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One of the main elements that can either make or break your dream home is a great toilet. Sounds exaggerated? Well, think again because once you have the wrong toilet installed, the plumbers coming over every week won’t seem all dreamy anymore. This is why it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To invest in the best, you’ve got to know the best. And that’s why taking into account prime factors like compactness, affordability, and longevity, we’ve reviewed the best toilets out there. This is the list of the top 10 that got our seal of approval.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

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Top 10 Best Toilets Review

With so many brands out there, it might seem hard to choose one. Nonetheless, you can take your time and browse through our list and buying guide to end up with the best options.

1. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Toilet Seat Review

If you’re living in a studio apartment with a contemporary design, then this first pick will fit right in. The modern and sleek design of this product is bound to give any bathroom a luxurious and put-together feel. More than that, Woodbridge has designed this to be of utmost user convenience in every way you’d think of.

Firstly, this is made of porcelain. So, you can count on its durability. Secondly, it’s meant for floor installation, so you won’t have to worry about weight capacity or limits like some toilets out there.

And speaking of capacities, the GPF of this is 1-1.6, which means there will be less wastage of water. The siphon dual flushing design is quick and efficient, with absolutely no leaks, splashing, or noise.

This is also a very easy toilet to clean as there aren’t any corners or grooves. And most of all, there’s a Soft Closing Seat mechanism with high-quality stainless steel hinges, making it clearly one of the best toilets on the market.



  • Comes with a skirted trap way making it easy to clean
  • Dual glazed flushing system is quiet and powerful
  • Soft closing seat mechanism
  • Watersense certified and comes with very clear instructions


  • Top of the easy-close seat is a bit flimsy

2. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Toilet Review

This one-piece ceramic build toilet from Swiss Madison is perfect for the modern family home. It’s got a glossy white color and a sleek exterior to match the modern decor. You’ll find it comfortable to sit on and the overall functionality to be greatly efficient.

The dual flush feature lets you decide on the amount of water to be used. There’s a partial (0.8) and a full (1.28) option. Its St. Tropez style with an oblong shape and heavyweight of 120 pounds makes it durable, sturdy- and not a monster in the bathroom.

One of our issues with this, though, was the installation. It’s definitely not a one-person job and requires some extra tools. But that’s actually a minor flaw in a great design.

Besides, the company offers great customer service, so any minor or major trouble you might face will be taken good care of. On top of everything, the price point of this makes it a great catch.


  • Sturdy construction and sleek design
  • Has dual flush with partial and full options to save water
  • Offers amazing customer service
  • Automatic closing and quick closing options are there for the lid


  • Slightly difficult to install in small spaces

3. WOODBRIDGE Remote Control Smart Bidet seat Toilet Review

After Smartphones and Smartwatches, it’s now time for the Smart Toilets to change our lifestyles. And what better scope to try this futuristic item than now? For adding something truly different to your home-living experience, get this Smart Bidet seat toilet from Woodbridge.

Picture this — you wake up in a winter morning at nature’s call but start dreading the coldness of the toilet seat. While it sounds silly, we’ve all been there before. But with this toilet with a Heated Seat mechanism, you can go to the loo without any fear of freezing.

More neat features in this include the Auto Open and Closing, Automatic Flushing, and an Oscillating Wash system installed at the back of the pan. You’ll be getting a remote-control panel and all the mounting hardware needed with the package.

What’s more, there’s a deodorizer installed in the toilet’s design to make your bathroom smell fresh all the time.


  • Automatic seat opening and closing offer a hands-free hygienic experience
  • Heated seat makes cold mornings and late nights more comfortable
  • Heavyweight and very durable
  • Self-cleaning mechanism and oscillatory wash make it extra convenient


  • Quite expensive

4. Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet Review

While we all love a big spacious bathroom, sometimes our apartments and homes don’t seem to have one. But that doesn’t mean you should be opting for a cheap and basic toilet. For small half bathrooms, we’ve found the perfect product here. It’s the Saniflo compact toilet for residential use.

This is the perfect toilet for anyone with physical limitations since it’s compact and small. As there is a gravity flush system here, there is no need for a gravity flow tank. After you press the button on the top of the bowl, the flushing and pump cycle works automatically. It’s made of porcelain and has an elongated shape.

Being only 62.2 pounds makes it super easy to install and fit into any small space of your washroom.

That doesn’t mean it’s at all fragile, though. We found this product to be durable and especially fitting for basement bathrooms, small outdoor sheds, kitchens, and anywhere else outdoors around a residence. As it can be connected to a sink, it’s pretty convenient and saves a lot of water.


  • Super easy to install
  • Vertical pump is automatic and very quiet
  • Small enough for half bathrooms
  • Can be connected to a sink


  • Bit loud for a basic home toilet

5. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Round Front Toilet Review

Yet another WaterSense certified product that we just had to include in our list is this one. Coming in a basic white color, the American Standard toilet is perfect if you’re not looking for something extra boozy and not willing to settle for something cheap either.

From price point to functionality and looks, you can safely bet that this is a quality product. It’s undoubtedly one of the best USA made toilets out there.

To start off, this toilet has a Comfort Height, which means it’s designed to be a bit higher than regular toilets. So, if you’re a big guy, consider this good news. It’s made of Vitreous China and has the ever-familiar round shape.

But what’s new about it is the dual float valve feature. One is placed to stop the tank fill valve, and the other controls the filling of the bowl with water. It’s been engineered quite well, as we observed, so you’ll have even lesser water wastage than many high end toilets out there.


  • Saves water due to dual flushing and dual float valve mechanism
  • One of the best toilets for the money
  • Design is functional and attractive
  • Easy to install


  • Seat is sold separately

6. Sheffield Corner WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Review

To save space in bathrooms we often overlook the aesthetics. But not anymore! With this product from the Renovator’s Supply, you can get the best of both worlds. Great functionality in a small space is what this toilet is all about.

This relatively lightweight toilet (46.5 pounds) has been certified by CUPC, ANSI, and ADA. And we could clearly tell why — it’s the ideal corner toilet for its price range.

Usually, the good toilets in stores tend to be shorter and take up more space. But this has the dimensions of 33.75 x 19 x 32.25 inches, which makes it small enough to place in a little washroom and not seem chunky.

The height of this toilet is perfect for taller people. Although the seat it comes with doesn’t match the high-quality toilet, it’s still good enough to use for a while before getting a replacement. It has dual flushes — a strong one (1.6 gallons) and a light one (0.8 gallons). Due to the Reno-Gloss finish, it’s also very convenient to clean as it doesn’t stain easily.


  • Reno-Gloss finish to prevent stains and scratches
  • Small with more height than usually elongated toilets
  • Dual flush system
  • Two-piece tank and is heavy-duty


  • Toilet seat it comes with is of mediocre quality

7. American Standard Colony Right Height Elongated Toilet Review

Moving away from the average to something different, let’s talk about our seventh pick from American Standard. This is an off-white or alabaster colored toilet as opposed to the white ones we normally see. So, if your bathroom has a sink and fittings different from the norm, this can be something to try out.

Now let’s talk about performance. This was one of the best-rated toilets we found in stores, and while testing it, we understood why. It has an extra 3 inches of height and offers a polished metal chrome lever for flushing. The flush mechanism works like a charm too.

Moreover, it comes with a slow-closing lid, and the toilet seat is included in the package. So, you won’t have to buy it separately like in some other cases. And the one-piece design of this makes it super easy to keep clean as dirt and grime can’t collect in crevices that don’t even exist.

Smart engineering really paid off while designing this product!


  • Convenient chrome metal lever for flushing
  • Small and has a standard height for comfort
  • There’s a toilet seat included
  • Slow closing lid


  • Plastic fill valve unit is a bit fragile

8. TOTO Entrada Round Universal Height Toilet Review

One of the best-rated toilets out there is this one from Toto. This 76 pounds weighing toilet is ideal for a medium-sized bathroom or even a big one if you want to save more space. It’s pretty traditional compared to most of the boozier ones we’ve discussed so far. But hey, old is gold, right?

Made of Vitreous China, this has a round-shaped bowl and has a Siphon Jet flushing system. It’s also certified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which means anyone can use it. That’s also a given for this product since it has Universal Height to accommodate people of all statures.

As it comes with the bolts to install the tank to the bowl. You’ll just get some wax gaskets and a few other bolts for securing it to the floor flange since there’s a left-handed lever system where you’ll get to easily flush either fully or partially. It’s also quite nice looking so that’s a bonus.


  • Easy to install and comes with bolts for the tank
  • Lever dual flushing system
  • ADA certified with Universal Height
  • Medium-sized toilet and can fit small spaces


  • Doesn’t come with a toilet seat

9. American Standard Colony 12 Inch Toilet Combo Review

While most companies make different designs of toilets, there’s usually not much of a color variation. So, homeowners who look for something different have a hard time matching the interior setup and fittings.

Considering this predicament, we’ve included this design of toilets from the American Standard Store. It comes in three different colors — white, linen, and bone, so go on and take your pick!

This is a product made in the United States and combines form with function perfectly. It’s floor-mounted and comes with a color-matched lever as well as a color-matched bowl cap.

Without the toilet seat, it’s still a good 15 inches high, and with a seat, it’ll be another half-inch taller. The construction material is Vitreous China, so it’ll surely be durable.

Primarily its function in flushing is a power flush followed by the usual swish of water around the bowl. It’s super easy to install and comes in a good package.

Another thing we’d like to point out is how low consumption water it actually is. The GPF on this is 1.6 (6.0 Lpf), so you can rest assured water will not be wasted on your home turf.


  • Low consumption of water for flushing but powerful
  • Got good height and has a durable flapper flush valve
  • Construction material is durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install


  • There isn’t a seat included in the package

10. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Chateau Toilet Review

Not the least on this list of the best is this Chateau One Piece toilet from Swiss Madison. It’s actually one of our most favorites because of its petit design, which makes it both easy to install, clean, and look modern.

This is a toilet perfect for giving a modern and sleek architectural vibe. If you’re talking about the best toilets for home decor fans, we highly recommend this.

In terms of performance, it functions very well. The flush tank might seem small and not enough at first glance, but trust us— this thing flushes like a monster. It has a high-performance gravity flushing feature with duality. You get a nice soft closing seat and zero to no noise.

The design on this mixes traditional and modern looks to give something balanced and just right. It’s a classic design that can complement different decor styles. You can work around and save storage space overhead as the tank isn’t too bulky either.

Moreover, the glossy finish on the ceramic material allows it to be pristine and cleaned up easily. Not to mention, the bowl is elongated to make it more comfortable to sit on.


  • Petit and saves space
  • Classic design suitable for different decors
  • Flush system is powerful and quiet
  • Soft-closing seat for added convenience


  • Instructions it comes with are unclear

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Toilets

Now that you’ve taken a look at so many toilet reviews, it’s time to talk about what you’ll need to consider when finalizing a product. We’ve kept it short and easy so as not to bore you. So, let’s cut to the chase.

  • Occupied Space

First things first — consider how much space your bathroom realistically has for a toilet setup. Take some time to note down the rough measurements so that you don’t get hesitant or confused in stores later.

If you’ve got a half bathroom or simply looking to save some space, get something that’s low-profile and medium in size. Some of the most popular toilets today are the small ones, which means you’ll also be in with the trend.

  • What’s in Style?

Speaking of trends, what’s the style you’re going for in your bathroom? Is the overall design modern and sleek? Or are you the more rustic and Cottagecore aesthetic kind of person?

best toilets

You’ll spend a lot of time in the bathroom anyway, so might as well make it stylish. Be it a one-piece or a two-piece style toilet, there are perks and cons for each. Consider them and get one that fits your setup the most.

  • Flush Systems

Most of the flushes of toilets nowadays are either gravity or pressure-assisted flushes. In terms of functionality and power, pressure ones work better. But they make a lot of noise and are pretty expensive. Again, gravity-flush systems are quieter and usually cost less.

So, depending on where you’re setting up the toilet, you can go for either flush type. People opt for the gravity ones, and they’re also our preferred ones due to their maintenance cost being less.

  • Water Usage and Tank Capacity

The tank capacity shouldn’t really a big deal when choosing a toilet. Most companies make tanks of similar capacities, and it rarely affects the flushing or overall experience.

best toilets

But what you should check out is the water usage rate (the GPF) and ask if the toilet is certified by EPA via Water Sense or not. Many of our picks are well under federal laws and certified by multiple institutions for regulated water consumption.

  • Budget

Finally, you’ve got to keep your budget in mind. Sometimes a toilet can cost over three hundred bucks but not function as well as expected. There are plenty of toilets within an affordable range that function superbly. Remember — the most reliable toilet is not always the most expensive one.

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Final Words

Home is where you trust the toilet. The best toilets for home are the ones with style and function on equal terms. Why sacrifice one for the other when you can have both?

We spend so much time in our bathrooms that investing in them is basically investing in ourselves. So now that you’ve got our buying guide at hand, go on and get one of the best toilets out there! Our knowledge is totally at your disposal.

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