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Top 10 Best Women’s Electric Razor Consumer Reports Reviews

Electric razors are a good alternative to conventional razors and shaving cream because they cut hair at its base, making it harder for hair to grow back. If you’re tired of dealing with razor burn and other skin irritations after shaving, consider investing in a good electric shaver to ensure you always get a smooth finish while also maximizing your comfort.

Editor’s Pick-Women’s Electric Razor

Best Women’s Electric Razor Consumer Reports In 2022

1. Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Women’s Electric Razor

BrandGillette Venus
StyleBikini Trimmer
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.9 x 1.6 x 7.5 inches

The Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Gentle Trimmer is designed to complete the lineup of tools to offer all key methods women use to care for pubic hair and skin. The trimmer provides gentle hair removal with lateral skin protection fins and offers wet & dry usage. The trimmer also is designed to help protect pubic skin from hair tug and pull.

Totally Smooth Look

Women who prefer a totally smooth look can enjoy the convenience of plugging in for smooth skin anytime, anywhere. The Venus Spa is designed with Soft Pivoting Skin Guards to glide gently over body curves. At home or on vacation, the Venus Spa offers women beautifully smooth skin anytime they want it.

Fully Water-resistant

The Olay-inspired design, overall comfort and two speed settings make this trimmer the most versatile shaver on the market. With it, you can trim your underarms, legs and bikini area and still use it in the shower because it’s fully water-resistant. The Intimate Grooming Trimmer is Gillette’s most innovative product yet.

2. Brori Electric Razor for Women

Special FeatureRechargeable
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight0.34 Pounds

Brori razor is designed for women, offers a painless and close shaving experience as comfort and high performance. Low noise. Ideal for trimming unwanted hair on arms, legs,back and armpits with 3 blades high-performance and high-speed razor sharp blades. And Adopts advanced 3D floating foil to help you easily shave more sensitive areas like armpits, bikini zone or intimate areas without any skin irritations. Featuring its ultra thin design, it will be easy to carry along when travel or going out with you loved one in home or holidays.

3. Electric Razor for Women

Shave your own legs, armpits and face with the Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Razors For Women. This electric razor features a built-in pop-up trimmer that allows you to finish off the edges of your hair, neckline and sideburns with precision and accuracy. The facial shaver head helps customize your hair shaving experience on your face, arms, legs, body, armpits and bikini areas. A must-have for women who do not like to wait for a scheduled appointment or go through painful treatments at the salon.

Safe and Painless

The RenFox Hair Removal for Women adopts sharp but safe hidden hypoallergenic stainless steel blades to cut off the unwanted fine hair and you nearly won’t feel anything. No more redness, pain or irritation. It doesn’t pull hair from the root to avoid pain but leave it smooth.

Wide Application

2-in-1 design to use for face, legs,arms, armpit and bikini to meet all your shaving needs. Widely used for home and travel.

Safety Lock Function

This electric hair remover has a travel lock function, placed in the home, in order to prevent children from opening the product or accidentally opened in the trunk when travel.

Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds, the shaver is locked and the white indicator light flashes for 3 seconds; Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds while the white indicator flashes for 5 seconds and the shaver is turned on.

4. Electric Razor for Women, Hair Trimmer for Face Beard

Special FeaturePortable,Rechargeable,Cordless
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight5.3 Ounces
Head TypeFoil

Charge your shaver with the provided cord. Then turn the knob at the bottom of the shaver to turn it on. The small screen on your shaver will glow when it is turned on. To get a closer shave you can use the two guiding combs for longer hair, and take them off when you want to shave short stubble or residue hair. When you’ve finished shaving rinse your razor under warm water and pat dry before putting it back in its storage case.

One For All

A versatile tool with 2in1 shaving heads, designed to shave your whole body’s hair, including face, arms, armpit, legs, and bikini area.


To avoid razor burn, cuts or pain, move slowly and do NOT press hard. Use NO pressure or very light pressure.

Light Weight & Portable

Take it in your bag anywhere you go.

A Thoughtful Gift Idea

The high quality product and beautiful packaging makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


A USB cable is included. When you want to charge the shaver, plug it into any USB port like computer, power bank, socket.

5. 2-in-1 Electric Razor for Women, EESKA Electric Shaver for Women Cordless for Women Face

Special FeaturePortable,Cordless,Waterproof
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Head TypeBikini

Close curves women razor is a revolutionary product which combines a hair trimmer and a wet dry shaver in one. The Close curves features ultra-sharp low noise blades and ultra-thin foil making it possible to customize close and comfortable hair shaving on your face, arms, legs, body, armpits and bikini lines etc. Perfectly designed for women who want beautiful skin or remove unwanted body hair from multiple areas. The Close curves shaver can be used both in and out of the shower for an incredibly smooth, close shave that lasts for up to 4 weeks!

Safe, Painless, Rechargeable & Portable

√ Safe and Comfortable Shaving Experience Say goodbye to incisions, razor burns and skin irritation during shaving.

√ Enjoy safe, thorough, and comfortable leg and body shaving compared to manual razor blades.

√ Just enjoy complete and painless hair removal from head to toe.

6. Electric Razor for Women, EESKA 2-in-1 Womens Shaver for Face Legs and Underarm

Special FeaturePortable,Fast Charging,Cordless,Waterproof
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Head TypeFoil

Traveling with children can be tiring, never mind trying to shave your legs. The EESKA 2-IN-1 women’s shaver, also known as an electric razor for women, is all you need. You can use this hair removal tool on your face and body (arms, legs, armpits and bikini lines) without applying any pressure to avoid bruising or cuts. It provides a close shave without the annoying nicks or cuts men often suffer from with larger electric razors.

Safe and Comfortable Shaving Experience

Say goodbye to incisions, razor burns and skin irritation during shaving. Enjoy safe, thorough, and comfortable leg and body shaving compared to manual razor blades. Just enjoy complete and painless hair removal from head to toe.

Built-in Battery Charging

1.Turn off this item when it is charging; after 1.5 hours charge,you can use it for 60 minutes.

2.When it is charging, the light indicator will keep red without flash. After full recharge, the light indicator will turn white.

3. When it is in low battery, the red indicator light will flash to alert to charge for it.

IPX7 Waterproof

Totally IPX7 waterproof design makes the electric shaver can be conveniently use in a shower.

Painless & Hypoallergenic Hair Removal

Women electric razors for shaving adopts hypo-allergenic stainless-steel blades, helping to gliding gently along your body curves & contours with no pain or irritation, even for sensitive skin.

7. Electric Shaver for Women Best Electric Razor

Special FeaturePortable, Waterproof, Female, Rechargeable, Detachable Head
Blade Material3D Floating Foil & Stainless Steel Blades
Head TypeFoil

The Krovena Electric Brazilian Shaver is ideal for women who want to shave in a short time but also want a close and comfortable shave. This shaver features a special shaving head on the top part of the shaver, which makes it easy for you to shave in different directions. There are three blades on the shaving head which are double-sided, so you can get even more close with fewer blades. Other great features of this product include its rechargeable battery, compact and lightweight design, durable casing, and its environment-friendly batteries. Don※t forget! We’re giving away a full year supply of the Krovena womens electric shavers with purchase.

Long Battery Lifetime & Charging via USB

The women electric razor with a powerful lithium battery is able to be used continuously for 90 minutes use once 1.5 hours fully charged.

Built-in LED Light:

The built-in LED light can help you to see clearly for the blind and hard-to-reach areas to ensure thorough hair shaving & trimming.

Know the Power Left Anytime

LCD display shows the current exact percentage of power left, no more guessing whether need to charge it or not.

Low Noise Close Shaving

With the 3 high-performance high-speed razor-sharp blades, the trimmer for women helps you easily and quietly shave or trim any unwanted hair on arms, legs, back, armpits and intimate bikini lines without any residue.

Dry & Wet Use with IPX7 Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof makes the electric women’s shaver convenient and safe to use even in a bath or shower.

8. Electric Razor for Women,Bikini Trimmer Shaver for Women

Special FeatureCordless,Waterproof,Multifunctional
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Head Type‘Bikini Trimmer’

Akunbem womens electric razor for armpits and bikini area has 3 in 1 high-speed and sharp blades, it helps safe and clean shave hair on your body etc in minutes , such as arms, legs, armpits and bikini line. Remove the unwanted hair without any residue. If you have no time to worry about the body, then use electric razor to easily remove unwanted hair.

3 in 1 high-speed and sharp blades

Adopts 3 in 1 high-speed and sharp blades, it helps safe and clean shave hair on your body etc in minutes,such as arms, legs, armpits and bikini line and another customized shaving.

Efficiently & Painless remove hair

Adopts advanced painless and hypo-allergenic multifunctional blade, efficiently removes your hair, painless hair shaving and Skin-friendly , remove the unwanted hair without any residue.

Built-in LED Light

Built-in LED Light automatically turns on once the shaver begins to operate, and it can aid you to see everything clearly even the smallest hair, ensuring thorough shave and trimming.

9. Electric Razors for Women, Electric Shaver for Women

Specially designed for women, this is a 2-in-1 women’s shaver and trimmer kit that is compact, lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable. The razor and trimmer includes two changeable heads (one shaver head, one trimmer head). With the extra wide shaving head and super long hair trimmer comb attachment, it follows individual contours of your face, legs underarms and bikini area to effortlessly capture even shot or stray hairs. This women’s shaver kit has a long battery life and will last 10 hours with each charge.

Wet/Dry shaving convenience

This wet/dry women’s electric shaver kit lets you shave dry when pressed for time, or enjoy a more luxurious shave and trim with your favorite foam or gel in the tub or shower.

100% washable heads with cleaning brush

Both heads are waterproof and can be washed after usage for optimum convenience and long-lasting performance. A cleaning brush is included as well.

Lightweight and compact for easy travel

The portable, lightweight design is great for shaving and trimming away from home. This ladies electric shaver fits easily into bags and luggage for quick touchups and on-the-go shaving

10. Electric Razors for Women Electric Shaver

GKINIKG women’s electric razor is redesigned to give you a comfortable shave. With its durable electric motor and lightweight design, this wireless electric shaver gives you a smoother experience. It’s also waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower or bath for convenience and for fast drying times. Optional cleaning brush included in box. 2- year warranty.

Perfect hand-held Angle Design

The slim design of this ladies electric shaver makes it ideal for use in the shower, as well as on dry skin. It features a IPX7 waterproof wet&dry using, perfect hand-held angle design, low noise and 3W sharp shave. Low comsuption, fast recharging and long service time up to 30minutes after only 2 hours charging. Suitable for travel or home use.

Waterproof Electric Razor

Beautiful, smooth and silky skin without going to the spa! Features include waterproof electric razor for long time operation, unique blade design to optimally work with cutting and shaping, offers a comfortable shave without nicks or cuts. The bikini trimmer body hair removal is IPX7 waterproof level,, enough to let you enjoy the queen-like experience of lying in the bathtub and shaving. The unique low-voltage automatic stop working design, keep your shaving away from pain, no burn or hurt.

How To Shop For Electric Shavers

Women's Electric Razor for Face

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking for the greatest presents for women to give folks on your shopping list this year, electric shavers are a clear winner. You might believe that razors are a necessity rather than a want, but this isn’t totally true. If one of the women on your list chooses to shave her body hair, she is most likely doing it as a form of self-care. However, it is all too common for consumers to scrimp on grooming products, opting for less expensive choices that just get the job done. That’s when you enter the picture.

Electric razors can be expensive, but they make a terrific beauty gift or stocking stuffer. They’re a hot-ticket item that your receiver will actually use and, more significantly, will use a lot because they’re high-quality. Electric razors, on the other hand, are not all made equal. Here are a few things to think about while buying for the best electric razor for yourself or a lucky giftee.

Shaver’s (foil or rotary)

Electric shavers are divided into two categories: The first is foil shavers, which are “built with a thin curved metal foil that covers cutting blades,” according to Chimento. The second is a rotary shaver, which “features three round heads that work to adapt to your skin and uses circular blades.” So, which electric shaver is better for women? Chimento tells WWD that it’s all about your preference, as well as your skin type (i.e. rotary shavers are great for tough skin types or people with coarse beards and usually deliver a closer shave, Chimento says.)

Electric Razors, Corded or Cordless

“Cordless razors offer convenience and independence, but they may require frequent charging,” Chimento told WWD. “A corded razor will provide you the most power at all times, but you may not enjoy spinning up the cord and putting it away.” In conclusion, there is just another minor factor that could have a significant impact on your shaving experience.

Life of the Batteries

Unfortunately, battery life is a major worry with electric razors, so do your study. “See how long you can use the razor while it’s charged up,” Chimento advises. “It’s better if the battery lasts longer.”

Shave Dry or Wet

Women’s electric razors should be able to accomplish both. Plus, using a high-quality shaving cream or gel minimizes the chance of skin irritation, so investing in a dual-action razor will benefit your skin in the long run. “Some shavers are only ideal for dry shaving,” says King, “which isn’t a good choice for easily irritated skin.” However, keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your shaver fully charged because wet/dry shavers can’t be used when plugged in. They also need to be cleaned thoroughly.”


One of the advantages of utilizing manual razors is that they are less expensive than women’s electric shavers. Cheap manual razors, on the other hand, can (and often are) of worse quality. As a result, if you’re converting to an electric razor for ladies, you’re better off investing in a high-end one.

“You want the razor to last as long as possible,” celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross of SkinLab tells WWD via email. “One of the key benefits of an electric razor is not needing to purchase disposable components.” “It will be worth the extra money to invest in one that gives results and is long-lasting.”

Examine the top electric shavers for ladies below, which make shaving less of a burden.

Frequently Asking Question

Can You Use An Electric Razor On Your Vag?

If you’re afraid of using an electric trimmer, try using an electric razor instead. This women’s pubic hair trimmer is specifically intended to trim pubic hair. Aim to leave less than a quarter-inch of hair while trimming.

How Often Should You Shave Your Vag?

Recent shaven hairs that sprout out of the follicle and curl back around are a common cause of folliculitis. There is a loss of time. Shave your pubic area on a frequent basis, if not daily, to keep it smooth and hair-free. Consider whether the effort is worthwhile; after four or five weeks, it may get tedious.

Is There A Difference Between Mens And Womens Electric Shavers?

Men’s razor blades feature a steeper angle, making them better suited to slicing through thick facial hair. To get through softer body hair, women’s razors don’t need to be at the same angle as men’s razors. In fact, if a woman uses a men’s razor on her body, the blade exposure can result in more injuries.

Is It Better To Use Electric Shaver Wet Or Dry?

When compared to wet shaving, dry shaving leaves less nicks and cuts. Because the blade of an electric shaver does not come into direct contact with the skin, it cannot cut you. Wet shaving, on the other hand, requires a little more care and expertise to avoid nicking your skin.

Do You Need Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

A spinning or oscillating blade is used in an electric razor (also known as an electric dry shaver). The electric razor, which is driven by a small DC motor, does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water.


Finding the best women’s electric shaver is easy if you know what you are looking for. Look over the key features and compare product models that have these features. Doing so means you can narrow down your search to a manageable few models. This enables you to then do further research on these specific products to make sure they meet your more detailed needs.

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