how long to defrost bacon in microwave

How To Defrost Bacon In Microwave

When you throw a party or have surprise guests at your home, you may need to cook quick. In that case, thawing bacon fast and cooking that item would be an excellent favor. Isn’t it?

Sometimes, we purchase bacon to use monthly basis; then, we need to keep those frozen. When you have to cook fast, you have to thaw that frozen bacon quickly. Defrosting bacon is a time-consuming process, but you can do it within some minutes in the microwave.

So, you have to know how to defrost bacon in microwave safely. Here we will describe the bacon thawing process and tips in detail. Let’s have a look at it.

How To Defrost Bacon In Microwave: 3 Steps

The United States Department of agriculture stated never to defrost bacon on the kitchen counter while talking about thawing foods. To get the fast-cooking item, defrosting bacon in the microwave is the best way. Follow steps to defrost your frozen bacon with caution.

Step-1: Prepare Bacon to Set it Into the Microwave.

At first, get a microwave-proof dish or tray. Now place a paper towel on that dish. If needed, place another towel so that the whole dish is covered correctly. Besides, a double layer of paper towel on the container is better as these towels are meant for absorbing extra moisture and excess fat content of bacon.

How To Defrost Bacon In Microwave

Get the bacon out from the packaging now and place this on the dish. Spread the bacon evenly over the dish. It will speed up the thawing process. Sometimes, frozen bacon remains clumped. Heat the clustered frozen bacon in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then spread the bacon as mentioned before.

Now cover the bacon also with one or two paper towels as needed. It will prevent the bacon from splitting up the oil or bacon remains.

Notes: Some packaging has instructions to use the package to defrost the bacon. In that case, you can place the whole package with bacon on the dish or tray.

Step-2: It is Time to Defrost.

Set the microwave power as instructed in the package. The time range of defrosting is generally based on the weight of the bacon. When you are going to defrost the portion from one container, weigh that bacon, and then set the microwave oven time based on that.

Prepare bacon to set it into the microwave

If you do not have the instruction in your package or do not have any package, defrost it at low power less than 30%. Some microwave has the meat defrosting option separately. You have to preheat the oven first and then set that meat button after placing the bacon inside.

To defrost bacon, you may need more or less 5 minutes for 1 pound. In general, defrosting bacon takes a maximum of about 15 minutes.

Step-3: Check at Some Intervals.

You have to turn the bacon strips over about two or three times. After setting the defrosting button, it will provide signals to turn the bacon. This will defrost the bacon on all sides and even inside well.

Do not forget to cover the bacon, again and again, every time you restart the defrosting. If your microwave does not have the defrosting option, then do it manually. At some time-intervals, stop the oven and turn the bacon and then again restart the defrosting.

can i cook frozen bacon in the oven

Check each time if the bacon is thawing correctly. At last, when all the bacon strips have been defrosted, stop the microwave. Remove bacon strips from the dish, and it is ready to cook.

Try to cook it instantly after defrosting to avoid any bacterial attack.

Some Tricks to Have an Even Defrosting:

  • If your bacon package instructs to place it with the whole package, then prick the wrap with a pin 5-6 times. It will help to pass the steam that occurs inside the box while defrosting.
  • Place each bacon strip pieces separately. It will help to defrost evenly for every strip.
  • Do not heat for too long. Take short time increments for checking. Heating for a long time can melt the plastics of towels. Besides, more heat can start cooking the bacon.
  • Do not refreeze the defrosted bacon. It will violate the food handling guidelines. You can freeze the cooked bacon for about 5 days.

What Ingredient Goes Well with Bacon?

Bacon is such a delicious item that it can go very well with almost every food. It is incredible with pasta. Bacon slices are healthy and good with salads or avocados. Bacon slices as the pizza topping, sandwich puree, burger patty, etc., are favorite for everybody.

microwave frozen bacon

Besides all, only some roasted bacon slices with an egg is a nice meal. In your breakfast, you can defrost bacon within 5 minutes and have it with butter toast. You will agree that bacon’s fantastic taste and health benefits are well balanced, and you can keep this in your controlled diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions on Defrost Bacon

Q-1: Can defrosting in the microwave changes the texture of the bacon?

Ans: If defrosting is set right based on the weight measurement, it will never change the bacon texture. But if the timing or intervals are not correctly set, it may change the texture a little.

Q-2: Is it safe to use a microwave to defrost bacon?

Ans: Yes, it is absolutely safe. If you maintain the steps correctly and do not refreeze the bacon, thawing bacon in the microwave is safe.

Q-3: What is the best time increment to check bacon while defrosting?

Ans: the best time increment is 30 seconds. If you check every 30-second intervals and flip bacon pieces, all the pieces will entirely thaw.

Q-4: How to separate a portion from frozen bacon?

Ans: If you want to separate a portion from a frozen bacon clump,  smear a little butter over a knife and then cut the bacon clump with it. Cut as much as you want to defrost.


Defrosting bacon takes a long time. But bacon is an excellent addition to your breakfast or lunch. In our busy lives, we have to do everything fast. As we can do it quickly with microwave, know the top to bottom information on how to defrost bacon in microwave.

To get a satisfactory deforesting, check the bacon from time to time, follow the instruction as we mentioned above, and get perfectly defrosted bacon right away.

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