How To Poach Egg In Microwave

How To Poach Egg In Microwave

Are you thinking about your favorite yummy egg dish at a restaurant? How nice it would be if you can have the same egg item at home. Isn’t it? Yes, it is possible to make a nice egg meal at your home with microwave help. It will take only a minute.

For that, you have to know how to poach egg in microwave perfectly. If your Egg has a runny yolk in the middle with soft white parts around, then you can say it perfect. You can have a delicious meal with this Egg in your breakfast or lunch very fast.

Go through this article and get the best process to make the perfect poached egg step by step.

How to Poach Egg in microwave: 4 Steps

Before making the poached Egg in a microwave, we should know some microwave facts. Microwaves are quite different than the gas stove. So, you must be gentle while working with eggs and microwave.

Microwaves do not heat up like stoves. It heats all types of liquids in the same way. So, when you place a liquid egg and water in the microwave, the same amount of heat will go to both. Water takes more time to be hot. That’s why the Egg may solidify by the time water gets fully hot.

How To Poach Egg In Microwave

The Egg may explode too. Yes, it happens because of microwaving the egg quickly or heating for a long time. When an egg suddenly gets heat, it produces steams inside, and then it tends to explode. You can pierce the egg yolk with a stick or fork for 4 to 5 times after placing it in water for safety. Covering the cup with a lid also prevents egg explosion.

Let’s have the microwave poached egg and not an explosion.

Ingredients for poached eggs

  1. An egg or more
  2. Half cup of cold purified water

Ingredients to decorate:

  1. Ground black pepper to taste
  2. Kosher salts to taste

Steps to Follow-

  • Step-1: Take a microwave-proof bowl or a cup or a glass. You also can use a liquid measuring cup that is safe in the microwave. Fill this with a half cup of cold water.
  • Step-2: Crack one egg into a separate cup. Then gently place it into the water-filled cup or bowl. Then cover the cup with a saucer or a plastic wrap on the top. Be careful if it covers the top of the cup completely.
  • Step-3: Place the cup in the preheated microwave for about 40-45 seconds on high heat. Then check if the egg white is well-cooked. If you think that this egg white needs to be cooked a little more, heat the Egg in the microwave for 10 seconds more. Now, put the cup back.
  • Step-4: Now, do not hurry; instead, let the cup sit for 1 more minute before taking the lid out. It helps to cook the egg white uniformly. Then open the lid or saucer and drain the Egg very gently.

Your perfect poached Egg is ready. Repeat the procedures for another egg if you want to have two eggs together. Now, let’s know some ideas to garnish it nicely.

How To Serve Poached Egg

Seasoning the poached Egg will increase the taste, appetite in the eye, and eagerness to have it. So, sprinkle some kosher salt or other types of salt you like and some grounded black pepper. Then place it on some items that you want to have with the Egg. Some tasty ideas are-

How To Serve Poached Egg

  • With butter toast: Apply some butter on the toast and then simply place the Egg on it. You can smear some avocados on it too. It is the most classical and simple but tasty idea.
  • With salads: In lunch, you can have the poached eggs with salads or some green leaves.
  • With fried rice: It is super to have this with some shrimp fried rice or chicken fried rice if you want to have a heavy meal.
  • With pasta: Place the poached egg over the hot seasoned pasta.  Now have these fantastic snacks.
  • With soup: Yes, it is nice to eat this poached Egg keeping it to float on soup or broth.

Everything depends on your taste and choice. But the microwave poached egg is healthy and tasty too.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q-1: Is it beneficial to add vinegar to poach Egg?

Ans: Adding a little vinegar helps to coagulate egg white. But we can skip this part if we do not have vinegar or do not like the vinegar taste.

Q-2: Is it wise to poach two eggs at a time in the microwave?

Ans: No. It is possible to do, but it is not a wise way. Because it may cook both the Egg unevenly, so, poach one egg at a time.

Q-3: Does time variation occur depending on the microwave?

Ans: Yes. The time range to cook the poached Egg differs based on the microwave’s cavity size and wattage. A 1000-watt microwave can cook the Egg within 40 to 50 seconds. But for the lower wattage microwave, you have to increase the time a little.


Now you know how to poach Egg in microwave and the detailed instructions about it. So, why take the hassle to handle the stove? Make a lovely poached egg easily and quickly, and then fill your appetite with your favorite dish.

Do not forget to keep up the safety while handling the microwave. Just maintain the process that we provided here, and get your chosen food with caution.

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