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The Best Solar Path Lights of 2022

For the best solar path lights, you can put your trust in brands such as Stripsun, Sun Glow, GIGALUMI or Maggift. You can recognize them by their resilient lights that shine out your outdoor patio areas while requiring minimum effort for their installation. On top of that, you can also cross out any worries regarding nights without your outdoor lights. Design based on durable materials is also a key decision maker throughout your shopping experience. Check out the 10 pathway lights that impressed us most!

10. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

Best Solar Path Lights GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

Our tenth pick for best solar path lights is made by GIGALUMI. One of the nicest things about this particular product is that it requires no special wiring. Anybody can quickly assemble the poles within just a few minutes. Each light is capable of providing eight hours of nighttime illumination with as little as four hours of direct sunlight exposure.

Moreover, each package comes with eight lights. Another nice feature of this particular brand is that each light is shaped like a decorative lantern. Overall, it’s a great product to consider that is affordable too.

9. Sunwind Solar Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Sunwind Solar Lights

For those of you who prefer a bit more of a metallic finish, you will likely enjoy our ninth best solar path lights pick. This particular product is manufactured by Sunwind and is finished in durable stainless steel. This makes this solar light set one of the more durable options on our list. Each light’s metal surface is finished with a beautiful copper coloring.

As for installation, there are no special tools required. You simply remove the safety pull-tab when you are ready to install them. They will automatically turn on and off each evening and morning. This way, you make sure your path is always illuminated when you need it most.

8. Stripsun Garden Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Stripsun Garden Lights

Stripsun makes another one of the best solar path lights available. The first thing we noticed with this particular brand is that the lighting pattern creates a beautiful starburst. It really adds to the decorative feel of this particular brand.

As for construction, these solar lights feature stainless steel construction and are quite durable. This product also has an IP44 water rating. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your solar lights are safe from a wide variety of environmental hazards.

7. Solar Glow Solar Garden Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Solar Glow Solar Garden Lights

Solar Glow’s product is another one of the best solar path lights that you should check out. One of this product’s most defining features is their impressive light output. Each light is capable of producing 15 lumens of light. This makes this particular brand one of the brighter solar lights on our list that is perfect for paths and border gardens.

We also like that the lights are covered by a replacement plan from the manufacturer. In addition, the design is highly resistant to a variety of weather conditions including sleet, rain, as well as snow.

6. GIGALUMI Solar Lights

Best Solar Path Lights GIGALUMI Solar Lights

This is another one of the best solar path lights by GIGALUMI. Similar to the previously reviewed model, this product features a decorative Japanese-style lantern design. Where it differs is the amount of detail and coloring describes each light. Their finish is of a neutral espresso brown color while the shades are colored in a soft tan.

Ultimately, this light will look best along a pathway leading to a garden with oriental design features. With durable construction materials and a simple installation process, it’s another excellent product to consider.

5. Moonrays Richmond Solar Light

Best Solar Path Lights Moonrays Richmond Solar Light

With a whopping 30 lumens of light output, the Moonrays Richmond solar light is more than double our second brightest light choice. This makes this product an excellent choice for showcasing decorative sculptures outdoors and other centerpieces. These lights are capable of working for up to eight hours each night with a single charge.

The only complaint we have is that each pack only comes with two lights. This makes this one of the pricier options on our list. However, where brightness is a concern, these lights are definitely a winner to consider.

4. Enchanted Spaces Solar Light Set

Best Solar Path Lights Enchanted Spaces Solar Light Set

With six lights in each package, this is a product that combines affordability with quality in one convenient package. This is another solar light that utilizes light patterns that really add to the overall decorative feel of the product. Each night, your path will be illuminated with a beautiful swirling light pattern that children and adults can appreciate.

Like the other products on our list, installation is simple. Moreover, there is no special lighting required. In addition, these lights come in three different color choices to suit your individual preferences.

3. Sunrun Solar Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Sunrun Solar Lights

These Sunrun solar lights constitute one of the better choices for larger pathways. The reason is that each package comes with 16 lights. This makes this one of the more affordable products on our list. In addition to its budget-friendly pricing, this product also features an IP44 water certification as well. As a result, your Sunrun lights will work seamlessly with your irrigation systems or smart sprinkler controller.

Another nice feature is that each light is super easy to install. You simply unscrew the top and remove the protective tab. Once that’s done, the lights will automatically turn off and on based on the outdoor lighting conditions.

2. Gold Armour Solar Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Gold Armour Solar Lights

If all you want is getting your hands on the most decorative value possible, you should consider checking out Gold Armour’s solar lights. Featuring a lighting system that simulates flickering flames, these lights fit perfectly around outdoor barbecue areas and other entertainment spots.

The lights are a bit taller than most of the other options on our list. Available in either a two or four pack, you can easily select the size product that fits your outdoor lighting needs.

1. Maggift Solar Lights

Best Solar Path Lights Maggift Solar Lights

Another solar light that definitely falls in the more decorative category is Maggift solar lights. Featuring a beautiful lattice design, this product creates a wide range of exciting light patterns along your walkway.

One of the main reasons that we like this particular product is that it comes with eight lights. This makes it a more suitable pick for larger pathways where the decorative element is one of the main factors.


As you can tell, there is a wide range of products to choose from when searching for the best solar path lights. The products we recommended all have valuable features like durable construction components and simple installation requirements. Take your time browsing our list and share your thoughts about your favorite solar light product!

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