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All website visitors are encouraged to read our Terms of Use, which contain a set of rules that govern both the website, and its administrators. Users may identify the website’s manager, the people uploading content, and those in charge of all site activities as “Top Expert Reviews,” “Us,” “We,” and “Our.” For a better browsing experience, and to find out what is allowed and forbidden when it comes to the content we provide, read the following Terms of Use.

Keep in mind that we can change some or all of the rules mentioned here without prior notice, which means you should check back often, to remain informed of any changes that may occur.

Copyright Rules

The entirety of the content present on this website is the property of the team and authors at Top Expert Reviews. When this is not the case, it will be specified. The content is under the protection of international copyright laws.

Since the content was created for personal use, users are not allowed to share it, quote it, or reference it without written consent from our team. However, they can read it, leave comments on it, or even save it for later reads.

Users are forbidden from profiting from our content, irrespective of the amount of information taken, or who its beneficiary might be.

If we, the Top Expert Reviews team, give users permission to reuse our content or reference it, we also ask them to mention the original source in a clear and visible manner. Similarly, it is our right to deny users permission to do so, and we reserve the right to refuse without providing justification.

User Conduct

We encourage our users to have discussions on our website. If this is something you want to do, keep in mind the following rules. All users are prohibited, and should refrain, from commenting, if their comment contains the following:

  • Hate speech (of any kind)
  • Vulgar language
  • Racist, pornographic, violent, or otherwise offensive material
  • Promotional material

The Top Expert Reviews team will ban any user that leaves repeated comments containing the type of material mentioned above. We do not tolerate users harassing other users, collecting personal information, or hacking the website. Any user who attempts to do this will be banned, and we might also pursue legal action, if necessary.

If you, as a user, notice other users engaging in suspicious and/or illegal activities, you must immediately bring this to the attention of the website’s administrators.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Our website participates in different affiliate programs with multiple online sellers, so we promote the products we review by providing affiliate links. However, this does not mean that our review of the products is affected by the affiliate program. We do not control the product’s price either, even though we get a commission whenever someone buys a product using the affiliate link we provide.

We strive to deliver strictly accurate information on our website, but if there are any inaccuracies, omissions, or errors made by the user or buyer of the products we review, we, the website’s administrators, as well as the producer and distributor of the product, or other affiliated agents, are not to be held accountable.

All readers who view and use the content we post on this website have to agree that Top Expert Reviews and its advertisers cannot be held accountable for information use failures regarding the products our team reviews.

Limitations of Liability

All content found on our website is for review purposes only, and it is objective and well-researched. The Top Expert Reviews team is not to be held responsible for any damages users may bring upon themselves as a result of their use of our content.

Since quality is important to us, we will provide links, whenever possible, to high-authority external sources. However, we are not responsible for the information you will read in the articles linked. We can only update the information in our articles as often as possible, and let users know when something changes.

These Terms of Use apply strictly to this website, Top Expert Reviews. If you access a link that takes you to another website, keep in mind that said website has its own privacy policy and terms of use. If you want to learn more about the way we tackle users’ data, head over to our Privacy Policy section.