best toilet bowl cleaner consumer reports

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Consumer Reports

We all love using a clean toilet. But when it comes to toilet cleaning chores, nobody wants to do such chores. This job becomes even worse when you do not have the ​​​​best toilet bowl cleaner for hard water stains.

If you invest in purchasing the ​top pick toilet bowl cleaner, you can make a big difference in cleaning your toilet. A ​good toilet cleaner will help maintain the good and new look of your toilet all the time.

A few years back, I used to stay alone so cleaning the toilet was less frustrating. Two of my male cousins came to stay with me, and this is when I realized how men make the toilet area messier as compared to girls. I’m not saying girls are any better, but yes, you have heard me, and I’m not apologizing.

Looking for an ​effective toilet cleaner was a tough job for me, and at one time I ended up with very disappointing products. I continued doing my research and trying out different cleaners until I landed on the best products that left my toilet sparkly clean.

I have reviewed five ​top toilet cleaners that are available currently with amazing cleaning performance. With any of these products, you can be sure of a clean and well-maintained toilet without any stains. ​

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10 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Hard Water Stains – Reviews in 2021

If you are not sure of a ​​​good toilet bowl cleaner, the following are top reviews of the most recommendable toilet cleaners on the market today. Any of these products will impress you, and you will not find cleaning your toilet a difficult job.

​1. Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Knowing the right type of toilet cleaner that works well and it is also environment-friendly is important.

This is why the Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner beats many models on the market because of its non-abrasive formula that doesn’t scratch the toilet surfaces. This ​​quality toilet bowl cleaner can also be used in septic tanks.


This is a disinfecting product that works amazingly well in killing up to 99.9 percent of germs. Additionally, it ensures that is no odor causing bacteria hence leaving your toilet smelling fresh.

Wide Dispensing Nozzle

The wide nozzle allows complete coverage. You can be sure that all the surfaces of the bowl will get into contact with the cleaner for the best cleaning outcome.

Brightening Capability

The bowl cleaner has an effective brightening capability because it removes all dirt and grime on the surface of the bowl. It also works well in removing tough stains hence giving your toilet a good look. ​

Ease of Use

For the best performance, flush your toilet and then apply up to 6 ounces of the cleaner on the surfaces of the bowl. Scrub with a cleaning brush and leave it for about ten minutes. Then flush the toilet, and it will be as clean as new.

​2. Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning your toilet should not stress you anymore when you have a powerful cleaner with nice coverage like the Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

This product gives you the best results which leave your toilet clean and smelling fresh.

Antimicrobial Protection

Not only does this product offers an effective cleaning performance but also contains antimicrobial protection that resists odor causing bacteria.

Nice Smell

This product is not like other models which have a bad smell. After cleaning your toilet, there will be a nice fresh lime scent that freshens the entire bathroom. ​​​​​

Hangs on the Inside of the Bowl

This is an effective way of helping you maintain a clean toilet all the time. The hanging tablet inserts can last up to 4 weeks.

​3. Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet - 3.5 Ounce, 6 Pack

The worst part that many people hate about toilet cleaners is the harmful ingredients that are used.

However, if you get the Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, you will enjoy an environment-friendly product that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

Killing Germs

The cleaner is very effective in killing all types of germs. It can kill up to 99.9 percent of all household germs that are present in the bowl water.

Repels Stains

The cleaner has a Clorox cleaning power that helps in repelling tough stains. It will continue cleaning and deodorizing your toilet for up to three months. ​

Preventing Scale Stains

For those homes with hard water, this is the perfect bowl cleaner to buy. It works well in preventing scale stains, and mineral build up on the bowl.

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​4. Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

I have tried many types of toilet cleaners, and it is hard for me to explain the love that I have for the Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

This is a perfect toilet bowl cleaner of a kind that keeps my toilet clean and smelling fresh all the time. Let me explain some amazing features of this lovely cleaner.

Thick Formula

This is the toughest toilet bowl cleaner that I have ever used. It has a very thick formula that sticks nicely to the bowl and works fast in removing limescale soap scum and tough stains.


Not only does this product clean but it also disinfects. It can kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses by disinfecting them. It is also safe to use the cleaner on plumbing and septic tanks.

Ease of Use

The design of the bottle allows ease of use so you will not get direct contact with the cleaner or the bowl, thanks to its angled spout. With this design, it is easy to reach tough areas that are difficult to reach for overall toilet cleanliness. ​

Floral Scent

Unlike other cleaners with a bad smell, the cleaner has a nice floral scent that leaves your bathroom smelling fresh all the time.

​5. Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean your toilet in a flush with the Better Life toilet cleaner. Just as the name suggests, this toilet cleaner is designed with environment-friendly materials which are tough on the toilet.

The cleaner is safe to use, and it does wonder even on the dirtiest bowls.

For those people who do not want to deal with cleaners with harmful ingredients, you can try this product with natural ingredients, and you will love cleaning your toilet bowl.

Natural Ingredients

The cleaner is very safe to use because it is made with 100 percent plant and mineral based ingredients. ​

There are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturer of the cleaner. Because it contains powerful natural ingredients, the cleaner offers a superb cleaning performance.

Grapefruit Scent

Worry no more about a bad smell in your toilet. After cleaning, this cleaner leaves your toilet smelling well and fresh. You can also get this bowl cleaner in Jasmine mist.


This is a safe cleaner that is hypoallergenic and fume free. It is also sulfated free, bleach free, chlorine free and very safe to use.

A Simple Toilet Bowl Cleaning Guide for Home Owners

best natural toilet bowl cleaner

The toilet is the most frequented room in the home. Because of this is can get really dirty, really fast! But that shouldn’t be the case. Actually, contrary to what many people think, toilets don’t have to be smelly, dirty, or full of odor. With a simple cleaning routine, your toilet could be one of the best rooms in your home.

​Today there are many ways to clean your toilet and your toilet bowl. We have ​effective homemade toilet cleaners and also ​good automatic toilet bowl cleaners. In fact, the use of a toilet bowl cleaner has been embraced by many modern homes that really love hygiene.

​Why Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner to Clean your Toilet?

There are a number of reasons why every home should use the ​Effective Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean their toilets including these

  • Cleaner is quite affordable hence will not cost home owner much.
  • It kills bacteria easily and leaves your toilet sparkling clean.
  • Saves time and energy that you would have spent scrubbing
  • It is a simple DIY process that doesn’t really require expertise.
  • It’s a great way to freshen up air and leave your toilet with cool scent.
  • ​​Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Toilet Bowl Cleaner

With lots of options across the shelves today, it is only right that you make an informed choice if you want the ​top pick for a toilet cleaner. Here are some of the best tips that you can follow in order to ensure that you have found the most appropriate toilet bowl cleaner for your use.

Ingredients Used

​Many companies produce cleaning agents with very toxic contents. Not only do these cleaning products cause allergies to many people by they also cause other diseases.

​Because of this, companies are forced to disclose the type of ingredients used to make the products so as to determine whether they are safe for human beings. You should hence read the type of ingredients that is used to make the product to ensure that you are safe.

Environment Friendliness

​After cleaning your ​toilet, the waste which includes the cleaning product is washed and directed to a sewage treatment which is later taken to water surfaces.

​In most of the cleaning products on the market, they have compounds that end up bringing about ecological risks. Always check whether the product is environment-friendly before buying. ​

Recyclable Containers

​Everybody everywhere is trying to manage waste so that we can enjoy living in a healthy environment. When looking for cleaning products, check whether they are packaged in bottles that can be recycled to reduce waste on the environment.

​Know What You Want to Do

​There are many cleaning procedures that toilets can get. You should know what you really need for your toilet. Your choices will depend solely on your answer to the following questions: Do you want to disinfect your toilet? Do you want to simply clean your toilet? Do you want to loosen the tough strain?

​Eco Friendliness of the Product

​Some chemicals are too harsh for the environment. They accelerate pollution and often have highly volatile substances. That is why you should buy the ​perfect green toilet bowl cleaners. Make sure that you go with products that have been labeled as Eco – friendly and those that will do no damage to the environment. This should always be everyone’s main concern if buying.

​The Pricing of the Toilet Cleaner​

Pricing is important; we can never brush it off. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing the right price for your cleaner.

How Much Does Your Toilet Cleaner Costs?

toilet bowl cleaner price

Is it within your budget?

Can you easily afford it?

Can the price allow you to enjoy a continuous buy?

​​All these are important parts of the price chain. You should always keep them in mind before committing your hard earned money to any bowl cleaner including the best brands such as the Natural Home Logic that we just saw.
​Know Your Home’s Health Needs
​Who do you live with? Do they face any forms of allergies? Can such allergies be triggered by the toilet bowl cleaner that you just chose? The truth is some cleaning options are harsh especially to kids or people who are sensitive to chemicals. So always take these considerations before you choose the ideal one. Also, take your time to read the ​top rated toilet bowl cleaner reviews.

​The Main Types of Toilet Bowl Cleaners

​There are various types of toilet bowl cleaners that one can often choose from. They include the following options.


​Gels come in form of thick viscous liquid that you can apply across/ along the bowl rim to loosen up the dirt before you scrub off and rinse. Gels are often bottled with squeezing regulators at the top and have been hailed by many users as some of the ​right household toilet cleaners.


​Tablets and drop balls are solid in nature. You can always drop them in the tank or in the bowl and will clean up with every flush that you take. Tablets are made of cleaning chemicals that kill bacteria and germs and are one of the ​top rated toilet cleaning products.

​How to Clean Your Toilet Using a Bowl Cleaner

toilet bowl cleaner homemade

In order to clean your toilet using the top bathroom toilet bowl cleaner and to eventually enjoy the very best results, you should always follow this simple guideline

Step I

Get all the materials you need to clean together before you start cleaning. This will leave you with ample time and prevent you from moving around. The materials that you will require include the following: Gloves, Eye protectors, Toilet brush, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Disinfectant Spray among others.

​Step II

​You should start cleaning your toilet; in doing so experts always advise that you start off with the toilet bowl. To clean your bowl, you will stick or apply the Toilet Cleaner that you have chosen under the rim of your toilet seat and allow it to sit for some time (preferably as directed in the user manual). This loosens up the dirt. Always close the toilet’s lid if you have.

​Step III

​Next, you should clean the outside of the bowl. This only applies to the raised toilets. To clean the outside of the bowl do the following. Spray with the disinfectant. Start at the top of the toilet’s tank and work your way to the bottom of the piece. Scrub the toilet to ensure it is clean. You can use a sponge and hot water to wash the disinfectant once you are done.

​Step IV

With the outside clean, you can pop open the lid and now clean up the bowl. Start working on the rim of the toilet and more specifically under the rim. Scrub using the toilet brush. This will help to reveal the dirt that has been loosened or hidden. Add disinfectant and elbow grease to help.

​Step V

​Once done you can rinse your bowl over and over while scrubbing until you ensure that the bowl is clean. This final rinsing can always be done using hot water and possibly mild detergent if need be. This leaves your bowl sparkling clean.

​Simple Tips that Keep Your Toilet Clean

There are a number of tips that will help you to maintain a clean toilet once you have cleaned it. They include the following.

  • Wipe the rim down after every use.
  • Use automatic toilet cleaners (drop in tank cleaning tablets, stick under bowl gels)
  • Flush trigger mounted cleaners
  • Scrub your toilet whenever you have used.​​


​How Does the Toilet Bowl Cleaner Work?​

​How is your super toilet bowl cleaner used? Does it have an applicator? Does it have a holder that allows it to stick under the bowl’s rim? Can it be fixed in the tank and allowed to operate automatically with every flush? Go with whatever choice that suits your needs. And consider the normal ones such as the ​top toilet bowl cleaner tablets that we have seen in Clorox Automatic cleaner.

​Which Type of Toilet Bowl Cleaner is It?

​Like we have seen, toilet bowl cleaners come in a variety of types. Some of the most common types that we have talked of include tablets and gels. Always choose what suits your needs. If you don’t like to clean toilets, a drop-in tablet would probably be the most suitable option to go with. Gels are however very easy to apply.

​How Long Can the Toilet Bowl Cleaner Last?

​The length of time that your cleaner would last is important as it allows you to prepare to buy another one and additionally, it also helps you to determine if you have enjoyed the value for our money. Most commonly, tablets will often last about 3 months but will require you to feed them in the tank quite often. Sticking gels are easy to fix and could run for a week.

What do the User Reviews Say About the Toilet Cleaner?

​User reviews play an important role. In fact, they have been influential in our decision while choosing the ​market-leading toilet bowl cleaner in 2018. They allow you to get the view of a firsthand experienced user. It could also save you so much money that would have gone to a rather poor quality product. You can always sample up a few user reviews before you actually buy your product always.

​What Ingredients is the Toilet Cleaner Made Out Of?

​It is a requirement by law that toilet cleaning products reveal their ingredients. If you find a product that hasn’t done so, walk away! Knowing the ingredients will help you to understand what’s right for you and your loved ones. Ingredients are usually labeled across the toilet cleaner packages and bottles. The ​right natural toilet bowl cleaners are the most recommended.

​What Other Roles Does the Cleaner Perform?

​Apart from killing bacteria, loosening stubborn dirt, and keeping germs away what other things can you enjoy from your toilet cleaner? The offers are limitless and could include freshening qualities, deodorizing effects, and many more. Indeed some other products have also bleaching effects that help to keep stains away. In simple terms, focus on getting more for less but keep quality.

​What Are the Toilet Cleaners Safety Precautions When in Use?

​A complex cleaner will require complex safety measures. Accidents happen, your kid could trip on the cleaner by mistake. Knowing how far the safety precautions may go will help you to determine how friendly the toilet bowl cleaner is for your home use. This is more important especially for a family where kids, the elderly, and people who need care live in. Try out the Lysol Bowl Cleaner for starters.

Final Verdict

As you know, cleaning products are the major exposure of chemicals and other toxins in your home. This is why it is very important for you to select a ​good quality toilet bowl cleaner that is safe and doesn’t pose health hazards.

For those of us who find cleaning the toilet the worst chore in the house, trust me, with the above-reviewed cleaners, you will always be looking forward to the next time you will clean your toilet. ​

The products covered above provide exemplary cleaning performance, and they do not contain any harmful ingredients. In fact, they have been tested, and they also meet the required safety measures.

Just pick any of the ​​100% effective toilet bowl cleaners mentioned above and get the chance to enjoy using the cleanest toilet always.

​Now that you cleaning your toilet help to keep your toilet free from any types of dirt and unhealthy bacteria. That’s why it should be done frequently. However, here is something to remember, never use a brush that has metallic bristles. It might scratch the bowl. A brush with hard bristles and a plastic handle is usually the best. Additionally, remember to buy the ​recommended toilet bowl cleaner as this will offer continuous cleaning capacity for all your toilet needs.

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