ones is not as easy as it seems. For your convenience, we have gone ahead and tested all of the popular options. And among all of them, these are the ones that offer decent overall output:

1. URPOWER Waterproof Solar Lights

The high-quality solar lights are the ones that are built solid. And this one that is from URPOWER can illustrate that perfectly.

To start with, it features a construction of high-quality materials. It also has an IP rating of 64, making it highly resistant to rain and other weather conditions. Also, these are entirely automatic. They have a motion sensor, which enables them to turn on and off automatically. The sensing angle is quite extensive too.

Alongside that, the LED panels have a longer lifespan, making these the best quality solar lights. Aside from that, the panels are super bright as well. These would be able to light up your entire pathway.

As the negative pole is on the underside, you would not have to worry about short circuits. There are three different size options too. And the installation process is pretty hassle-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes high-quality materials
  • The LED panels are long-lasting
  • Has an automatic operational mechanism
  • The motion-sensing area is pretty broad
  • Waterproof

2. Aootek Led Solar Outdoor Motion

A higher IP rating is a must for the outdoor lights. Well, that is what this unit from Aootek boasts, making them the best solar lights for the walkway.

To begin with, it has three operational modes. One of them is the security mode, the second one is the permanent mode, and the last one is the smart mode. You would be able to make it operate the way you want.

Alongside that, these boast a sensitive PIR motion detector. It can detect movements that are 26 feet away from the sensor. And as it packs a high capacity 2200 mAh battery, it would be able to run for an extended amount of time as well.

The light panels that it sports are exceptionally bright as well. In fact, this is one of the brightest solar lights. And because of how efficient they are, you would not have to worry about the battery life that much either.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an IP56 rating
  • Three different operational modes
  • Sports an efficient light panel
  • The LED lights are exceptionally bright
  • It packs a 2200 mah battery

3. URPOWER Waterproof Solar Lights

Are you on the search for the best-rated solar lights? Then you should check what URPOWER is offering here because it is the thing you were looking for all this time.

To start with, it is one of the powerful solar lights that is out there. It packs four LEDs, and each of them can provide up to 50 lumens. The built-in battery is relatively more powerful as well. It can make the panels run for up to 9 hours.

Apart from being powerful, the unit has an automatic operational mode. It will turn on automatically and shut off by itself. You can also set the brightness to two different levels.

Also, the installation process is pretty straightforward. And you will be able to set it up in two different methods. You can either set it up on the ground or install it on the wall using the mounting brackets that it comes with. Overall, these are the best solar lights on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Each of the LEDs can shine at 50 lumens
  • The runtime is up to 9 hours
  • You can install it in two methods
  • It comes with mounting hardware
  • Easy to install


Looking for something fancy? Want to add an aesthetic touch to your outdoor pathway? Well, BEAU has got the right thing for you.

First of all, the unit is weatherproof. It has an IP65 rating that makes it resist water and dirt exceptionally well. And the overall construction is pretty rugged as well. The body is of stainless steel, and the components are of high-quality ABS plastic.

And the LEDs that it packs are quite efficient as well. The diamond-shaped design that these sports make the lights look quite elegant, making them the best solar lights for the garden. And on the note of run time, these can operate for up to 12 hours with a fully charged battery.

Other than that, there is an energy-saving mode. It will automatically turn on and off. The assembly process is pretty simple too. You would not have to work with any intricate tools to install these.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a diamond-shaped design
  • Packs efficient LED panels
  • Can run up to 12 hours
  • It has an energy-saving mode
  • The assembly process is straightforward

5. SUNNEST Stainless Steel Solar Lights

Do you not want to go through the hassles of manually turning the lights on and off? Well, then you have nothing to worry about because we are here to introduce you to a fully automatic unit.

The overall construction is of stainless steel. That material makes it achieve a high weatherproof capability. Alongside that, the assembly process of these is pretty simple as well. All you have to is unbox them and stick them into the ground.

Other than that, the package contains 12 pieces of long-lasting solar lights. That means you would be able to illuminate the entire pathway of your home. And these have a fully automatic operation mode as well.

Lastly, the LEDs are pretty bright too. These would be able to light up the entire pathway leading to your door, which makes them the best solar lights for gates.

Highlighted Features

  • It turns on and off automatically
  • It comes in a pack of twelve
  • Sports bright LEDs
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Features durable overall construction

6. LITOM LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

Even though there are plenty of good solar lights in the market, only a few areas weatherproof as this model.

First of all, the unit sports 12 bright LEDs. The lighting angle of the LEDs is a wide 120 degrees. That means it would be able to illuminate most of the parts of your pathway. Also, because of packing 18650 model batteries, the run time will be considerably high.

Also, there are two different modes. You will be able to illuminate these at the highest brightness or medium brightness. Because of having the highest IP rating in the industry, IP67, you would not have to worry about the durability that much either.

Apart from that, you are going to have two different options regarding the installation procedure. Also, you are going to get all the required hardware for the process as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts an IP67 rating
  • The illumination angle is 120 degrees
  • There are two different operational modes
  • Installable in two ways
  • Utilizes highly powerful 18650 model batteries

7. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights

The best solar lights for the yard would be the ones that can illuminate brightly and can cover a large distance. And these units are one of them.

To begin with, it features a commercial design. The lights utilize shatterproof glass. And the overall construction is of sturdy material as well. For that reason, these have a high weatherproofing level.

And the battery that these rely on is relatively high in capacity as well. Those cells can make these light up for up to 6 hours. And as these are hanged on poles and attached to the walls, these would cover a large area.

Aside from that, the light color is 2700k warm white. That color will make your garden or yard look quite aesthetic. The color temperature that these have is probably the best outside solar lights for the money.

Highlighted Features

  • Can cover a greater distance
  • The color temperature is 2700k warm white
  • Installable on walls or poles
  • Capable of operating for up to 6 hours with a full charge
  • Features shatterproof glass

8. Aootek Waterproof New Solar Lights 

Having multiple operational modes will enable you to make the units operate the way you want. And you are going to get that freedom with this unit, making it one of the best led solar lights in the market.

As we have mentioned, these have three different operational modes. One of the modes is the permanent mode, which will leave the light on for up to 9 hours, which is more than enough for the long winter nights. And the smart settings that it has will let you set the brightness.

Other than that, each unit has a motion sensor that will enable them to achieve a fully automatic operational mode. Also, the 2200 mAh rechargeable battery will ensure that these offer you a consistent light for a prolonged amount of time.

Lastly, the overall construction is a durable material, which means these would last for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Has multiple operational modes
  • Can stay permanently on for up to 9 hours
  • It packs an efficient and powerful 2200 mAh battery
  • Constructed of durable materials
  • Features a built-in motion sensor


Ultra-bright LED panels are something that makes a unit the best outdoor solar light. And a perfect example of that would be this one.

Unlike some of the other units, this one boasts 28 LEDs. Each of them can provide ultra-bright light, which will illuminate almost all of your outdoor area. Also, these pack a motion sensor that has a capture angle of 120 degrees.

Aside from that, these implement a No Dim mode. That mode allows these to achieve an extended lifespan. These also have automatic settings that enable them to turn on and off automatically. The motion sensor can capture movement that is 3 to 5 meters away from the device.

Also, the exterior has an IP rating of IP65. That means the units will be able to withstand rain and other weather conditions pretty easily. Also, they can work under high temperatures as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports 28 ultra-bright LEDs
  • It has a highly efficient motion sensor
  • The sensing range is up to 5 meters
  • Features an IP65 housing
  • Can operate optimally under high temperature

10. GIGALUMI Outdoor Garden Led Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Outdoor Lights, 12Pack Stainless Steel Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, LED Pathway Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Solar Garden Lights for Patio, Lawn, Yard and Landscape-(Cold White)

An elegant design is something that not all solar lights can offer. However, if you were looking for something of that kind, you should keep this unit on your consideration list.

To start with, these features weatherproof housing. The materials that each of the units utilizes for the housing are all high quality. For that reason, they can withstand any weather without showing any performance issues. Also, because of having a stainless steel body, these achieve a high durability level as well.

You would not have to go through that much of a hassle while installing these too. All you have to do is remove the isolator from the bottom and push the underside into the soil.

Alongside that, the battery that these utilize has a high capacity too. Those cells can illuminate the LEDs for up to 8 hours. These have an automatic mode as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable overall construction
  • Can withstand all weather conditions
  • The setup process is pretty straightforward
  • It packs a high capacity battery
  • Sports an elegant design

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Buying Guide For The Best Solar Lights

Before you jump into making a purchase decision, you need to consider a few essential factors. By keeping these points in mind, you would get the most out of the money. The factors that we are talking about are as follows:

  • Build Quality

The first thing that you need to consider is the overall build quality. As you will install these outdoors, these would have to go through different harsh weather conditions. And without having a good build quality, the lifespan of these would be pretty low.
Usually, most of them would be of stainless steel, but there might be a few other materials. No matter what they are constructed of, make sure that the materials are high quality. Without utilizing high-quality material, these are not going to be that durable.

  • IP rating

The IP rating plays a crucial part in making the units resistant to rain and dirt. And the higher the rating, the better the protection would be. Considering that, we would recommend going for the units that have a higher IP rating. Most of these would hover around IP65 rating, but the ones with a higher IP rating would be the ones that we would suggest.

  • Battery

Another crucial factor that you need to consider is the battery. In this case, you need to make sure that the capacity of the battery is high. Without a high capacity, the units’ run time would be pretty short, which would destroy the purpose of installing these outdoors in the first place. For that reason, we would recommend opting for devices that have a high-capacity battery.

  • Brightness

best solar lights

The brightness is something that is going to vary from unit to unit. And if you want to cover most of the outdoor area using a few of these, you would want to go for the ones that utilize bright LEDs. However, if you want to light up the outdoor pathway only, the ones with moderate brightness should be more than enough.

  • Installation Procedure

Lastly, you need to factor in the installation procedure. The ones that have a simple and straightforward installation process are the ones that you should aim for.


We hope that we could go through each of the aspects that you were expecting to find in the best solar lights review. Hopefully, our review section narrowed down the overall options, making it easier for you to choose one for your outdoor area.

However, if we were to choose one, we would go for the URPOWER Waterproof. It can withstand harsh weather conditions pretty easily, and the LEDs that it packs are pretty bright. However, the rest of the units are also worthy too.

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